What Is A PayPal and eBay Stealth Account And How To Buy One?

What Is a PayPal and eBay Stealth Account And How To Buy One?
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In this post, we are going to be talking all about having a Paypal and an eBay stealth account, what they are, when you might need them, and how they can potentially help your eBay business.
So keep reading, and we will explain all there is to know about owning and using a PayPal and an eBay stealth account and how that can help you profitable.
First, let us start with the eBay stealth account…what is it?

What is an eBay Stealth Account?

When you create your first eBay seller account, you would typically go along selling on that account and be doing fine, in fact.
But eventually, there is going to be a time where you want to open another eBay seller account.
And this is totally allowed according to the eBay multiple accounts policy.
This goes to show that eBay allows it and, in fact, encourages it in some ways.

eBay stealth account

The catch here is that when you create a second account, eBay links both of those accounts.
This is also applicable to if you have three or four or whatever amount of eBay seller accounts.
eBay will definitely link all those accounts together because they know you are the one operating those accounts
How do they know that? Well, there’s a lot of different ways they do.
Some of these ways are your IP address, the cookies on your browser, and they also look at some obvious things such as your phone number, your address, and some other things you would typically use to ID yourself.
If any of this information matches up, they link the accounts together.

This is part of their multiple accounts policy…which, as we said earlier, is fine.
In fact, some even argue that it is beneficial.
Let’s say you are doing extremely well on account number one.
If all things go well, you probably have a higher selling limit on that account.
Now, if you open a second account, and eBay does what it does by linking these two accounts together, the higher limit of the first account will be reflected in the second one.
Giving you a much higher limit on the second account as opposed to the lower one of a typical new eBay seller account.

Now, this is a good arrangement. However, there is a drawback to this.
The problem arises when one of your accounts gets flagged, suspended, or banned.
If this happens, due to a number of reasons, there’s a huge probability that eBay suspends or bans all other accounts linked to that suspended account.

So think about that, if your account gets permanently banned, eBay will shut down all your other accounts.
And even if you want to create a new account, eBay will link it up, and that account will get banned as well.
The question remains – is there a loophole to all this?
The answer is yes, and that is where the eBay stealth account comes in.
Your eBay stealth account is essentially a firewall between you and the other linked up eBay account as you will be creating it with completely new information.
So that eBay doesn’t know that you own that stealth account.
Therefore, even if you are banned, your eBay stealth account still keeps running.

So in retrospect, the eBay stealth account is for two categories of people.

  1. Those that have been flagged, suspended, or banned and want to open another account.
  2. Those that want to have two separate accounts to try out different experiments and strategies.

What is PayPal Stealth Account?

Just like eBay accounts, PayPal accounts can, in fact, be suspended as well.
There are a number of reasons why PayPal suspends accounts.
But whatever the reason may be, you will want to have a backup account to collect payments and transfer funds.
Moreover, PayPal does not function in some parts of the world. If you are in any of those countries, and you do need PayPal for any of your businesses, including eBay, then, of course, you will need to get a stealth account.
So what is PayPal stealth account?

A PayPal stealth account is an account that is not linked to your original credit card or original bank account.
This is very important, especially if you will be using your PayPal with your eBay account.
As we stated earlier, if the slightest information is matched with your original information, eBay will link the two accounts together.
So as you are getting an eBay stealth account, you should equally get a PayPal stealth account.
In fact, some, if not most, websites sell eBay PayPal stealth account bundles.
This brings us to the next question – where to buy eBay stealth accounts.

Where Can I Get eBay PayPal Stealth Accounts?

The question of where to buy eBay stealth accounts is quite important, and although there are so many sites that offer PayPal stealth accounts for sale, of all these sites, one of them stands out as the best place to buy your stealth account – KalDrop.

eBay stealth account

On KalDrop, you can buy an eBay stealth account and also buy PayPal stealth accounts for your dropshipping.
We offer US, Uk, and Canada eBay PayPal stealth accounts.
All our packages include virtual credit cards, a phone number, and an eBay stealth ebook free.
With this stealth eBay account guide, you can navigate through and use the eBay PayPal stealth accounts efficiently.
Or, if you have a virtual assistant eBay lister, you can easily share the stealth eBay account guide with them so they can understand how to run your eBay stealth account properly.

We also have a dedicated support feature to help you out with whatever you need.
KalDrop is an all-around good site to get your eBay PayPal stealth accounts.

KalDrop is a great place to get eBay PayPal stealth accounts because we are secure, guaranteed, and fast.
Once you purchase your stealth accounts, you get it in 24 hours max.
On KalDrop, you can either get an eBay stealth account, a PayPal stealth account, or a combined package that has the two stealth accounts.
All for an affordable price.
You can get your cheap eBay accounts for sale, all on KalDrop.

All you need do is to sign up on KalDrop and choose the eBay PayPal stealth account package you want to buy, and proceed to the payment method.
Insert the necessary financial details, and that is all.
You will get your eBay PayPal stealth account in no time.


Getting an eBay stealth account is a precautionary measure to mitigate against the total shut down of your dropshipping business.
Especially if it is your sole source of income.
And in getting an eBay stealth account, it is also necessary to look for and get a PayPal stealth account for sale for your preferred payment method.
The combination of both is a fail-safe that is guaranteed to protect you from any issues that will result in eBay kicking you out and leaving you to hang dry.
In dropshipping, we call this the safety net.
So get your eBay PayPal stealth account from KalDrop today.

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