Guide To Successful eBay Dropshipping – eBay Title Optimization Tool Tips and More!

Guide To Successful eBay Dropshipping - eBay Title Optimization Tool Tips and More!
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To succeed in any business endeavor, you need to be armed with the necessary tools, tricks, hacks, and tips to sustain you for a very long time in the business.
When it comes to dropshipping, an eBay title optimization tool is one thing you should have in your arsenal.
Not only that, you need to be fortified with other tools and tricks, all of which we will discuss in the remainder of this article.
Without further ado, let’s get into it.

If you are a brand like Dinosaurzus Its also important to have your own store.

Why Get an eBay Title Optimization Tool?

In copywriting, content is king…in eBay Dropshipping, your title is the king and the determiner of your success in the business.
The thing is, there are thousands of dropshippers like you on eBay, possibly selling the same items on eBay.
And when a customer goes to search for an item in the product’s category, your item and thousands of others will pop up.
And one thing we know about human interaction with internet interfaces is that they want immediate gratification.

They prefer to pick the very first thing they see that catches their fancy instead of scrolling through an endless list of the same product.
So if your product is located at the bottom of the first page that appears when they type in those keywords in the search bar, they will be extremely less likely to buy from you.

Even less likely is if your product is located on a page other than the first page.
Nobody has the time to be looking through pages upon pages of the same product.
Even when we google something, we are all guilty of taking our information from the first page.
Hardly will you ever go to the next page to source your information.

The same applies to dropshipping.
And that is why you need an eBay title optimization tool.
An eBay title optimization tool will help you create a title that possesses two attributes – catchy and optimized.
Catchy because it needs to resonate and appeal to the customer.
Optimized because you want a title that will appear on the first page of a search query that involves any keyword string related to your product.

And this is all hinged on eBay’s internal search engine algorithm that helps customers find the most relevant listing on eBay that is most related to their search.
This algorithm is known as Cassini.

Cassini is eBay’s hidden algorithm that determines how and where your product will rank in a typical search query made by the customer.
Now it is good to have an eBay title optimization tool in your arsenal, but you also need to know some eBay Cassini tips to help you rank higher in searches so as to secure a better chance of getting picked.

eBay Cassini Tips

eBay title optimization tool

As stated earlier, Cassini is the algorithm on eBay that does the sorting of listings by relevance.
Now, nobody truly knows exactly how Cassini works. Still, over the years of experience, we have in dropshipping, we have been able to garner enough eBay SEO tricks we have used to influence Cassini to choose our products first amongst others in the same category.

So we have collated 5 eBay Cassini tips and some eBay SEO tricks that you can implement in your eBay listings for better optimization.

1) Sales History

The first eBay SEO trick is the sales history of a particular product.
One of the most important criteria for listing a product on eBay is how well it is doing in the market.
That is, how many sales it already has.
The higher the sales history, the more likely Cassini is going to rank that product high on search engines.

2) Product Images

Another trick is to pay attention to the images.
When listing a product on eBay, try as much as you can to list the product with as many pictures as possible.
And in doing that, make the images as unique as possible.

If you have your own products, take pictures of that product from different angles, and make them look clean and as professional as possible.
If you do not have your own products, try to put watermarks on the photos you upload.
Just try to make it different and interesting for your customers.
eBay Cassini will recognize this difference and rank your item high on searches.

3) Price

The third eBay Cassini tip is the price.
The profit in dropshipping comes from the margin between the product’s original price from the supplier and your mark up price.
But we understand that the original price can be significantly high.
When you just start dropshipping, it is important you start cheap.
Don’t be too eager to make money, and then you start adding a very high markup.
The lower the price, the higher the chance Cassini will rank the item high.

4) Title

This is probably the most important eBay SEO tick you should know about – title.
The title should be really relevant to your product.
That is where the need for an eBay title optimization tool comes into play.
Having an eBay title optimization tool will guide you into choosing the best title and keywords that will be best suited for your product listing.

How an eBay title optimization tool works is that it combines the primary keyword of the product with the secondary keywords (referred to as LSI).
These secondary keywords are the strings that are usually typed alongside the primary keyword in most searches.
There are some free title builder tools that do this excellently.
An example of that is the fire free title builder tool.

The Fire free title builder is an eBay title optimization tool that uses search engine optimization to suggest trendy keywords that people are currently searching for in that product’s category.
It is a free eBay title optimization tool that helps you choose the best title that will both attract customers and will rank high in any eBay search relating to that product.
If you want to get an optimized title for high conversion, the Fire free title builder tool is the one dropshipping tool you should get today!
It is free and works effectively.`

Asides from having an eBay title optimization tool, you should also know the recommended eBay title character limit.
It is advised to use up to 80 characters, which is the maximum.
Always try to use as many characters as possible in your title.
Input the name of the product and some suggested keywords from an eBay title optimization tool that accurately describes the product.
But whatever you do, try not to exceed the eBay title character limit.

5) Store Activity

The last on our list is your eBay store activity and customer service.
We recommend you make daily uploads on your eBay store.
Every day, your store should get new uploads.
This tells Cassini that there is, in fact someone in charge of that store and is reliable enough to be recommended.
Also, try to initiate communication with your customers…send them messages to thank them for their purchase and check up on the usage of the product.
If you don’t know what to say, there is software like KalDrop that has automatic ready messages templates that will draft the best messages to send to your customers on your behalf.


In conclusion, the importance of an eBay title optimization tool cannot be overemphasized.
And not just an eBay title optimization tool, other things such as eBay SEO trick and knowing how to force Cassini to rank you high in searches is also essential for a successful eBay dropshipping experience.

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