Zik Analytics – The Best Dropshipping Product Tool

Zik Analytics - The Best Dropshipping Product Tool
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Are you looking for that secret weapon that will help you record astronomical success in your eBay dropshipping business?
If yes, you will definitely want to consider getting Zik analytics.
Before we get into all the numerous benefits you stand to get by using Zik analytics, you should know why it is important you get it right?
Well, the reason is simple, and it is hinged on just one word – Product.

The selling point of any business is its deliverables, and if you can work and improve on that, success is just around the corner.
This same simple business principle can be transferred unto dropshipping, only here, the deliverable is the products you list on eBay.
These products are your selling points as a dropshipper, and they are the sole determiner of how well you will fair in eBay dropshipping.
So it makes sense to really hone in on getting the best ones to show to your customers on eBay.
And that’s where this secret weapon comes in – Zik analytics.

What is Zik Analytics?

Zik analytics

Zik analytics is a dropshipping tool that was created in 2016 to make you successful on eBay.
And how they do this is that they focus on your deliverables, which are the products you list on eBay.
It is best to have a tool like Zik analytics, among others such as KalDrop.
The former – Zik analytics – helps you with the necessary market research to find the best products that will bring in the greens, the latter – KalDrop – helps you list these products in a very easy and organized manner.

Zik analytics does not just offer accurate product research services; it also has other benefits to using the tool, which we will discuss in great detail in the remainder of this article.
A combination of these features and benefits will definitely make your dropshipping experience a lot better.

What does Zik Analytics offer?

Zik analytics offers 6 products to their subscribers and customers:

  1. eBay Market Research
  2. AliExpress Market Research
  3. Zik Pro Tools
  4. Wholesale Supplier Database
  5. eBay Title Builder
  6. Zik Funnel

Each of these products has its own specific benefit you get from it, and they all work in unison to improve your dropshipping.

1) eBay Market Research

The key to getting successful in a buying and selling business model is to find a hot product that sells and placing that product in front of hungry customers in dire need of that product.
You cannot possibly do this without authentic and accurate product research.
And this tool helps you do just that by finding millions of hot selling products on eBay.

With this tool, you can get the sales data of any item you want to sell to see which of them have the potential to sell big.
You can then save any of these products and import them to an authentic listing software like KalDrop.
With this tool, you can also scan your competitors that are successful to have an idea of winning products they have sold to give them that success.
It is a quick way to see the best selling items you can easily dropship without much research.

In addition to getting hot selling items, this tool also provides the best keywords for those products to make them rank high on eBay search queries.

2) AliExpress Market Research

Another product offered is an in-depth AliExpress market research.
If you are really into dropshipping, you’d know that AliExpress is like the go-to online marketplace to source products from, as that is common practice amongst dropshippers, both new and old.
To stay ahead in this competitive space, you need an edge.
And Zik analytics gives you that edge.

You can quickly analyze AliExpress products in a flash and confidently list them, using the best AliExpress listing tool on your eBay seller account.
In no time, your account will be buzzing with order notifications.

3) Zik Pro Tools

The Zik pro tools are add-ons that make it even easier for you to find the best-selling products on eBay.
With these tools, you can quickly scan sellers on eBay and list what they are selling from any e-commerce site, including Amazon and Walmart.
It also gives you access to 500 of the best selling products on eBay, which is updated every 2 days.

A positive to having Zik pro tools is that it integrates seamlessly with the best listing and monitoring software like KalDrop.
So after getting the products you want to list, you can easily transfer them from Zik to your eBay seller account through this listing software without any glitch or trouble.

4) Wholesale Supplier Database

If you are a dropshipper who does not like to waste time or indulge in dropshipping in bulk, this tool is the best fit.
Zik analytics provides an extensive database of wholesalers selling the products you want to dropship at good wholesale prices.
You can access private suppliers and even get a wholesale supplier agreement, making you a long-term customer.
Making it much easier to quickly get trendy products for good prices to list on eBay.

5) eBay Title Builder

Even after getting the right products, you need to optimize the title with some keywords to rank high in search queries on eBay.
You want your products to be appearing on the first page of the search query because everybody on the internet nowadays wants immediate gratification.
They instinctively go for the option that addresses their concern without bothering to do extensive research into other options on the second page and below.
That is why being on the first page is a priority, and this feature helps you do just that.

The eBay title builder helps generate generic and long-tail optimized keywords for any of the products you wish to list so you can always rank higher than your competitors.

6) Zik Funnel

Zik funnel is a more professional and corporate way of dropshipping.
It is suitable for people that wish to create a brand and a trusted dropshipping company in the long run.

It follows just three steps:
First, you create your sales funnel by designing a landing page for a product you choose to list on eBay.
The second is to bring buyers to your landing page through ads on social media platforms.
Lastly, play your part by coming through on your end of the deal, which ensures you accurately process their orders and get their products delivered to them from your supplier – the normal dropshipping modus operandi.

This tool helps you customize every one of these three processes to your liking.


Getting Zik Analytics

You can get all of those features into a single package on Zik analytics.
You can either get the starter pack.

Zik analytics

Or the Standard pack

Zik analytics

Or the Enterprise pack

Zik analytics

As you can see, each has its own features, and you can choose to go for my one that best suits your dropshipping style.
You also get to try this out for 7 days free before you commit.
So you can have a feel of what you stand to gain when you decide to go all in.


Zik Analytics offers a much better approach to dropshipping by focusing on the products you sell, thereby maximizing your business profit.
It is the ultimate dropshipping product tool that caters to all the necessary aspects of a profit-making product.
Getting a subscription package to Zik analytics will make your dropshipping experience a lot better.
Click here to join Zik!

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