Which Is Better AliExpress Or Amazon?

Which Is Better AliExpress Or Amazon
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Ford vs. Ferrari, Nike Vs. Addidas, AliExpress vs. Amazon.
Which is better AliExpress or Amazon? If you will ask me its thought question.
These are common rivalries in the different business niches, and in dropshipping, the latter is more applicable hence the question…
Which is better AliExpress or Amazon.

A lot of dropshippers as this question – Which is Better AliExpress or Amazon – and we will attempt to break this question into bits to answer them in the best possible way.
First of all, entrepreneurs often look to source their products from either Amazon or AliExpress, but is it really probably to benefit from dropshipping from both?
This breeds the question asked in the earlier parts of this article that says which is Better AliExpress or Amazon?
This question, which is Better Aliexpress or Amazon, can be addressed by looking at both online marketplaces, weighing their pros and cons, and selecting one out of these two.

Dropshipping On Amazon And AliExpress

Dropshipping is a very simple business model that involves moving products from a particular online marketplace like Amazon or Aliexpress, and shipping them to your clients on eBay.
Before this process, you must have already listed these products on eBay.
Then the customer goes to your listing and shows their interest.

After all necessary communications, it is left for you to fulfill the order, and you do this by contacting the seller and shipping the product to the customer.
An easy model that brings in a lot of profits if done the right way.

Dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay is straight forward, and it follows the same route as highlighted above.
On Amazon, it is the same route as well, only that there are hitches and hiccups because of the very strict policies about dropshipping using Amazon as an e-commerce marketplace.

To dive into the question of which is Better AliExpress or Amazon, let’s first break down both the benefits and cons of using both marketplaces.

Dropshipping With AliExpress

which is Better Aliexpress or Amazon

The AliExpress dropshipping is a straightforward business model.
A model that has been explained above.
So what then are the benefits of using this online marketplace as a supplier?
Which is better AliExpress or Amazon

  1. Affordability.
    If there is anything good about eBay AliExpress dropshipping, it is that it is very affordable.
    The prices of products on AliExpress are relatively low compared to others such as Amazon.
    The major reason for this is that AliExpress is a Chinese online marketplace, and we all know products from china are very cheap.
    Not only are the prices low, but the shipping is also affordable too.
    Once you factor in your product cost and shipping cost and put your markup, you will still be making reasonable profits from AliExpress.
  2. Range.
    AliExpress is home to millions of products in different categories.
    Hence, there is an abundance of suppliers to choose from to dropship your products.
  3. Usability.
    AliExpress to eBay dropshipping is made easier with the best tools on AliExpress you can use to dropship.
    An example is the easy AliExpress image downloader chrome extension.
    With this tool, you can import quality, descriptive images from AliExpress to eBay for your listing.
    Another tool is the AliExpress eBay lister or better yet, the AliExpress eBay dropshipping software.
    This AliExpress to eBay chrome extension is a very simple tool to use.
    As stated, it is a chrome extension that automatically hinges on your chrome browser when you download the software.
    This software works seamlessly with AliExpress, unlike other online marketplaces like Amazon.
    They help you carry out your dropshipping activities in the blink of an eye.
    An example of such software is KalDrop.

Just as AliExpress has its advantages, it also has its bad side.
And the single bad side to AliExpress is the problem of running into not-so-trustworthy suppliers on the website.
Sometimes, suppliers put up pictures of products, and when you order, you realize the quality is not as advertised.
This does not happen all the time.
In fact, it happens on some rare occasions, but it does happen.

To fully understand the “which is Better AliExpress or Amazon” question, we also need to dive into dropshipping with Amazon and explain the disadvantages and advantages of using it.

Dropshipping With Amazon

which is Better Aliexpress or Amazon

So you asking yourself which is better AliExpress or Amazon.
First of all, we need to state that dropshipping with Amazon is not all that worth it.
Most people go into it because it is the lowest hanging fruit in the dropshipping business.
Amazon is easy to just sign up and get started with, but you really need to know that the disadvantages far outweigh any advantage it could give you.
As a matter of fact, the only advantage of using Amazon is that the suppliers are quite trustworthy.
Such that what you order is exactly what you’re going to get.
Other than that, there’s really no many benefits.

So what are the disadvantages of using Amazon?

  1. The first problem with dropshipping using Amazon is the cost.
    Products on Amazon are so expensive that you’d get a product for $29.99 on Amazon, and that same product will only sell for $10 on AliExpress.
    That way, you get to make little to no profit when you dropship on Amazon because you sell that product for, say, $35.
    And someone that dropship from AliExpress sells the product for the same price, you will only be making $5 profit while the AliExpress dropshipper would be making a whopping profit of $25.
    As you can see, the difference is very large and clear.
  2. The Second and probably the most important factor is what is called the TBA number.
    This number is Amazon’s logistics’ own unique tracking number.
    It starts with the letter TBA with some numbers behind, and eBay does not accept that in its raw form as a valid tracking number.
    It is a clear violation of their dropshipping policy and will result in you getting flagged on eBay.
  3. Sequel to the above factor, eBay does not accept retail dropshipping, and that is basically what dropshipping from Amazon to eBay is all about – Retail dropshipping.
    You are going to get a warning message concerning this, as shown below.
    Selling Practices
    After this warning message, which is basically a slap on the wrist, and you continue to do Amazon dropshipping on eBay, your account gets flagged.
    This is amongst the few things that will get your eBay account flagged.

Final Verdict: Which Is Better AliExpress Or Amazon?

So, which is Better AliExpress or Amazon, right?
Well, the answer to this question is simple.
In the Which is Better AliExpress or Amazon showdown, AliExpress is much better than Amazon.
And the reasons have been highlighted and explained in great detail above.
But just to recap and to put these two side by side, it is established that dropshipping using Amazon costs way more than on AliExpress, and you will record a lower profit margin when you use Amazon.
Also, dropshipping on Amazon can result in you getting flagged on eBay because of both their strict policy on retail dropshipping and Amazon’s TBA tracking number.

Also, it is difficult to find a Non API lister to dropship with Amazon.
With AliExpress, it is easy because the site is compatible with many good Non API eBay dropshipping extensions, like KalDrop
Whereas with Amazon, you need a Crazy Amazon eBay dropshipping lister to pull that off successfully.

With these points, the question of which is Better Aliexpress or Amazon has been successfully answered, and we rule in favor of AliExpress.
Happy dropshipping!

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