Why CJDropshipping Is The Best Supplier In 2021

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Why is CJdropshipping the best supplier?
A simple question with a simple answer.
But to get to the full understanding of that answer demands a thorough look into the world of dropshipping suppliers.
By doing so, you will fully appreciate this online marketplace known simply as CJdropshipping.

Dropshipping suppliers are essentially the backbone of any dropshipping business.
They have close proximity with your customers and any issues from them will be reflected directly on you as a dropshipper.
This comes in the form of refund requests, bad reviews, and so on.
And trust us when we say you do not want to be at the receiving end of that.
A single bad review can affect your sales.
Because reviews are like adverts; a bad ad will send customers away, and a good one will bring more and more of them with their hands in their pockets willing to pay.
As a consequence, you need to have a good supplier that will always come through on every transaction.

That being said, we introduce CJdropshipping.
A 13-day reliable shipping time almost worldwide, product costs that are way lower than in most online marketplaces, product fulfillment for as many dropshipping accounts you have all integrated into one platform for easy management, warehouses in major regions including the United States and Germany, e.t.c.
These are some of the benefits of using CJdropshipping.
But, let’s start from the top… what is CJdrophipping?

What is CJdropshipping?


CJdropshipping, also casually referred to as CJ, is a Chinese online marketplace where individuals can get products at incredibly cheap prices and bank on reliable services to deliver the product in good condition and on time.
It was founded in 2000 and has since been the online store for thousands of individuals and dropshippers alike.

CJdropshipping is an amazing site and is highly spoken of among dropshippers.
This is as a result of their impeccable reputation as the website that essentially makes like easy for dropshippers.
It features services like product sourcing, shipping services, order processing, customized packing, product branding, and more.
It is a website that essentially does it all and gives other product sourcing sites a run for their money.


In addition, CJdropshipping offers warehousing services across 29 countries including the United States and major European countries like Germany.
They also offer photo and video taking, an affiliate program, and API Support.
The good thing about CJdropshipping is that you get all these services for free.
No added sign-up fees or membership charges…all free.

CJdropshipping has over 10 categories of products including health, clothing, furniture, and several subcategories under each one.
This range of product selection gives you the flexibility to dropship any product of your choice.
It is a top-grade website with additional perks and services that makes your dropshipping a lot easier.

One thing we really appreciate is the warehousing service they offer.
It improves the shopping experience of your buyers and places less stress on you.
Take for example a buyer who wants to get a yoga mat in the United States.

Normally, if you use other dropshipping websites, this product might be available in China and due to shipping and the distance, it can take some time before it gets to the buyer.
But with CJdropshipping, this can all be averted, and the buyer can get their items in a few days…maybe 5 days max.
Their warehouse service is packed with a range of products and is readily available for shipping upon request.
However, if the item is not available in local warehouses, the item will have to be shipped from the manufacturer in China.
Even with that, their shipping time is bearable.

This and several other of their services they offer ( which we are going to talk about at great length in the next section) is what makes CJdropshipping stand out as the one-stop shop for dropshippers.

 CJdropshipping Services

CJdropshipping offers a list of interesting services to users of their platform and we are going to go into each of these services.
Below are these services.

CJdropshipping Inventory

Whatever it is you are looking to dropship, there is a huge chance it is on CJdropshipping.
They have over 400,000 items across a total of 13 product categories and a supplier base covering a quarter of the global market.

Below is the list of product categories on CJdropshipping.

  • Computer and office
  • Bags and shoes
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Health, beauty, and hair
  • Women’s clothing
  • Men’s clothing
  • Toys, kids, and baby
  • Sports and outdoors
  • Home, garden, and furniture
  • Automobiles and motorcycles
  • Consumer electronics
  • Phones and accessories

The cool thing about CJdropshipping is that it has a customization service on its products.
This means that you can personalize the item for your buyers…isn’t that cool?
Not only is it cool, but it is also a powerful marketing strategy.
People love personalization because the item they are buying appeals perfectly to their taste.
If you offer this option in the product description on your eBay store, you will most likely be the dropshipper that buyers will contact.

A Personal Customer Service Agent

A perk of working with CJdropshipping is that they give you your own personal service agent.
CJdropshipping understands that as a dropshipper new to their platform, you might have some questions, which is reasonable.
I mean not everyone will get the hang of the website right away.
So this personal service agent is there to assist you when you have issues navigating through the platform.

