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FIxed Item Specifics for any product

Fixed item specifics is a fancy way of saying that your product’s description, and any other important content that significantly describes the product in great detail, will be accurately lifted and displayed on your listing when you use KalDrop.

This is an important feature because if the product is not accurately and properly described, it can lead to huge problems and complaints from your client.

Also, when it comes to fixed item specifics, KalDrop extension allows for that, and whatever you input will be automatically saved.

For example, let’s say you want to list a product from one of your suppliers on AliExpress or DHgate, and you want to optimize the title of that product for easy visibility and more sales, you can do that by editing the product title when you list that item.

And once you click save, that title will be saved as the title of that product on your listed products.

This doesn’t just apply to the title alone.

You are at liberty to tweak and edit any of your products description and specifics.

You can edit the description, the content, the dimensions, and so on.

reliable and trusted!

Over our long years of drop shipping experience we found that sometimes when you list products and you edit the specifics that are peculiar to that product, they do not get saved when you finally list on your eBay store.

You might list a phone pouch for example, and knowing items like this, they come in different colors.

And so it is your responsibility to pay attention to and include the color of that product in your listing.

But if it does not get saved, and it proceeds to be displayed in your store, it might cause huge problems.

Because if a customer gets that product with a false description, they will definitely complain when they see it first hand.

It will be an issue of ordering something and getting something else.

This issue might not necessarily be your fault because you are listing a lot of products, it is hard enough as it is already.

It will be even worse to start trying to check all your listings one by one to try to see if the product specifics are correct.

That is why you need reliable software that is reliable and trusted.

By using our reliable software, you also become reliable.

Because your customers know that whatever product specifics are displayed to them is the exact thing they get.

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KalDrop's Fixed Item Specifics

With KalDrop you get to fix item specifics with great assurance.

KalDrop is a Non API lister that helps you list products directly from your supplier to your eBay store.

Our software collects all the necessary data and descriptions from the supplier and inputs it into the listing.

However, you are at liberty to edit and input some other specifics of the product.

With KalDrop, your fixed item specifics get saved immediately so you do not have to worry about any error or omission in your listing.

Besides getting fixed item specifics, you get other amazing features.

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