How To Dropship Using DHgate On eBay And How DHgate Works For Dropshipping ( An Easy Guide)

How To Dropship Using DHgate
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As a dropshippper, the major thing you need to get sorted out is your supplier.
There are several suppliers, such as AliExpress, DHgate, Alibaba, and so on, with each of their own benefits and advantages.
In this article, our main focus is to tell you all you need to know about how to dropship using DHgate.

If this is the bugging question on your mind, then keep reading as we will explain the essentials surrounding the topic of working with DHgate.

So strap in, sit tight, and we will take you through the journey of working with DHgate.
But before we go into that, let us first tell you how DHgate works and how to dropship using DHgate as your supplier on eBay.

How Does DHgate Work?

As a manual dropshipper, the most important thing you will need is a supplier to help you provide the products you want to sell on your eBay seller account.
This is the foundation of manual dropshipping, and DHgate is an example of such suppliers.
DHgate is like a local warehouse that contains a lot of inventory and products on display for sale.
These products of diverse categories from fashion, to computers, to bags, and so on.

They operate just like online retailers. However, unlike retailers, DHgate themselves do not sell any of those products you see on their sites.
Instead, they provide the platform for suppliers or wholesalers to sell their products.
And that is where manual dropshippers make the most use of the platform.

Dropshipping from DHgate is a pretty simple business model.
As a manual dropshipper, all you need to do is get the products you want to sell from DHgate, get the necessary information about that product from the supplier, and then list it on your eBay store.

Basically, you are selling DHgate items on eBay as a third-party seller.
You need to be careful during this listing process because, if you go about it the wrong way, it can lead to your eBay account getting flagged.
If you do not want to be in this mess, we recommend using the best dropshipping tools, such as KalDrop, to help with your product listings.
Now that we have explained what DHgate is and how it works let us really get into how to dropship using DHgate.

How To Dropship Using DHgate – A Guide

Knowing how it works does not automatically translate to knowing how to dropship using DHgate.
That is why we have prepared this step-by-step guide to help you in your dropshipping business.

How To Dropship Using DHgate - Home Page


  1. First, go to DHgate and sign up for a new account if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Next, browse through the extensive catalog of products on the website and list the one you want to sell on eBay (using a Non API eBay Lister like KalDrop).
  3. When you have done that, the next step is to wait for a customer to request for that product on your eBay store.
  4. After getting a request for the product, you go back to DHgate and place the order for that same product.
    The cool thing about DHgate is that you do not have to receive the package and then resend it to your customers, you can just input their address, and the product will be sent straight to their doorstep.

And viola.
It is that simple.
Now that you know how to dropship using DHgate, you also need to know other essentials that will make your dropshipping experience with DHgate less frustrating.
This brings us to the next section.

Dropshipping With DHgate – How To’s

When using anything at all, it is only logical you know how to go about doing certain things, and manual dropshipping using DHgate is no different.
Below are some commonly asked questions as regards working with DHgate.
So before we will understand how to dropship using DHgate let’s get some info.

How To Cancel An Order On DHgate

Even when you know how to dropship using DHgate,  you will also want to know how to cancel an order at one point in your dropshipping career.
There are several reasons why this happens, but for whatever that reason may be, here are the steps you should take.

  1. First, log on to your DHgate account.
  2. On the page, click on “My DHgate.”
  3. Under “Active Orders,” click on “Awaiting Shipment.”
    Here, you will see a list of all your pending orders.
    Go over to the order you want to cancel and click “request refund.”
  4. You will be taken to a page where you will be asked for the reason you are requesting the refund, pick one of the 6 reasons and then click submit.
  5. Be sure to contact your supplier by sending a message to them so as to reach an agreement more quickly and efficiently.

Note that you can only cancel orders when you are awaiting shipment and before the product get to your door.

How To Request DHgate Mediation For a Dispute

A dispute occurs when you have requested a refund and the supplier refuses to oblige.
In situations like this, you will need DHgate to step in.
The following are the steps you should take to request mediation.

  1. Log on to your DHgate account and click on “My DHgate.”
  2. Under “Active Orders,” go over to “Refund and Dispute.”
  3. Next, click on “View Return & Refund” for the product you want mediation for.
  4. After that, click on “Request DHgate mediation,” select a Dispute reason, and then click submit.

Note that you need to submit photo evidence of your complaint within 5 days of your submission.

How to Track a Package on DHgate

Below are the following steps to track items that have recently been shipped.

  1. Log in to your DHgate account.
  2. Go under “Active Orders and click on “Shipped.”
  3. Click on “Track items” for the product you want to track.
  4. Next, go under “Action” and click “Track item.”
    Then you get updated information on where your item is currently being processed.

With this tool, you can see the time of submission, the shipping method, and the estimated delivery time.

These are the basics you need to know when it comes to using DHgate for your eBay dropshipping.
If you have other specific problems, you need direct questions to DHgate’s FAQ section.

DHgate Vs. AliExpress – Which is Better?

Now that you know how to dropship using DHgate, you might be wondering…is there a better option out there?
It is understandable you ask this question because there are several other e-commerce marketplaces you can go and source for products in your dropshipping business asides DHgate, and one of them is AliExpress.
So the question remains – which is better between the two?
This question is not linear and, as such, does not have a linear or direct answer.
Both are good and reliable e-commerce sites to source products from; however, they have their differences.

Differences Between DHgate and AliExpress

In both market places, you will find similar products.
But there is a significant difference in the products they offer.
AliExpress is best known for regular items such as smartphone parts, home appliances, and electronics in general.
You can find the majority of these electronic products are DHgate also but with AliExpress, you get better buyer protection, and usually, the products are cheaper.

However, there is one area that AliExpress cannot compete with DHgate, and that is replica products.
If you need to purchase replica products, DHgate is your best option.
They have all your replica products, including jerseys, sneakers, watches, jewelry, and so forth.

Besides this fundamental difference is the fact that AliExpress has a wider range of products than DHgate.
This is mainly due to the fact that AliExpress has been around now for a long time and is more popular than DHgate.
As a result, more sellers are generally on AliExpress so that their products can reach a larger audience.

One other difference between the two is that DHgate offers free shipping.
AliExpress doesn’t.
All of the products on DHgate come with free shipping, which is very beneficial as it can help your profit margin because sometimes, shipping is more expensive than the actual product itself.

Which Is Better?

As we stated earlier, the question of which is better between the two is not one-directional.
They both have their differences, and these differences will determine if any of them will be the best one for you.
For example, if you are just starting out, we will advise you to go for DHgate because you do not have to pay the additional cost of shipping.
However, if the products you sell are very niche, like exercise swiss balls, for example, you will want to use AliExpress because you have more sellers selling that product.
And with more sellers come more options to choose from.

KalDrop best advice is first to understand how to dropship using DHgate or AliExpress.
And that is why we have written an article that extensively discusses the difference between DHgate and AliExpress.
Check out our article on DHgate Vs AliExpress to give you more insights.
And then see which one is better for your dropshipping business and stick with it.


In conclusion, DHgate is a fantastic e-commerce website where you can source products for your eBay dropshipping business.
It is easy to use and requires no technicality.

In fact, you can even have it on your phone by downloading the DHgate dropshipping app.
With the app, you can make your order, track your items, or settle any dispute right from the palm of your hands.
In addition to all these benefits, you also have access to DHgate live chat once you sign up.

We have covered the basics of how to dropship using DHgate, so go ahead and sign up for free to start your manual dropshipping career.
So we hope now you understand how to dropship using DHgate.

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