To get in touch with the personal customer service agent, tap the orange button at the bottom left corner of the website and you are free to ask just about any question you want.

Quality Control

CJdropshipping also offers quality control services to ensure there are minimal issues with your items.
They make sure every item that ships from their warehouse are thoroughly inspected for defects and other issues regarding the quality and wholesome state of the item.
All this is done with no added cost.
It is a benefit you get from using their platform.

Professionalism and Customization

One area CJdropshipping beats other e-commerce marketplaces is in terms f customization.
As a professional dropshipper, you will want to push and subtly advertise your brand to buyers.
One way to do that is branding such as customizing the packaging of the bought items before they are shipped.
CJdropshipping gives you the opportunity to do just this.
For a little fee, you can design the look of your packaging.

CJ assigns an agent to you that handles the customization of your store.
All you need to do is to hand them your brand logo and the SKU numbers of the items and they will customize all the packages of your items before they ship out.


CJdropshipping integrates perfectly with a number of e-commerce retail sites such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopee, and eBay.
It works seamlessly with your favorite eBay dropshipping tools as well.
Take for example an eBay lister like KalDrop.
KalDrop is a Non API software that allows you to list items in split seconds.
This software, and many other dropshipping software you might want to integrate into your dropshipping store, work seamlessly with CJdropshipping.


The interesting thing about this website is that not only does it offer services that improve your dropshipping, it also helps you manage your store.
They handle your order fulfillment and shipping so you do not have to worry about these things.
Just as there is flexibility in your branding, there is also flexibility in shipping.
When a buyer gets quite a number of items, you can ask CJ to bundle these up and send them as a whole to the buyer.
Irrespective of where each product is coming from.

Custom Video and Advertising

One secret about dropshipping these days is that buyers want a short summary of the item, but the problem is they do not actually have the patience to read through your description. They prefer a short video nowadays that will essentially tell them what the product is and simultaneously show them the item in a 360 realistic view so they can know exactly what they are buying.
CJdropshipping offers the opportunity to download and use high-definition videos for your dropshipping store.
This will gear potential buyers to do business with you.

Product Sourcing

Now CJdropshipping might not have millions of products.
That is because they carefully select trendy products at a given time for you to dropship and make sales ASAP.
But if there is a product you see in another online marketplace like AliExpres for example, you can ask CJ to source this product for you.
Good thing is that they will still sell the item at wholesale price.

How Does CJdropshipping Work?

The next thing is to know how to work with CJdropshipping.
Well, it follows just five steps.

  1. Product request: The first step is for you to either list a product from their website or you ask CJ to source the item from a third-party website like AliExpress.
  2. Warehousing: CJ stocks the items for you so you don’t need to keep an inventory of any product just like you would in dropshipping.
    Your items are stored in any of  CJ’s international warehouses depending on the location the item is manufactured or the destination of the item. Items overseas can be purchased in advance by dropshippers, which will dramatically shorten the shipping time.
  3. Quality control Inspections: Before the items are shipped from their warehouse, CJ makes sure to do an inspection of the product. This is in a bid to ensure that all items pass their inspection quota and are in good condition before shipping.
  4. Order fulfillment: Next is order fulfillment.
    CJdropshipping integrates with e-commerce retail markets like eBay so you can monitor your item.
  5. Shipping: The last step is shipping
    CJ ships directly to the doorstep of your buyers and even offer same-day shipping if you will.
    This is as a result of the localized warehouses they have in different countries.
    If you use their CJ packet option for your shipping, the delivery time can be as fast as four days.

This is the schematic upon which CJdropshipping works.
But let us show you exactly how to place orders on CJdropshipping.

How To Use CJdropshipping as a Dropshipper

Once you get the hang of it, dropshipping using CJ is quite easy.
The very first thing you need to do before you even start is to create an account and log in with your username and password.

Once that is done you can then proceed to dropshipping items from the website.
Here is a rundown of the steps involved in fulfilling dropshipping orders with CJdropshipping.

1) Store Authorization

First, you want to connect your store to your CJ account. For example, if you use eBay, connect your eBay dropshipping store or seller account to your CJ account and it is quite easy to do.

  1. After logging on to your CJ account go to My CJ and click “Authorization”.
  2. Choose eBay in the left side navigation bar on display.
  3. Click the “Add store” button and input the name of your eBay store in the space provided.
  4. Follow the next steps that involve adding your eBay email username and password.
  5. Then click agree to complete the authorization.

