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If there is anything you must have access to as a dropshipper, it is a free title builder dropshipping tool.
We say this because it is a key element in the success of your dropshipping career.
A free title builder eBay tool helps you optimize your products using certain keywords with the aim of putting your product out there to the right customers that are willing to buy.

Of all the tools out there, the Fire Title eBay dropshipping tool is one free title builder that does this best.
Before we go into what Fire Title is and how it will help you grow your business and skyrocket your sales, let’s explain some key components surrounding the topic of optimized product keywords.

What is a Good eBay Title?

In simple terms, a good title is one that has keywords that customers are really searching for.
And this goes beyond numbers. It is about conversion.
Even when a lot of people come across your product, they might not necessarily buy because your product is only getting an audience and not the right audience.

Let’s lead with an illustration to further expatriate on the topic.
As you already know, dropshipping is a lot like running a physical retail business where you buy products from a supplier (online in this case) and sell to your customers.
But if you don’t know, you can check out our article on dropshipping, where we explained the basics and how you can start your own dropshipping business.

Back to our illustration.
In dropshipping, you can think of your product title as the location of a shop.
Now imagine you want to open a luxury fashion store.
The first thing you will probably do is to look for where to open up shop.
Would you rather have your new shop in an area that will bring you 200 visitors per day or one that will bring you 50?
You are probably thinking –  the one with the 200 visitors, obviously.
Because more visitors equals more sales … right?

Well, it’s not that straightforward.
Yes, more visitors might bring more sales, but it is not always the case.
What if your shop is in a busy area where people are coming in, but a lot cannot afford to buy our luxury shirts?
So even if you get the 200 people, only like 10 eventually become customers.

Now, imagine your shop in a quiet but wealthier part of town.
The people that would visit actually want luxury clothes and dresses, which is exactly what you are selling.
Maybe it only attracts 50 visitors, but of those 50 people, 40 buy something from you.

Many sellers on eBay feel their product title should just focus on getting the most views, which is good, but not the best to get high-paying customers.
You want customers with their hands on their wallets ready to buy from you, not just window shoppers.

But we know that this is a very hard thing to do.
Getting the right keywords to incorporate into your product title can be quite frustrating because you need to have keywords that strike a balance between attracting a lot of customers and attracting the right customers willing to pay for your product.
Fret not, as there is a tool that can help with just that.
It is none other than the Fire free title builder.

The Fire Free Title Builder Tool

free title builder

The Fire Title Builder is a free title builder tool you can use to generate keywords for your eBay listings.
It is the one tool you need to have in your arsenal as a dropshipper.
This tool is personalized for the typical eBay seller and is, in fact, made by eBay sellers.
The founders knew that there was a problem amongst the eBay dropshipping community that needed solving – the problem of getting the right keywords to optimize product listings and attract customers.
And they solved that problem with the Fire free title builder tool.

How Does it Work

When you go on eBay and you search “sneakers”, you will see hundreds of listings from different stores pop up on the first page of the result page.
If you scroll down below, you might see other pages from 1 to 10 or even more, depending on the availability of the product.
What sets the front page listings from other pages is the use of optimization.

This free title builder tool utilizes what is called SEO to get you more views and some profit.
SEO, known as search engine optimization, is a practice that involves the use of specific keywords to trigger the algorithm of sites like eBay to make your products appear more every time a customer types in those specific keywords or other keywords relating to your product.

This SEO process is precisely what the free title builder uses to rank one eBay listing over another.

The cool thing about this free title builder tool is that it is very easy to use.
All you have to do is follow three simple procedures.

  1. Choose a product from your list and search for that product on the home page of the Fire Title website.
  2. After that, wait for a list to appear, which will provide you with the most to least searched keywords relating to that product.
  3. You can then use those keywords to build a proper title, and then you are done. And just like that, your optimized product title is now ready to be published on eBay.

Getting the Right Title

Even when you have top of the like tools like the Fire free title builder tool, you need to be able to arrange your title in such a way that will be optimally optimized,
The Fire free title builder tool only gives you a number of words that people are searching about as related to the product you want an optimized title for.
It is your job to bring these words together to a catchy title that makes sense.

And that is where the idea of generic and long-tail keywords comes into play.
Say you want to list a product for sale… say an iPhone.
When you type in iPhone on the Fire Title builder, you get the results below.

Free title builder tool

As you can see, there are other keywords such as 64Gb, Case, Gold, e.t.c.
In this case, “iPhone” is a generic keyword, and it comes with a lot of competition.
This is because there are a lot of people going over to eBay and typing “iPhone.”
Most of them do not even want to buy, and even when they type that word, there are thousands of sellers with “iPhone” in their product listing title.
So it is difficult to get the recognition you want.

