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For you to make profitable pricing on your eBay listings before publishing, you need an eBay calculator.
With the best calculator, you can set the calculator to recommend eBay items’ selling price based on the set profit margins.
As you think of the eBay fee calculator to know your fees, you should first calculate the PayPal fee as it’s calculated before eBay fees.

One of the main reasons contributing to making low profits is the miscalculation of eBay fees like shipping, promotion, PayPal commission, and adjustments in the listing fee.
Whether you own a store or not, you need the eBay fee calculator to know how much eBay and PayPal take from each sale.

It’s easy to memorize all the eBay seller fees; calculating the amount to ask for before listing an item manually is a difficult exercise.
This is why you need the best eBay calculator.

For years now, eBay merchants have been blaming each other for making losses due to low pricing.
But as a focused seller aiming at making profits, you should use this tool to exactly know the listing price they ask for.

Understanding The eBay Calculator

The eBay fees calculator is an open-source calculator that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.
Since eBay seller fees vary from region to region, the eBay calculator has options for all eBay shipping zones.
This software features both a PayPal calculator and a free eBay calculator.

There are other eBay calculators available online, but the official calculator was developed by eBay.
It’s also maintained and operated by eBay.
For the calculations to be up-to-date, all the constants (the standard eBay fees) are updated often to reflect the accepted fees.

                eBay calculator

With every word written in bold letters and in a simple language that everyone understands, using this PayPal eBay calculator is easy.
Where the shipping Cost in the calculator has not been indicated, the eBay Shipping Calculator is the most reliable.

How to Calculate eBay Fee

How to calculate eBay fees is much easy given all you need is to open the calculator online and then input all details and figures required.
By looking at the empty boxes, all you need is a good dropshipping tool to upload the product descriptions and their specifics.
From the uploaded information, copy the item category, shipping cost, item cost, and sales tax to the calculator.
The total eBay calculator fee is based on whether you have a store or not.

Here is the full procedure:

Step 1: Start inputting the item category

Click at the “Item category” search box, and on the popup categories, choose by tapping the category on which your item lies.

Step 2: Adjust all sections leaving the top section

Before filling in the costs of the item in question on the top section, input the promoted ad rate, the amount donated to charity, change your payment method, and state whether you own a store.

Step 3: Input the Sold price, Item cost, and Shipping cost

Just copy the item cost and shipping charge from your listing, then fill in the sold price.
Watch at the figures at the bottom to know how much eBay will take from the sale.
In case the total profit is too low, increase the “Sold price” on the eBay calculator until you get the desired value.
And if you’re using the KalDrop eBay lister to make the listing, tap on the “Setting” button to adjust the new values.

What Are eBay Monthly Seller Fees?

Looking at the eBay calculator, you’ll notice most of the boxes require you to fill in figures that reduce the selling profit margins.
As though that’s not enough, there is a lot more hidden charge that making selling on eBay a challenge.
But the good thing is there are many ways you can use to reduce eBay seller fees.
To stop blaming others for low profits, we’ll explain all the costs you incur when selling on eBay.

The main eBay seller fees include:

i. Insertion fees

After finishing your monthly allotment free listing, every single extra item listed attracts an insertion fee, which is commonly known as a listing fee.
The amount of insertion fee payable is determined by the item category it’s listed under, which is why it’s a requirement you select one in the eBay calculator.
For most of the product categories, the standard insertion fee is $0.35 per listing.

eBay insertion fee comes with several conditions, which are:

• It’s non-refundable
• It’s charged per category and per listing
• Charged once per listing if the item has multiple variants

ii. Good ‘Til Cancelled Listings

If you subscribe to a monthly automatic renewal of your listings, eBay will charge an upgrade fee and an insertion fee.
This fee is paid at the first time of listing and consequently after every renewal.
This fee is called Good ‘Til Cancelled listings.

iii. Final value fees

The allegation eBay fees is too high may be true if you take into account every fee charged.
After being charged an insertion fee, eBay also charges a fee when the item sells.
This final value fee is calculated from the total amount the buyer pays from the sale, which includes the shipping fee, cargo handling charges, and the buying cost.

How to Reduce eBay Seller Fees

eBay calculator mainly helps know the amount of eBay and PayPal fee payable and the total profit you’ll make after all the deductions.
After you’ve gotten the final eBay calculator fees, use the tricks below to reduce eBay seller fees.

1) Use KalDrop To Upload Your Listing Variations

eBay calculator

If your listed items have variations, upload all the variations since you’ll not be charged an insertion fee.
The process is simple: download and install the KalDrop extension and double click on the icon to open.
If it’s your first time adding eBay variations, tap on your uploaded item and click on the KalDrop logo on the top right.
Tap on the “Edit Product” button and then select the item variations to upload.

2)  Start With A High eBay Store Subscription Plan

The lower the eBay store subscription, the lower the zero insertion fees.
You can opt for the Basic or Premium subscription plan, but this should coincide with eBay’s selling limits.

3) Work On Your Final Value Fee

You can maintain your final value fee at its minimum by subscribing to a higher store plan.
Offering Fast N’ Free eBay shipping eliminates this fee as it’s charged on shipping costs.

4) Work Hard To Be A Top-rated eBay Seller

With a good eBay dropshipping lister, becoming a top-rated seller is simple and faster as you’ll perform tasks faster and accurately.
By becoming a top-rated seller on eBay, you automatically qualify for a 10% discount deduction from the final value fees.


Without the eBay calculator, most sellers would be running their eBay businesses at a loss.
Calculating the cost to sell on eBay calculator will help keep the profits at a watch; however, the tricks you use to reduce eBay seller fees determines your success more.
There are free eBay calculators online, with each developed to offer a different solution.
Depending on your challenges, select the best calculator that helps solve your problems.

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