3 Simple Hacks To Get Positive Feedback Messages On Your eBay Dropshipping Account

3 Simple Hacks To Get Positive Feedback Messages
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In this article, we will share with you how you can get positive feedback messages in your eBay store, which is very important because as an eBay seller and dropshipper, the more positive feedback messages you have, the more sales and the more profits you can make.
It is no secret that the success of any business is measured and based on its reputation.
The better the reputation, the better that business does.

Think about it for a second…say you want to get grocery from a supermarket and you hear from your friends or other people that have gone there to shop that the supermarket has bad customer service and that they sell bad grocery, no matter how fine the supermarket appears, you will be reluctant to shop there ever.
And if the reverse was the case – that is, you hear positive feedback messages about the supermarket – you will, of course, want to shop there to get your groceries.

This same principle applies to eBay dropshipping stores.
As an eBay seller, your reputation is measured through your eBay seller feedback rating.
And your feedback score on eBay is very important because eBay customers can see your feedback score when they are looking at your listing on eBay.
And this will greatly determine if they will decide to buy from you or not.

The more positive feedback messages, the higher the chances people will want to buy from you.
If your store is riddled with negative feedbacks, then virtually nobody will want to patronize you.
Hence, the power of positive feedbacks must not be underestimated.

Things to do to get Positive Feedback Messages on Your eBay Store

Since t is well established that positive feedbacks really help improve sales and increase profit, you will naturally want to know what you need to do to bag those positive feedback messages.
And a few have been listed below.

1) UnderPromise and OverDeliver

The rule of thumb that will help you get more positive feedback messages on your eBay store is to Underpromise and Overdeliver.
You need to make sure you are underpromising and overdelivering to your customers when it comes to logistics like shipping and handling and delivery time estimates, instead of the other way round – overpromising and underdelivering.

Basically, you don’t want to overpromise something on your eBay listing, and then a customer comes along to buy, and you cannot meet their expectations.
Not only will this significantly decrease your chances of getting a positive feedback message, but it will also increase your chances of getting a bad one from the eBay customer on that order because you did not live up to the expectations that you promised.

Say you list an item on eBay, and on that listing, you promise to ship deliver the item to the customer within 3 days.
And then an eBay customer comes along and is really captivated by your delivery timeframe of 4 days, which influences them to buy from you.
Now let’s say due to some series of events, there was an issue with your supplier from maybe AliExpress or any other third-party e-commerce site you choose to source and dropship from, and then they take longer to deliver, so instead of taking 4 days to get the item to your customer, they take say 8 days.

What you’ve done now is that you have upset your eBay customer because you have overpromised and you underdelivered.
And the chances of getting a positive feedback message from this eBay customer is significantly lower.
Because when a customer buys something online, they expect it to be delivered at the set time. That is one of the perks of getting something online and why they are buying from your eBay store to buy products and not waking into a supermarket to get the same item.

So what you can do to avoid cases like this is to create a buffer that will accommodate any screw-ups along the chain of delivery.
So even if your supplier says the item will be delivered to your customer at a set time, it is best to add 2 days at the very least as a buffer.
So even if there’s a screw-up from them, you can use those 2 days to sort it all out and still come through on your promise.

If there isn’t any screw-up, even better because your customers will be getting their items way earlier than the expected delivery time.
And if there is anything we know about eBay customers is that they really love getting their packages delivered earlier than expected.
This increases your chance of getting a positive feedback message from your customers because they feel they got so much more extra value from you as a seller and as an eBay dropshipper.

2) Give incentives

Another thing you want to do is to include addons as a personalized experience your customer get for shopping with you.
Something as simple as a thank you card or a little gift packaged together with the original item will go a very long way to help you bag a positive feedback message from that customer.

positive feedback message

It is not compulsory you include a gift.
Like we said, a simple thank you for shopping with us note can do the trick.
But if you want to get a gift, try no to go overboard because you don’t want to be spending all your profit giving gifts to customers.
Simple things like a keyholder is a thoughtful gift you can include in the package.
This singular act sets you apart from the millions of eBay dropshippers out there.

3) Follow Up

Another key thing to do is to follow up with your customers and communicate with them after they have purchased an item from you.
By following up with your customers, you can actually remind you to leave a positive feedback message on your eBay store.

Following up is really just as simple as messaging them a week after they purchase an item from you.
Send them a message and make them feel like you are there for them.
Ask them about their buying experience, if everything went smoothly, and make them feel like they are important.

This simple act of customer service will go a long way, especially for online businesses like eBay dropshipping.
And when they do leave a positive feedback message, show your appreciation.
Learn how to thank a customer for positive feedback, so next time they buy from you, they will always want to leave a positive feedback message.
it is as easy as just saying, “thank you for your feedback. We look forward to having you shop with us again. If there is anything you want us to change, do let us know for next time”.
It is that simple.

If you have a difficult time trying to get the perfect message to send your customers so as to bag that positive feedback message, you don’t have to worry anymore.
There is a software that offers the solution to this problem – KalDrop.
KalDrop is an amazing dropshipping chrome extension that helps with all your dropshipping activities like product listing, updating, bulk listing, etc., in just one click.

In addition to that is its amazing “ready message” feature.
This feature has already drafted message templates that you can use to message your customers for any issue or any circumstance, including thanking them for their patronage.
KalDrop’s ready message template is sure to spur your customers to leave you a thumbs up and a positive feedback message.
Sign up to KalDrop and get this amazing benefit.


Positive feedback messages are like a catalyst that exponentially grows your eBay dropshipping business for you without any direct input from you.
It builds positivity around your reputation and your brand, so other potential customers are easily drawn and trust your professionalism.

It is a form of subtle advertisement telling other customers that you are reliable and will deliver on your word.
As a result, it is important to always strive to bag a positive feedback message from all your customers.
The three hints explained above are great ways to increase your chances of getting those positive feedbacks.
Adopt them in your dropshipping business and watch those positive feedbacks start rolling in!

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