However, if you have a product title listing that says “Apple iPhone 7 64Gb Gold case,” you will be attracting customers that want to buy your product because the title depicts exactly what they want to buy.
This kind of keywording is called a long-tail.

eBay Listing Rules And Optimization

Some people ask questions like “I tried using the free title builder but I noticed a small difference”.
We get asked this question a lot.
Some even say they used the free title builder and they noticed a few changes in their ranking and they want more.
What you should first know is, the free title builder is definitely going to help you rank, but you are the one that will do the bulk of the work.

Ranking on eBay is dependent on optimization and trust.
A lot of people do not pay attention to the latter and that is why it seems you are not making progress.
If you want to best the best of the best in your product category, you have to make eBay trust you.
If you own a restaurant for example and you have a Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates in your restaurant for the first time, you will want to put forward your best waiters you can rely on to attend to their tables.
Because it can increase the chances of them coming back.

The same way you will place your trust in your good waiter is the same way eBay places their trust in stores that are doing well.

Asides from getting a free title builder, there are some things you could do that can hinder your ranking on eBay.
You not listing correctly or adding some things to your listing can get your ranking tumbling down like a bad stock.

What you need to understand is that these things are purely based on algorithms, and eBay will do all it takes to ensure its customers are served in the best way possible and with the best options available.
Anything that will tick them off or stop them from buying on eBay will be buried deep under the pile.
So even if you use a free title builder and you do not adhere to these rules, you might not get the desired result.

Based on this, there are certain rules you must follow to further improve your ranking on eBay.

1) Write Meticulous Descriptions

Post getting a free title builder, you need to make sure your descriptions are accurate and free of error, deceit, or misinformation.
You do not want to write a piece of information that is false or is not met.
If customers interact with you and their experience sour because of this misinformation, you could be penalized by getting relegated to the bottom of the food chain.
eBay will not want a situation where one store is discouraging customers from buying on eBay.

Take for example shipping time.
Say your supplier tells you your buyer will receive their item in 8-10 days, but due to lag from their end, the customer gets the item in 20 days.
This can be very discouraging and infuriating to the buyer.
And that will most likely lead to negative reviews.

We know that sometimes, this might not be your fault.
Like in the case of the suppliers, you did not exactly do anything wrong; they just didn’t make do on their promise.
That is why you need to be in business with the best dropshipping suppliers that will not let you down.
But for things that are under your control, you should take caution.

For example the specifications of the product.
You don’t want to tell say on your product description that, say a yoga mat, is 68 inches long, only for your buyers to find out it is 46 inches.
Ensure to get an accurate measurement from the supplier.
You can copy these specifications by yourself or you can use tools like KalDrop to help you grab all the product’s information from the supplier’s website.

Doing it by yourself can lead to errors because we are humans.
But with KalDrop, you can expect to get no errors.

2) Do Away with Irrelevant Links

eBay is quite considerate and flexible when it comes to listing products on their platforms.
They allow you to add some links to your product description to make sure the buying and selling experience more tolerable for both parties.
Perhaps you want to link to another source that better explains the product you are selling or to the manufacturer source then, by all means, go ahead.

What you shouldn’t do is to add links to your own personal business or whatnot.
Add irrelevant links or links that will divert customers away from eBay will see your listing crashing down to rock bottom in search result pages.
They will not want you diverting customers that should be buying on eBay over to your site.
So if eBay detects any link like that, no matter if you use a free title builder, you will not rank.

3) Do Not Duplicate Your Listings

If there is anything that is sure to affect your ranking, or even cause a suspension, it is duplicating listings.
eBay totally hates this practice.
You might think you are playing smart by trying to duplicate your listings to improve your ranking.
I mean if you really think about it, eBay has thousands of sellers probably selling the exact same stuff as you are selling.
So the number of times you appear on search queries will improve your chances of getting some form of visibility to customers looking to buy your product.

This might look like a good strategy but trust us when we say you should desist from it.
eBay is constantly working to improve its product listing catalog system because of its complexity.
Duplicating listings will be adding to their already complicated system.
Just ensure you get a free title builder for your optimization and you wouldn’t have to worry about duplication.

4) Avoid Keyword Spamming

How optimization works is that you get some keywords that are relevant to the product and include them strategically in your title, subtitle (if any), and product description.
These keywords will be suggested to you by a free title builder and it will be your job to input these keywords in your listing.
However, you want to avoid spamming your listing with so many keywords that it looks too obvious.
For example, you are selling jewelry and the free title builder suggests the keyword “necklace”.
If you want to write your title, a spammy title would be something like “Necklace Female necklace with gold pendant Necklace”.

It is too obvious you are trying to spam your listing to get your store to rank for the word “necklace”.
eBay will immediately notice that you are trying to do this and will relegate your listing to the bottom.
This applies to every other keyword the free title builder suggests to you.
Just make sure you use the keywords appropriately and trust the free title builder’s work to reflect.
If you are using a good free title builder, you wouldn’t have to worry about spamming your titles and descriptions because it will suggest the best keywords that will make you rank anyway.

