DHgate Dropshipping – Why You Must Try One Of The Best Platforms As A Supplier

dhgate dropshipping
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So, DHgate dropshipping – what is it all about?
This question is a very broad one that cuts across a lot of subject matter concerning DHgate dropshipping, all of which we will address in this article.
It is important to first know what DHgate is, hence the preceding section.

What Is DHgate?

DHgate is a Chinese e-commerce website that hosts suppliers willing to sell their products to end-user customers or retailers that want to resell their products to other end-user customers.
It is a place you go to meet sellers to buy products from them for either personal use or to fulfill your orders.

Now, a little bit of history.
DHgate was founded in 2004 and was officially launched into the market the following year – 2005.
The initial goal at the time was to connect china with foreign SMEs.
As a matter of fact, the name DHgate symbolizes this goal as the “DH” in DHgate stands for Dunhuang, which was a strategic point of trade along the Silk Road in ancient China.
This has been the sole purpose of DHgate, and they have been doing that perfectly up till now.
Later on, DHgate started incorporating sellers from Vietnam and Turkey.

Their peculiar model has seen them amass a population of 31 million registered buyers and 2 million sellers as of 2020.
A population spanning over 200 countries and regions.
DHgate sells numerous products, including a range of apparel, electronics, health, and beauty items, among many others.
It is considered the largest digital platform in China that focuses exclusively on B2B transactions and is available in 8 languages, including Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, and French.
It is an amazing place to source products as a dropshipper.
In fact, DHgate dropshipping is a profitable endeavor if you know what you are doing and you are using the right tools.

The next question on your mind right now is probably how DHgate works.
And this brings us to the next section.

DHgate Dropshipping – How does it Work?

So what is DHgate dropshipping?
How does one go about dropshipping from DHgate?
It is very simple.
Selling DHgate items on eBay is as simple as 1-2-3.

Dropshipping simply involves sourcing products from an external e-commerce marketplace and sourcing on another such as eBay.
DHgate dropshipping follows the same definition.
Just that the third-party e-commerce marketplace, in this case, is none other than DHgate.
DHgate dropshipping involves you going over to DHgate to browse an extensive category of products and choosing a trusted supplier to ship products from its point of manufacture to its destination point – which is to your eBay customers.

When you purchase a product from a seller, DHgate handles the transaction, and you will be sent a notification when your order has been received.
You will also receive a notification when it has been shipped.
After payment, you will be in direct contact with the seller rather than with DHgate.
Unless DHgate has to come in and mediate a complaint.
It is that simple.

Is DHgate Safe To Use?

Before anyone gets into anything, they will want to know if it is safe or legit, especially as it is online.
And DHgate dropshipping is no different.
There seem to be a lot of dropshippers asking the question of if DHgate is safe or not.
The short and simple answer to this question is Yes, and for many reasons.

DHgate dropshipping

First, DHgate sellers go through an extensive registration process backed up by strict user agreement policies.
In this policy, it is stated that DHgate will not pay the seller unless the customer (you) approve the product to be acceptable and without fault upon delivery.
Also, if the seller defaults on their end, you are free to invite DHgate to mediate the process for a way forward.
This alone naturally keeps sellers on their toes to always come through on their promises.

DHgate dropshipping

This is not all.
DHgate sellers need to go through a registration process that involves providing their personal details and any other additional information required for the registration process.
Not just anybody is accepted as a seller on DHgate.
They must pass through a verification process and are approved, by virtue of their correct information submitted, before they can sell on DHgate.

DHgate dropshipping

DHgate dropshipping

And there is even an in-house safety measure put in place by DHgate for you to be sure of the customer to approach.
And this is in the form of reviews.
Even when sellers pass the strict verification process, they still have to be professional and top-class for every product they sell.
If they are not, other customers will naturally give them a bad review, which you can see.
That way, you will be able to pick the best amongst them with a better review rating.
So as far as DHgate dropshipping is concerned, it is totally safe with all these measures in place.
DHgate is safe and a good place to source products for your dropshipping business.

Why Use DHgate?

If you are going into DHgate dropshipping, you will naturally want to know why you should choose DHgate amongst the other e-commerce marketplaces out there.
And we have curated some of the reasons and benefits you get from shopping on DHgate.

  1. Low Prices – The prices of products on DHgate are very low compared to most other online market places. Also, DHgate is fond of giving coupons to even lower the prices on these products.
    dhgate dropshipping dhgate dropshipping
  2. The range on DHgate is unparalleled. With over 12 million products listed on the site, you have a large catalog of products you can browse through and choose from.
  3. It’s customer support. Their customer support is top-notch, and even better is the DHgate live chat.
    With this feature, you can chat with their 24/7 customer care representative and get immediate responses to any of your questions.
  4. Reliability. You can be sure that the products you are getting on DHgate are quality because, as stated earlier, DHgate will not pay the seller if the buyer is not content with the product; hence the seller will always want to deliver on their word.
  5. Many sellers on DHgate offer free shipping, thereby cutting your overall cost even lower.
  6. Mediation. In case the seller does not deliver on their promise, and you reach out to them, and they do not respond positively, you can reach out to DHgate to mediate the process, that is, step in.
    DHgate will investigate the process and settle in the fairest way possible.
    This usually involves them paying a refund to you.

Important Information You Need To Know About DHgate

As a seller, it is pertinent you know what you want to dabble into as it will affect your business in the long run.
There are some metrics and statistics you need to have at your fingertips before you get started with DHgate dropshipping.

The DHgate Market

One good thing about DHgate dropshipping is the large market the site presents.
DHgate is home to over 1.4 million sellers who sell items in over 13 categories and tens of subcategories.
Categories such as electronics, health & beauty, clothing, accessories, e.t.c, are all found on DHgate.
These items are cheap, but quality.
Giving dropshippers the opportunity to buy really low and sell at reasonable prices and still make significant profits.
Little wonder there is a high record of success in DHgate dropshipping.

Shipping Protocol

Most times, DHgate offers free shipping on a lot of their items.
This is part of their policy to make shopping with them extremely affordable and hitch-free.
But there are times where DHgate will require you to use the services of a third-party courier service for your shipping.
When this is the case, you can employ the services of courier services like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and so on.

Ensure you choose a reliable courier service that will deliver your items to your customers in good condition.
And will also have policies that address instances when the item does not arrive at the customer’s doorstep in good condition.
This is usually the problem with DHgate dropshipping and any form of dropshipping really.
The supplier might deliver the product in good condition to the courier service bit during transit there might be problems.
Or maybe the supplier even supplier a defunct item (which rarely ever happens on DHgate anyway).
When this happens you need to know who to hold responsible – either the supplier or the courier service.

Payment Methods

DHgate is quite flexible on the payment method users can use on their platform.
You can use your credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or other payment platforms like DHpay, Skrill, and Paypal.
Whatever payment method you choose to use, your information is completely safe with DHgate.


DHgate is an amazing e-commerce marketplace with lots of benefits to enjoy when you start using them.
Also, DHgate dropshipping is a very profitable venture if you know what you are doing.
To really enjoy DHgate dropshipping’s success, all you need do is know the basics of how to dropship using DHgate and list the best selling items on DHgate on your eBay store.

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