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Manage your products

Easy product management is a priority in eBay dropshipping because if there is no proper management of your products, you will lose touch with customers.
And when you lose touch with customers, you lose money.
As a result, product management is essential.
And not just product management, but easy product management.

If you just started dropshipping, sooner or later you will start handling a large volume of products.
And for large product volume, you will need an easy product management structure to ensure your inventory is intact and up to date.
Product management encompasses a lot of aspects.

From when you source the product from your favorite supplier (either from DHgate, AliExpress, Cocos fashion e.t.c) up to when you send the product to your customer, some form of product management is required.
There are reports where customers end up with the wrong products or they order from dropshipper stores and realize that the product is out of stock.
This is a result of bad product management.

When this happens, the customer will be reluctant to buy from you because they might feel you are incompetent and incapable of handling their orders.
They will not be able to trust you to co through for them when they desperately need you to. 
If you do not want to be in this situation, effective, easy product management is of the utmost importance.

Good product management equals good sales

Product management is an important factor of any business-to-customer or customer-to-customer business such as dropshipping on eBay.
It is the very core of your business and must be as effective and efficient as possible.
For the simple fact that a poor product management strategy or structure can reduce your profitability.
Good product management of your inventory increases visibility too.

By tweaking certain aspects of your product description (such as the title), using the right tools,  you can force eBay’s algorithm to rank your products high in searches.
As a result, when people search for a product in the same category of products you have, your own product will be among the first.

Speaking of the algorithm, eBay will rank dropshipper stores with the most positive customer experience and feedback, and efficient product management will give you those feedbacks.
If a customer wants to buy a product you list, and it is already out of stock, or probably there had been a change in the price and you did not update the product’s pricing, it might lead to some unfriendly clash with the customer.

An easy product management structure would mitigate those events and prevent things like that from happening.
So you never have issues with your customers.
And happy customers translate to greater positive feedbacks and higher ranking and visibility.

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Best User experience

KalDrop’s easy product management feature gives you the best user experience.

As stated earlier, product management encompasses all the processes and procedures your product passes through from the point of inception (which is from your supplier), to the endpoint (which is your buyer).

KalDrop manages the logistics of each and every one of these processes for you in split seconds and in one click.
We have made product management extremely easy and straightforward.

You can easily list your products from you supplier to your eBay account, you can easily update prices of any of your listed products, replace products that are out of stock, and so on.

Our automated system keeps you up to date with the product pricing and inventory on the supplier platform so you never have to list out-of-stock products.

In addition, there are other features that are included to provide you the best all-around user experience.
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