How To Add eBay Variation Listings (5 Steps) And The Best Dropshipping Lister To Use

How To Add eBay Variation Listings (5 Steps) And The Best Dropshipping Lister To Use
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One of the most challenging dropshipping activities used to be creating eBay variation listings.
But with the introduction of eBay dropshipping auto lister tools, this exercise can now be accomplished in minutes.
Almost every product has several variations.
Each variant is developed to satisfy the needs of a specific market segment.
By not adding eBay variation listings, you lose all the customers meant to buy the variations.
And the good thing with adding variation listing to existing eBay listing is the zero fees, which would otherwise be the greatest hindrance to eBay stores growth.

With all the positives that come with the unique AliExpress product variants, how would it be possible to add the variants in your listing without using Aliexpress eBay dropshipping software?
When you start dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay, a dropshipping lister is necessary to simplify uploading items and their descriptions to your store.
To excel in the dropshipping business, you have to make as many listings as possible and add their variations.
Again, uploading the product’s UPC codes and all other specifications further influence your store’s growth.

How faster can you upload all your listings accurately?
This article will show how to add eBay variation listing using the best AliExpress to eBay dropshipping tool- KalDrop.

Understanding eBay Variation listing

eBay permits store owners to list as many product variants as possible.
In fact, you can upload up to 250 variants of the same product and even add 12 pictures for each variant for no additional fee.
So, what is eBay variation listing?

eBay variation listing

The T-shirts and the small images at the bottom right in the screenshot have different colors and variant sizes.
The existence of products in different sizes, colors, quality, and performance is known as product variation.
When products such as the above are uploaded to eBay, they are referred to as eBay variation listing.

How to Upload eBay Variations Listing With KalDrop

You need AliExpress eBay dropshipping software with all the necessary features to upload items from AliExpress to eBay together and all the variants without much hustle.
Not every auto dropshipping software has the variation feature to create an eBay variation listing.
The majority of them concentrate on researching the hot dropshipping products, which is one of the highly contested sections of the dropshipping process.

But with KalDrop, you can upload product variations and also their specifics and descriptions.
KalDrop is a renowned dropshipping solution when dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay.
It protects your store against eBay flagging, prevents dropshippers from uploading VeRo items, and improves organic search by uploading items specifics.
This is how to upload eBay variations listing with KalDrop:

eBay variation listing

Here is an illustration of how to upload product variations to an existing eBay listing.

Step 1: Identify the products to add variations

Open your eBay store and go through the listings to identify the specific items to be added to variations.
For faster uploading of the eBay variation listings, copy the product’s link addresses to an excel sheet assuming all items were sourced from AliExpress.

Step 2: Open your KalDrop chrome extension

If you haven’t installed the KalDrop chrome extension, start by downloading and installing it on your device.
The entire process should take a few minutes, after which double tap on the icon to launch.

Step 3: Open AliExpress website

At this stage, KalDrop should be open to starting editing and uploading the variations in bulk. Use the link addresses to quickly access your listed items on AliExpress.

Step 4: Add variations to eBay listing

Tap the KalDrop icon on the top right and click on the “Edit Products” button.
This will open the product variations on AliExpress.
Select by clicking the variants to upload and use the popup dialogue to choose the color shades of the items’ variants.

eBay variation listing

Step 5: Upload the variations in bulk

To upload your eBay variation listings, click on the “Import product to the bulk list “icon in the middle, and you are now ready to make more profits.

How to Remove Variations on eBay Listing

Just to note, the moment you’ve sold any item with a variation listing, you can’t remove that variation unless you delete the listing.
Removing your variation listing is simple, as no AliExpress eBay dropshipping software is needed.

Firstly, go to your eBay integrations page and tap on the “INTEGRATIONS” tab at the top part of the page to open the three-option popup menu.
The first option on the popup menu is “Channel Integration.”
Click on it and scroll down to the “Common Integration Settings.”
At the bottom is the “Variations enable” checkbox.
Uncheck on the check box to disable variation listing and then save integrations.

Benefits of Adding Variations Listing on your eBay Store

There are many benefits of adding items variations to eBay listing, and they include:
• Low listing and photo insertion costs – When listing items on eBay, you incur an insertion fee, which increases your overall costs.
By adding many item variations, you only pay an insertion fee for one item, which lowers the overall insertion fee.

• Broad market segment – Uploading eBay variations listing increases the categories of buyers to visit your store.
On a positive note, the variations widen your market segment and thus increase buyers.
• Increased sales – Widening your market segment through adding eBay variation listings increases sales as each product variant sells as a stand-alone listing.

• Increased exposure – After you learn how to copy pictures from AliExpress, you should copy as many as possible.
By adding listing variations, you magnify the store’s presence.
Images attract attention, so are the color images of the variations.

• Takes less time to lists more items – With a powerful chrome lister, you can upload items together with their variations in one tap.
This saves time as more items are published at once, considering each variant is an item.


To widen the market segment and increase sales when selling on eBay, add eBay variation listings to your existing listing.
When uploading listings with an AliExpress to eBay lister to your store, upload together with the listing variants to save time and reduce costs.
To actualize all this, you must have AliExpress to eBay dropshipping tool with a variation and bulk listing feature.

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