5 Best Free Dropshipping Suppliers In The USA – Ultimate Guide On How to Choose

Dropshipping suppliers USA
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Dropshipping suppliers in the USA have greatly influenced the increase in cross-border trade witnessed today.
With the dropshipping business expected to register a CAGR of 28.8% by 2025, with N. America taking the lead, the majority of the online sellers will most likely shift to dropshipping.
And now the search for the best free dropshipping supplier in the USA will grow exponentially worldwide in the coming years, begging the question, are there enough dropshipper suppliers to meet the demand?

After creating an online store on eBay, AliExpress, Dhgate, or any other site, most of the dropshipping activities are undertaken by the dropshipping supplier.
Again, what criteria would you use to know the capacity and capabilities of the supplier?
With so many dropshipping suppliers purporting to offer the best services, how many can handle their tasks professionally, efficiently, and help grow your business?

Surprisingly, the numbers of wholesale dropshipping suppliers in the USA are growing rapidly, but finding one to dropship all your orders may be a challenge given that the majority are specializing in one niche.

What to Look for In Dropshipping Suppliers In The USA

Before selecting the best dropshipping suppliers in the USA, there are important factors you should take into consideration.
Whereas AliExpress deals with every product category, CJ Dropshipping will supply high-ticket items, and J GOODIN INC. will deliver the best jewelry.
And while Spocket pricing plan ranges from $24 to $99 per month and integrates with a limited number of e-commerce platforms, it will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $49.00 per month to link with Sunrise Wholesale.

The quality of service is more important than pricing and so let’s discuss what matters most.

i. Reliability

If dropshipping from eBay or Amazon, you only need a dropshipping lister to upload items from your selected dropshipping suppliers in the USA.
From order processing to delivering the customer’s order, you need a reliable dropshipper.

ii. Product Variety

Before settling on any specific niche, it’s good you first search the available dropshipping suppliers with the items in the product categories.
If you specialize in the clothing category, choosing clothing dropshipping suppliers in the USA is better than choosing a general supplier.
But if you generally sell the recommended trending dropshipping items, a general US dropshipping supplier would serve you better.

iii. Pricing Plan And Additional Fees

Suppose your online store is hosted by a platform characterized by seller fees like eBay?
Choosing free dropshipping suppliers in the USA for eBay would help keep the operating costs low, thus maximizing profits.
Or a supplier with an annual standing fee is slightly better than suppliers with a monthly pricing plan and limited listings.

iv. Shipping Methods And Delivery Period

There are instances where fast shipping is required, or the items are needed with 2-4 days.
And before choosing dropshipping suppliers in the USA, you need to ask some questions first.
Does the dropshipping supplier have warehouses near your customers to offer fast delivery or FedEx First Overnight shipping method is an option?

Best List Of US Dropshipping Suppliers

The list of dropshipping suppliers in the USA in our research is long, but in this article, we will highlight the best 5 free suppliers to take your online business to the next level.

1. AliExpress

dropshipping suppliers in the USA

AliExpress features second in our list due to its wide variety of product categories and reliability.
With this dropshipping supplier, you can upload items as many as your selling limits permit.
Besides customer support, AliExpress also offers buyer protection, multiple payment options, and plenty of dropshipping tools.

2. National Dropshippers

dropshipping suppliers in the USA

With a wide variety of dropshipping items, friendly service, and 24/7 customer care support, National Dropshippers is worth being on this list.
After linking your store, you’ll get high-quality dropshipping products at wholesale pricing and order tracking.
As a one-stop-shop, you can use National Dropshippers Web Stores templates to create an online store, upload items, and enjoy their dropshipping services.

3. Wholesale Fashion Square

dropshipping suppliers in the USA

Among the most reliable clothing dropshipping suppliers in the USA is Wholesale Fashion Square, and it’s not due to its super deals, but the quality of jewelry and clothing is amazing.
WFS offers promotions throughout the year, giving the sellers a chance to make huge profits.
Other than faster shipping modes, you’ll benefit from multiple payment methods, quick response to customer enquirers, and a wide variety of accessories and clothing designs.

4. SaleHoo

dropshipping suppliers in the USA

If you sell items from eBay, SaleHoo is one of the best dropshipping suppliers for eBay due to its long-term partnership, dating back to 2006.
Besides dropshipping, they have a directory on wholesale suppliers.
The most striking feature is the lifetime subscription plan, which is even less compared to the monthly pricing of some dropshipping platforms.
But what will send money to your back are the handpicked trending products and how it integrates with dropshipping tools like KalDrop.

5. CJ Dropshipping

dropshipping suppliers in the USA

Trusted by over 20,000 users, CJ Dropshipping has the features to make you generate the profits you want.
With no monthly fee required, zero setup fee, and zero minimum order quantity, your operating costs will be low.
Among the amazing feature in this free account, the dropshipping supplier is the automation of orders.

Despite having global warehouses in over five states in different continents, once you connect your uploaded listings to the CJ App, customer orders will be generated automatically to CJ.
The good thing with CJ is the integration of its platform with eBay dropshipping listers.

Since CJ has no minimum order requirement and uploading orders is automatic, you should import as many items as you can.
So, how do you import items from CJ?

How To Import Items From CJ Dropshipping Using KalDrop

dropshipping suppliers in the USA

Start by signing up for free and then install the KalDrop extension to your desktop or laptop.
After installing, click the icon to launch.

Now open CJ Dropshipping and make a list of the items to be imported to your eBay store.
O the KalDrop left menu, click on the “Bulk” menu to import the selected items.

Once you’ve imported, click on the “Settings” menu, set your listing template, the item variants to import, and adjust your selling price.
Lastly, click the icon to the right and tap the upload button and the listing to be ready to sell.


Finding dropshipping suppliers in the USA is not hard, but selecting the best and most reliable for your dropshipping business is the hardest thing to do.
Dropshipping from the USA or any other country is a lucrative business.
Only if you know how to research the best-selling items and get good partners- a dropshipping supplier and good dropshipping software.

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