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Dropshipping Chrome Extension
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When you Dropshipping on eBay, we know you’d like to implement the right resources to help your store thrive.
Knowing some of the best dropshipping Chrome extension tools will help you stay smart and effective in the dropshipping market that’s growing exponentially.
Suppose you’re committed to making sure you’ve taken into account everything you need to make your site more successful.

In that case, you may be looking for some tips on what are the top tools and extensions for Dropshipping that can make your work faster and easier, hence more profitable.
Do make sure you bookmark the one you prefer!

When dropshipping on Chrome or other browsers, plugins are usually utilized for market analysis and marketing, day-to-day development projects, cashback, and it is really about the drop shipper’s everyday work.
Here are a few of the best dropshipping Chrome extensions, chosen from an ever-increasing list of Chrome extensions that boost your productivity while focusing on your eBay store.

Best Dropshipping Chrome Extension

1. KalDrop


This Non API lister can be used to upload products.
KalDrop is a Non API eBay Lister that shields you against eBay, which minimizes your listings’ visibility from consumers by linking your page to the eBay API.
KalDrop runs without the eBay API and applies the eBay guidelines to prevent flagging.
For the first week, it is just $1 and then $14.99 for unlimited listing and unlimited stores for the same price!

It is incredible and rests assured it will be worth your while.
Make your life simpler with virtually unlimited one-click listings per month at just $14.99.
It supports several accounts on the same plan and also assists you with product variation.
Once you’ve accommodated the plugin’s ease and comfort, you can save a few more and go for the annual plan at 11.99/month!
KalDrop is the most comfortable recommendation if you are looking for a reliable and best dropshipping Non API eBay Lister Chrome extension.
To download KalDrop Non API eBay Lister click here.

2. AliSave Dropshipping Chrome Extension

AliSave Dropshipping Chrome Extension

By using this dropshipping Chrome extension, you can save images from AliExpress, and it is free to use!

It’s a shame that AliExpress suppliers are giving more and more beautiful pictures of their goods.
The dilemma occurs when you try to open the downloaded image, AliExpress doesn’t give you the ability to download images.
If you are a dropshipper, the AliSave browser extension is the perfect solution for downloading AliExpress product images.
AliSave is the best AliExpress image download chrome extension.

It’s user-friendly for everyone. You can follow the simple steps given below:

  • Choose the product on Aliexpress.
  • Choose the image you want, whether near the title or from the description.
  • Select the down arrow in red, and you will have a zip file in your downloads directory ready for extraction and use.

Some photographs often come with logos or writings on them, so you’ll need to erase them with Photoshop, Gimp, or whatever to avoid affecting your site’s advertising and be more discreet.
This dropshipping Chrome extension is 100% free unless and until you want to save videos too. AliSave does offer to do that, but you then have to pay for the pro version.
To download AliSave, click here.

3. Oberlo Dropshipping Chrome Extension

Oberlo Dropshipping Chrome Extension

Traditionally, goods from China used to be shipped by boat.
At the same time, it’s economical, and it’s time-consuming.
With Amazon’s same-day delivery, eCommerce stores fall to a significant disadvantage.
E-packet resolves the issue with an arrangement between the USPS and Hong Kong Post.
This decreases delivery time to as little as four to nine days.
It also enables door-to-door monitoring so that consumers can locate their orders instantly and in real-time. E-packet delivery is available for orders under the limit of £4.4 and a $400 package value.

Here are the key features of E-packet your business can utilize:

  • You save more on shipping expenses.
  • Your customers pay smaller shipping fees.
  • Faster shipping.
  • Track order all way to delivery.
  • The number of returning customers increase due to reliable delivery time.
  • Increase in sales due to a smoother shopping experience. E-packet support reduces the list of things to worry about.
  • Issues at customs are greatly decreased.

Using the E-packet filter, you can pick and choose from the behemoth of a collection and import products that support the quickest deliveries.
This Dropshipping Chrome Extension gives your website a unique marketing strategy and ultimately increase your closing rate.
You can even connect items that you are already offering from AliExpress when you install the app.
There is no need to start all over.

Moreover, you can also swap-out the supplier for an item if you feel the need.
Oberlo makes it easy to update product prices in bulk, using pricing rules you create.
This helps you to become a better choice for consumers.

At the moment, Oberlo offers a free trial for 30-days, which has “all the main features” of the extension, and then switches the users into the starter pack when the trial sessions end.
If you are new to dropshipping, Oberlo offers a free month with all the main features.
Following that, it lets you hop onto the Starter Plan at $4.90. Although it’s great to use, the plan does not include order tracking. But if you scale up the business and manage 500 or more orders a month, the Basic Plan at $29.90 will get more bells and whistles, including the detailed order tracking.

If you need only the e-Packet and handling time, the free version is good for you.
In the future, Oberlo plans to integrate with other distribution platforms, which will be included in this plan.
Adding multiple accounts require the Pro Plan at $79.90 a month, and Oberlo is integrating with more platforms to make this plan a better deal.
To download Oberlo click here.

4. AliTools Dropshipping Chrome Extension

AliTools Dropshipping Chrome Extension

To summarize, you can use this dropshipping Chrome extension and find products on AliExpress with an eBay image and view seller reputation, price changes, and more.
AliTools stores the pricing history of the item and records shifts in its pricing regularly.
This is a very useful tool if you want to cash in from sales and promotional offers.
You can verify “fake” discounts as well! This dropshipping Chrome extension uses algorithms to rank suppliers, show comprehensive details of them, and make the right decisions.
AliTools searches for actual product feedback.

You can find similar items from other stores and choose the best value for price, ranking, or popularity.
Furthermore, you can enjoy all the benefits AliTools has to offer right on your smartphone!
You can monitor the price history of the product and get additional discounts on orders made using the AliExpress mobile app.
To download AliTools click here.



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