Dropshipping on eBay – All You Need To Know About eBay Dropshipping In 2021

dropshipping on eBay
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Dropshipping on eBay has evolved from being the lightweight e-commerce buying and selling in the past to the heavy-duty entrepreneurial career path, raking in millions of dollars for dropshippers across the globe.
This begs that question – what dropshipping on eBay all about?

If you are thinking of getting into eBay dropshipping, you might want to know the answer to this question because it is only logical you understand the technical know-how of the subject matter.
Not just the technicalities and the fundamentals but also the peripherals that can help you become optimally successful without too much frustration and unnecessary hard work.
Don’t get us wrong. Hard work is essential in just about anything.
But there are some times it is better to work smart than work hard.
And certain tricks, tips, and tools will help reduce your workload and maximize your profit.

All this being said, let’s get to the crux of today’s topic – Dropshipping on eBay.

What Is eBay Dropshipping?

Dropshipping on eBay follows a very simple business model that has been around since probably the inception of time.
You buy at a cheaper price and sell at a higher price. The margin is your profit.
It is not exactly that simple, though.
How you would handle the buying and selling affairs of a physical supermarket is quite different from that of a virtual one.
Dropshipping on eBay is more-or-less like a conventional supermarket with a few complexities.
For example, in dropshipping, you do not own any inventory, which is in contrast to how a normal supermarket runs.

The eBay Dropshipping Model – How It Works

dropshipping on eBay

Dropshipping on eBay comprises three parties – the supplier, the dropshipper, and the buyer.
The supplier is where you source the products, the buyer is the one that purchases the product, and you, of course, are the dropshipper.

How it works is simple.
You first set up an eBay seller account where you list a bunch of items, thereby promoting them to potential buyers on eBay.
If an individual sees your listings and decides to buy from you, your job will be to find a way to get that item across to the buyer.
Now, remember we said in dropshipping you possess no inventory.
Your suppliers are the ones housing the products.
After a buyer indicates their interest in your product, you will have to connect your supplier to deliver the product to your buyer wherever they are across the globe.

Looking at this model, you would see that the success of dropshipping on eBay depends on two parts – your supplier and your buyer.
Now let’s break it down one by one.

For your supplier, you need to pick out the best of the best in the business because you do now want to be in a situation where there would be a hiccup in the transaction processes as a result of the incompetence of your supplier.
Your supplier is the backbone of your dropshipping venture.
Hence, the need to pick a reliable one from a trusted platform cannot be overemphasized.
If anything goes wrong with your buyer’s order, you will pay dearly for it in the form of bad reviews.
And bad reviews can affect your rating on eBay.

After picking the best supplier, next, you need to target the buyer’s end.
What is the one thing the buyer interacts with the most? Your listings!
As such, it is quite logical to ensure your listings, first of all, appear in front of the potential buyers and look professional when they do.
You need tools for this.

Now that you know the technicalities involved in dropshipping on eBay, next is to talk about the peripherals.

Suppliers For Dropshipping On eBay

As we have mentioned, you need the best dropshipping suppliers to be successful on eBay dropshipping.
And these suppliers have to come from trusted platforms.
Below is a list of the best platforms for sourcing products for your eBay dropshipping.

1) AliExpress

Dropshipping on eBay


It is a no-brainer that AliExpress makes the cut under this topic.
It is the go-to online platform for sourcing products for eBay dropshipping.
AliExpress has an extensive category of products and a large supplier network.
No matter the products you are looking for, it is most likely on AliExpress.
AliExpress is trusted, tested, and reliable.

2) CJ Dropshipping

Dropshipping on eBay

The next on our list is CJ dropshipping.
Not a lot of people are familiar with CJ dropshipping, but it is also a good platform to source products.
In addition, CJ integrates other features like order processing and shipping fulfillment.
Making it an all-around cool dropshipping product sourcing platform.

3) Banggood

Dropshipping on eBay


Our third pick is Banggood.
Banggood is another top online platform you can meet reliable suppliers for your dropshipping on eBay.
Banggood is mostly known for its fashion items and incredible affordability.
They also offer other item categories like jewelry, furniture, appliance, e.t.c.

Tools For Dropshipping On eBay

Sequel to understanding dropshipping basics and getting a supplier, you also need some tools to improve your dropshipping experience.

1) Non API Lister – KalDrop

Dropshipping on eBay

A Non API lister is an eBay product listing that automates your dropshipping process.
Activities lie listing, bulk listing, managing listings, e.t.c, are all automated fr you with one single click of a button.
And KalDrop is the best one on the market.
KalDrop was created by dropshippers for dropshippers.
Being a Non API software, there is n way you will get flagged while using this eBay lister.
With KalDrop.you can easily list any number of items in seconds without worrying about getting flagged.

2) Title Optimization Tool – Fire Title Builder

Dropshipping on eBay

This tool does a very important job.
And that is to put your items right in front of those willing to buy them.
It is suggested that your eBay title does not exceed 80 characters.
because eBay’s algorithm (Cassini) will only read the first 80 characters of your item’s title.
Besides, having more than 80 characters can make your listings look messy and unprofessional.
As a result, you need to be able to fit optimized strings of keywords into your item’s title to get the optimum visibility by prying customers on eBay.
The Fire title builder helps you achieve just that.

Fire title builder suggests keywords for item title depending on the type of product.
Thereby increasing your visibility and improving your profitability.

Final Words

Dropshipping on eBay has become an entrepreneurial venture.
And just like most businesses in this sphere, you need the necessary skills to be successful.
It’s no different with dropshipping on eBay.
We have brought to you not just the fundamental skills of eBay dropshipping but the necessary tools to increase your chances of success.
Happy dropshipping, and stay winning!

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