Good eBay Title Optimization Practices

Even when the free title builder gives you optimized keywords for your eBay listings (as shown above), the software will not help you join them together into meaningful, eye-catching eBay titles.
You will still be the one to pick from these keywords and use them in your eBay title listings.
And with just 80 characters made available to you on eBay, you do not have a lot of options.
But with these eBay title optimization practices, we are about to discuss, your listings will begin to get the attention of your prospective buyers.

  1. Aim for 65 – 80 characters. This is an obvious tip as eBay doesn’t even give you the luxury to use any amount of characters you want.
    You are only restricted to 80 characters.
    That middle between 65 – 80 characters is the sweet spot that ensures you get all the right optimized keywords ( provided by a free title builder) for your product listings.
  2. Include the right keywords. When you use the Fire free title builder, for example, you will be given a list of optimized keywords to choose from.
    Ensure to include some product characteristics or features together with the name of the product.
    This simple practice will do two things; the first is that your listings will be optimally optimized such that eBay will suggest it to people that actually want to buy exactly what you are selling.
    The second thing it does is that when it pops up on buyers’ radar, they will be easily prompted to click on your listing because from the title alone, you have given them a glimpse of what they are getting.
  3. Use proper case.
    This tip has more to do with readability than it has to do with optimization from a free title builder.
    Even when you use a free title builder to get keywords, how you write them is very important.
    The proper case to use for eBay titles is the sentence case, i.e you capitalize only the first letter of each word.
    If you use all caps, your listing will look annoying to read.
    And if you use small letters, it will look immature and irresponsible.
  4. When possible, use subtitles.
    Some products will give you the opportunity to use subtitles together with your eBay titles but you will have to pay a small fee.
    It is highly recommended you use subtitles for your eBay listings because it will give some form of description to prospective buyers before they even click on it.
    It is an effective marketing strategy that attracts customers to your eBay store.

How Should An eBay Listing Look Like Then?

Now that we have established the importance of good eBay listing practices and what you should and should not do while listing, the question – what makes a good eBay listing?
If this question is on your mind, you should pay attention to the following.

1) Communicate Effectively on the Product

Even if you have a free title builder for your optimization, it is also imperative you communicate effectively, and to a large extent, all there is to know about the product in your product description.
Tell your potential buyers what they want to know about the product in great detail.
If your product is a replica, ensure to indicate it in your product description.

Some people are scared that telling people the item is a replica might drive them away.
But you might be surprised to know that there are buyers looking for replicas and would look to eBay sellers to get them.
In fact, replica items are usually among the top 10 best sellers on eBay at any given time.
So make sure to communicate the condition of your product in your listing.

Another thing you want to state expressly is the shipping.
There are dropshipping suppliers that give a time range for when the item will be delivered.
And there are a few that will tell you the exact date the item will be delivered

However, the case is, make sure to communicate this expressly.
And as a tip, give yourself a buffer. Typically, we advise you to add 2 days to the delivery period so if there is any lax, you will be covered.
Also, if the supplier gives you an exact date, it is best you indicate a range instead of an exact date.
This also serves as a cover in case anything goes wrong on the due date of delivery.

One thing you must understand, however, is that we are humans and we can make mistakes.
You cannot be correct all the time, and as such, you will need some form of automation that will accurately list these products in your eBay store.
That is where KalDrop comes in.

free title builder

KalDrop is a Non API eBay lister that lists products for you in split seconds.
So how this works is you get a product you want to list from any of the dropshipping suppliers and you click on the KalDrop icon which you will see on your chrome navigation bar after you install the extension. Then wait for a few seconds and it will list your products for you.
You can list in bulk if you want and it contains some other features that will make your dropshipping experience less frustrating.

free title builder
Before it lists the items, KalDrop will give you a chance to edit the contents of the description.
Most times it is not actually necessary unless you want to work on the title.
You can then use the free title builder for your optimization.

2) Create Engaging Content

There is little a free title builder will do for you in terms of sales if your content is not engaging.
Your listing should be informative and should sell itself.
And this is dependent on your attention to detail and to your potential customers.
There are some items that have gifts inside or add-ons.
Ensure to let your buyers know the additional benefit they stand to get by purchasing that item.
That will keep them interested and willing to buy from your store.
If you just list out the specifications plainly, it might not look as attractive.

Speaking about attractiveness, the more professional and organized your listing is, the higher the chances of getting a sale.
There are probably others like you that use the free title builder for their optimization, so you need to stay ahead of the game with things like the aesthetics of your listing.
Using any of KalDrop’s templates is sure to win buyers over, due to its professional outlook.

Also, ensure to add quality pictures.
Graphic contents like pictures or videos go a long way in convincing buyers to choose your listing among a pool of others.
When you use KalDrop for your eBay store, it also downloads quality Jpegs into your templates.
So you never have to worry about getting graphic content to attract buyers.



As we have stated earlier, getting an eBay free title builder optimization tool is essential as it will help determine how successful you will be in your dropshipping endeavor.
And the Fire title builder is one free title builder that can put your products out there for potential customers to see, thereby helping you ensure massive profit.



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