Why Use Non API eBay Lister Over API Monitor And How To Avoid eBay Account Flagged

Why Use Non API eBay Lister Over API Monitor
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Do you know what a Non API eBay Lister is?  Do you know why you should use a Non API eBay Lister over API Monitor?
Are you doing dropshipping on eBay your account is facing a lower visibility issue? Do you need the best dropshipping tool? Well, if your answer to all the above questions is yes, you have come to the right place.
We all know that eBay suspends, or flagged seller’s accounts due to violations of eBay rules and policies, which happens in almost every API Monitor.

Therefore, we have developed KalDrop, a Non API eBay Lister tool, as a solution for you.
Why should you use KalDrop and not an API Monitor? What are the pros and cons of using those tools? You will find all the answers you are looking for here.

Ebay Flagged Account

Ebay Flagged Account

What Are Non API eBay Lister And API Monitor?

Well, there are two ways to do dropshipping on eBay.
Either using an API Monitor or by using a Non-API Lister.
Let’s have a look at both.

  1. API Monitor

    API Monitor is a software that uses eBay servers and its library to perform any action remotely using a link that connects your account to that software.
    These actions include listing items, editing listings, updating prices, and more.

  2. Non-API Lister

    Non-API Lister is a software that uses the seller’s browser to perform most of the tasks it does.
    This dropshipping tool doesn’t require you to connect your eBay account to the eBay API at all.
    This means that you don’t need to give this tool full access to your eBay account.

Is It Good To Use A Non API eBay Lister Over An API Monitor?

There are different opinions over the usage of a Non-API or an API tool.
However, people who use a Non-API solution have the potential to get more sales and more stability than the API users.
Moreover, here are the pros and cons of both the Non-API and API tools.

API Monitor

  • Pros

    • Automate orders
    • Unique Templates
    • Restocking quantity
    • Price monitoring
  • Cons

    • It can easily flag your account
    • A flagged account cannot be unflagged
    • You may get fewer sales due to low visibility
    • Impressions might drop by 80%
    • Sales might drop by around 60-85%
    • Fewer sales with the same amount of items

KalDrop – Non API eBay Lister

Non API Ebay Lister

  • Pros

    • You will never get flagged because of KalDrop
    • Increases the visibility in eBay’s search results
    • Semi-automated orders
    • Unique templates
    • Your business grows very fast
    • Vero Checker
    • Customer service 24/6
  • Cons

    • More time-consuming
    • No automated orders

Ebay Flagged Account

Ebay Flagged Account


eBay Flagged Account Can’t Be Top Rated Seller Because Of API Monitor!

While using API monitor you have a higher chance to lose your Top Rated Seller at eBay, even if your account is flagged and you have decreased sales and traffic not always eBay will remove your Top Rated Seller.
We saw many stores get flagged and lose their Top Rated Seller but, we saw also stores that got flagged on eBay using API monitor and their Top Rated Seller remain as usual, but unfortunately, their sales never get back.
Why use API monitor when there is a high risk to damage your dropshipping eBay account An account that gets flagged never will be unflagged so be careful what you connect to your eBay dropshipping account.


Using an API Monitor is less time-consuming than No API lister but, using an API Monitor has significantly more chance to flag your account and drop your sales very significantly.
Moreover, there is a lower risk to your eBay account when using Non API eBay Lister tool like KalDrop.
To try KalDrop for free for 7 days click here and to download the chrome extension click here
To join the KalDrop family click here.

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