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Manual dropshipping is a practice where you go to third-party suppliers like AliExpress and DHgate, source products from them, and list on eBay. 
This process can be cumbersome if done by hand and that is why software comes into play.
Over the years, people have used API monitors to automate this process and this has been frowned at by eBay.
As a matter of fact, if you use API Monitor, eBay will flag you.

This policy was implemented in to ensure eBay manual dropshippers do not automate the dropshipping process.
But this is not so reasonable because there are several items you want to list.
For a typical eBay dropshipping account, we are talking hundreds and even thousands of listed products.
You cannot possible list all those products by hand.
Even if you are listing a few hundred products, it will take hours and hours – time you can use to do something more productive.
Also, these product prices change from time to time, so even if you have spent hour listing the product, you also need to go back every time to update prices of those products.

But then eBay has placed restrictions on automation.
An if you use API Monitor to do this, like we said earlier, you will get flagged. There has to be a better solution – one that can help us automate this process and at the same time, will now get us in trouble with eBay.

Non API Lister

So what then is the solution to automation? The simple answer is to use a Non API eBay lister.
The fundamental difference between API and Non API Lister is that Non API Lister extensions do not connect directly to eBay.
That is why they are called Non API Lister that is, without API.

Yes, API can help you in different ways as it concerns your selling activities. Such as listing products, configuring account settings helping with customer service and so on.
However, due to eBay’s restrictions, using them gets you flagged.

Non API Listers, on the other hand, puts a bridge between you and eBay. With a Non API Lister, eBay thinks you are interacting with it like a human being.
So eBay can not know you are automating this cumbersome process of manual dropshipping.
With Non API Lister, you are completely safe – no flagging.

That is why you need to get a Non API Lister in your manual dropshipping arsenal, in addition to other tools that will make your dropshipping business more efficient

A good Non API lister will keep you from getting flagged, and simultaneously make your manual dropshipping activity less frustrating and stressful.

There are several Non API lister extensions out there, and an example is KalDrop

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keeps you safe from getting flagged

KalDrop is the one solution that makes dropshipping activities like price listing, and also keeps you safe from getting flagged.
Being a Non API Lister, it does not connect to eBay, hence you get better visibility, more sales, and more profit.

There are so many testimonials and feedbacks from those that have used KalDrop, all singing praises about our software.
So hop on to our bandwagon and enjoy the KalDrop experience.
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Asides not getting flagged with a Non API Lister, you also get more sales with our great solution.
It is evident in our results.
If you check below you will see that our Non API Lister – KalDrop – generates sales 50 times more than when you use regular API Monitor.

The difference between API to Non API ebay to API monitor
The difference between API to Non API ebay to API monitor