The Best 5 Dropshipping Suppliers To Dropship On eBay In 2021

The Best 5 Dropshipping Suppliers To Dropship On eBay In 2021
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Dropshipping suppliers can make or break your dropshipping business.
If you decide to make money on eCommerce, consider dropshipping as a profitable option and most especially if you partner with the right dropshipping suppliers.
When you think of dropshipping, think of selling products and making profits without holding any inventory.

Does it not sound like a profitable venture to try?
It isn’t as easy as it sounds, though.
Price competition is the last thing entrepreneurs should engage in, even though it’s the order of the day on eBay.
But as a smart dropshipper, there are only two main ways to succeed: partnering with the best proven dropshipping suppliers to dropship on eBay and using Non API eBay Lister.

Let’s first start by understanding what drop shipping is.

What Is Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method that doesn’t require the online reseller or merchant to keep stock, package, nor ship the products. But instead, when a merchant sells an item, the order is passed on to a third party.
It’s the dropshipping supplier who then packages and ships the products to the buyer.
Payments are then made to the third party (dropshipping supplier) who pays the merchant his profits.

Generally, dropshipping is a low-risk business that doesn’t require the online merchant to keep inventory.
Again, there are no operating costs, i.e., storage fees, salaries, and business licenses.
However, the profit margin per product is is depending on the dropshipper level.
You can earn 10% per sale, and you can earn a 40% profit per sale when you are working with the best dropshipping suppliers.

5 Best Proven Dropshipping Suppliers To Dropship On eBay

Before engaging with dropshipping suppliers, learning how to dropship from China is a prerequisite to success.
To realize meaningful profits on eBay, you’ll need dropshippers with the best dropshipping margins.
Successful dropshipping websites have proved $10-$20 priced products have good returns.
There is room for reselling the product at $30 – $50, thus making over 90% profit margin.

Here are the best dropshipping suppliers to dropship on eBay.

Dropshipping Supplier #1: Banggood

Banggood Best Dropshipping Suppliers

Dropshipping from Banggood is an amazing opportunity.
In fact, they are among the most reliable dropshipping suppliers with the best dropshipping margins.
All products for dropship have no watermarks, their guaranteed profit margin is between 5%-20%, and no fee is required.

Additionally, Banggood being an international dropshipping supplier, has all the tools you need to save time and make your dropshipping business simple and easy.
If you’ve been equipped with the knowledge on how to dropship from China, partnering with Banggood will be a sure bet.
As a wise drop shipper, try to consider the low priced unique products from the 20+ listed products categories and use a Non API eBay Lister to import products in bulk.

Dropshiping supplier #2: Chinabrands 

ChinaBrands Best Dropshipping Suppliers

With Chinabrands, you are guaranteed the best dropshipping margins, but only if you know how to select the trending products.
This is a worldwide brand with over 12 warehouses spread across all the continents for fast delivery purposes.
Chinabrands boasts of over 1 million products from over 40 different product categories.
All products are sourced directly from manufactures and verified distributors at wholesale prices.
The main advantage gained by joining Chinabrands is the zero minimum order requirement.
Your orders are also fulfilled within 24 hours.

Dropshiping supplier #3: AliExpress 

AliExpress Best Dropshipping Suppliers

After launching a store on eBay, you will need to sign up with AliExpress to fulfill orders for you within the shortest time possible.
Dropshipping Alibaba is almost the same as dropshipping from AliExpress – Alibaba owns AliExpress.
Alibaba is a dropshipping supplier suitable more for high ticket products.
Over 100 million products sourced at wholesale prices are available for you to dropship.
Once you’ve placed an order, it’s good to send a dropshipping message to AliExpress to let the seller know you are dropshipping.
This is to avoid invoices or promotions on the package to be delivered to the customer.

Dropshiping supplier #4: Alibaba 

Alibaba Best Dropshipping Suppliers

If you are interested in dropshipping bulk orders, we recommend dropshipping Alibaba.
Prices on Alibaba are negotiable.
If you are looking for high ticket products, Alibaba is one of the best dropshipping suppliers you will ever use.
Being one of the largest eCommerce sites in the world, you’ll encounter thousands of manufacturers and suppliers with offers looking for resellers like you.
Sadly, Alibaba targets wholesalers or resellers, and they have large minimum order requirements.
It’s free to create an account with Alibaba.
Also, no upfront fee is needed to start dropshipping on Alibaba.

Dropshiping supplier #5: CJDropshipping

CJDropshipping Best Dropshipping Suppliers

Whether you have an account with eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, or Shopee, you can dropship the suggested most trending products from CJDropshipping.
DHL, FedEx, USPS.COM, PACKET, and UPS will ship all your customers’ orders shipped free within 2-5 days.
To ensure efficient delivery, they have established global warehouses in Thailand, Indonesia, United States, China, and Germany.
After integrating this dropshipping supplier with your eBay account, you’ll be allowed to source and list the products at a lower price from the over 10 product categories.

Tips for Guaranteed Success on eBay

To be successful on eBay, you have to learn the nitty things in dropshipping.
The worst every eBay seller would expect is suspension or flagging of his account.

Here are the tips:

1. Use Non API eBay Lister

With the emergence of Non API eBay tools, flagging of eBay accounts is becoming a thing of the past. 
Luckily, KalDrop is one of the most reliable Non API eBay Lister software developed for eBay dropshippers.
As opposed to eBay API’s, KalDrop, a Non API eBay Lister, will help:

  • Increase your sales
  • Save your account from eBay flagging
  • Enable uploading of unlimited listings
  • Do bulk listings

Upload Products From Dropshipping Suppliers

Once you sign up on KalDrop, you get to use the software for just $1 in the first week. 

2. Work on Getting Positive Feedback

Most of the sales you make on eBay, or any other online platform, are highly influenced by the feedback or customer reviews.
The more you get great feedback, the more your products will be trusted.
Making it easy for customers to interact with your store helps get positive reviews.

3. Select Dropshipping Suppliers with The Best Dropshipping Margins

The Dropshipping business has many expenses.
A shipping fee, eBay listing fee, and final cut fee are some of the expenses.
For this reason, your preferred supplier products should be as low as possible but capable of retailing at a higher price without customers noticing.s
Choose the best dropshipping suppliers for your business.

4. Increase Traffic to Your Listings

Flagged accounts have fewer sales due to low visibility.
eBay account gets flagged when you work with API Monitor or choose bad dropshipping suppliers like Amazon.
Equally, products whose descriptions are not optimized have low visibility and thus little or no sales. 
To drive traffic to your listings, optimize them by using keywords to describe them or subscribing to eBay’s pay-per-click advertising tool.

5. Encourage Multiple Purchasing

The more you sell products, the more profits you make.
To encourage customers to buy multiple products, try offering combined shipping discounts and quantity discounts.


Dropshipping is a widely misused title, and the number of dropshipping suppliers with a low rating is the most.
Combining a list of the best dropshipping suppliers with installing tools like KalDrop chrome extension increases your sales and profit margin.

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