Why is eBay Flagging Dropshippers And How Dropshippers Can Avoid it?

Why is eBay Flagging Dropshippers
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Since April 2018, eBay implemented the rule of eBay flagging dropshippers account when you connect an API Monitor or doing dropshipping from retailers like Amazon.
And once eBay flags your account, you lose visibility, which means lower sales.
And sometimes, it can be as extreme as losing your eBay account.
So how can you avoid that?
It is pretty simple.

A flagged account is fairly easy to recognize.
It starts with the seller’s accounts having lower visibility and organic views until eBay finally decides to suspend most of these accounts altogether.
When this happens, you get the message below.

eBay Flagging Dropshippers
Ebay Flagged Account

Why is eBay Flagging Dropshippers?

It has been a wide subject of debate why eBay decided to take this step.
After all, the more sellers there are, the more sales conversions eBay has, no? So why show so much hostility toward it?
The truth about eBay flagging dropshippers is that they flag those that use API monitors or use Amazon as their supplier, which is not allowed on eBay according to eBay rules:
eBay Flagging Dropshippers

Keep in mind that eBay is not flagging or suspending all seller’s accounts.
If you sell items from your own inventory or use suppliers like AliExpress or COCOS for dropshipping on eBay, or even practice manual dropshipping on eBay, it is more likely that you are in the safe zone.

How Do eBay Flagging Dropshippers?

Before we discuss how to avoid having your account flagged on eBay, it is important to know how your dropshipping account can get suspended in the first place.
If you identify these problems, you will have a better idea of what to not do and focus on what you have to do:

You Are Using An API Listing Service

API monitors used to rule eBay at one point.
API monitors can automate orders, give an accurate representation of the inventory, and also monitor the price of the product all at once.
Using API Monitor is the main culprit behind eBay Flagging Dropshippers.
This all but eliminates the need for manual dropshipping on eBay.

API services are very easily caught by eBay’s algorithm.
Once caught, either your account’s visibility will plummet to rock bottom, or your account will be suspended.
Therefore, using an API service is more or less off the table.

You Are Going To Buy Products From Third Party Retailers

Needless to say, buying products from third-party retailers such as Amazon and then selling on eBay is also out of the question.
This is because you will need an automated system for the operation to run smoothly, and we have already established why that is a bad idea.
When you dropshipping from Amazon, eBay can detect, and that results in eBay Flagging Dropshippers.

You Do Not Fulfill Delivery Within The Recommended Time

If you cannot deliver the product within the time you promised, your account will either lose visibility or be suspended from the website.

You Have Violated Selling Policies On eBay

If you violate any other policies of selling items on eBay, your account will be flagged as soon as it is caught.
Like connecting API Monitor or using Amazon as a supplier for your dropshipping business.

Can We Avoid Being Flagged As Dropshippers?

The good news is that yes, you can avoid the “eBay Flagging Dropshippers” problem.
eBay flagging dropshippers most probably by using an algorithm with multiple parameters.
And just like any other algorithm, it is possible to bypass it. However, it is not easy to do so.
It is almost more important for you to prevent being detected as a dropshipper than it is for you to focus on your service if you want to keep going.
Even so, here are some ways you can avoid being flagged as a dropshipper

Use Non API Listing Service

Luckily enough, many Non API services such as KalDrop are emerging and paving the way for dropshippers to continue their grind on eBay.
Most of these services can bypass the algorithm on eBay and prevent dropshipping accounts from getting flagged.
Instead of fully automated orders, they have a semi-automating system in place, which is not as quick and efficient as a fully automated system, but it is also not as time-consuming as manual dropshipping.
Non API services can also increase the account’s visibility on eBay, which can further boost the business in the market.

Dropship With Wholesale Suppliers

As we mentioned before, dropshipping with wholesalers is a valid way to dropship on eBay.
If you have trusted suppliers who can deliver good quality items to the customers on time, you can easily continue your dropshipping business on eBay without any repercussions.

Sell Unique Products

Another way to boost your visibility on eBay as well as prevent getting flagged is by selling something unique.
Newer, more attractive products enhance your reliability for eBay, and they are more likely to keep you around.
However, this will only work if you follow all the rules we have mentioned previously.

How Can We Unflag an Account on eBay?

There is no real way to have your account unflagged once it has been flagged by eBay.
However, following these steps have worked out for many people.

Contact eBay Through Email

In the email informing you that your account has been flagged, you might be required to submit some documentation which, when reviewed, can give you your account back.

Contact eBay Through Their Hotline

If that doesn’t work out, you can contact eBay on their helpline.
Discussing your issue with a representative may be useful in getting your account back as well.

Start A New Account

If you found out eBay flagged your account, you will have to create a new account with new information to start and grow your business on eBay again.
If you do end up restarting your account, make sure you do not make any of the mistakes you did previously.
Watch out for the problem that eBay Flagging Dropshippers.
Keep your account safe with KalDrop.
You can download the KalDrop chrome extension and use it for just $1 for one whole week!

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