After all this, you will be taken back to the CJdrpshipping homepage where the status of your authorization will be confirmed.

2) Product Sourcing

After the authorization process is completed, the next thing is to find the products you want to sell.
There are four different ways to hunt for products on CJdropshipping

  1. The first way is to search for products on the homepage of the website.
    There is a range of different products on their home page plus the 13 different product categories are listed on the left-hand side of the homepage.
    You can also select products from the “warehouse” option at the top navigation bar if you like
    These are all present on the homepage of the website.
  2. The second way is to search for the SKU or identification of the product on the search bar.
    SKU means stock keeping unit and it is a barcode that represents the item and all attributes associated with the item type that distinguish it from other item types.
    This is a form of inventory management and every item on CJ has an SKU number.
    If you get the SKU number from somewhere like say a recommendation or from your agent, you can simply search with this number on the search bar.
  3. The third way to search for products is via image.
    If you have an image of a product but do not exactly know the name, you can search for this product by simply clicking the camera icon to the left of the search bar and choosing the image from your computer.
    You might not know this but there is a tremendous benefit to this feature.
    It makes your dropshipping business the go-to brand for most buyers.
    The thing is, some people see an image of a product they like but do not know the name.
    So they look to dropshippers to help them. If you can offer this service for them you will be very much appreciated and they will keep coming back.
  4. The fourth way to hunt for products is when you source this product from a third-party website.
    If you do not find an item on CJ, it is recommended you use the product sourcing option.
    Go to “My CJ” and click on the second option – Sourcing – and you will be taken to the souring page and click on the button on the upper right corner of the page that says ” Post Sourcing Request”.
    Here you can then source the product via two ways – store existed product and individual product.

3) Product Listing and Connection

This activity, as the name implies, connects the product of your store with CJdropshipping so orders placed on your store will be synchronized with the CJ store.
It is a form of automation that improves your dropshipping experience.
When a buyer requests an item from your store, if a connection is in play, it will automatically alert the CJ system and they will handle the orders for you.

The question you might be asking right now is how then do you list a product from CJdropshipping.
You can do this in two ways.
First, you go manually.
When we say manually, we mean listing each of the products you want to sell directly from the website unto eBay one by one.
This involves you finding the product, choosing the store you have already connected to your CJ profile, select a category, choose variants, set prices, e.t.c.
Now you can do all this, but there is a better way to go about it.

Imagine if you can list all the products from CJdropshipping without stressing this much?
Some magic wand that can grab all the information of the item for you without you having to input all these details all by yourself?
Well, that magic wand is known as KalDrop.


KalDrop is a Non API software that automates your dropshipping activities like those mentioned above.
Once you download and integrate KalDrop to your eBay dropshipping store, you can list any amount of products in a short period of time.
KalDrop, like CJ, has a lot of features as well that improve your dropshipping experience.
For example, KaDrop’s VeRO protection shields you from any liability that comes with listing VeRO products.
Other features like unique templates, unlimited listings, variations support, bulk listing, e.t.c, are all contained in KalDrop.

If you are looking to list products from CJdropshiping, we advise you use KalDrop.
It is hassle-free and saves you a ton of time that can otherwise be spent on something more important like strategizing to grow your business.

Also, if you want CJ to fulfill orders in your store, you need to create a connection linking your store with CJdropshipping.
To do this, click on “My CJ” on the top navigation bar, and on the dashboard, click “connection” under “products”.
You will find a button on the top right corner of the page that says “Add Automatic Connection”.

Once you do that, find the product you want to connect on your store and find the same product on CJ.
Then click “sync” and viola.
CJ will synchronize with your store and handle all the fulfillment of that product’s order once there is a request for it.

4) Add to Cart

Once you follow the three processes up to this point, any order from your store will automatically be pulled into the CJ platform.
You can manage these orders if you want to from your CJ profile.
Just go to “My CJ” and under “Dropshipping center” you will see “Imported orders”.
Select any of the pending orders you want CJdropshipping to handle and add to the cart.
In the cart, select the orders, confirm them, and make the necessary payment.
CJdropshipping will then handle every other thing from there on out.

There are some times your orders may be invalid.
This could be a result of failed synchronization with your store and CJdropshipping.
You can check the details of the failed synchronization and correct them.

CJdropshipping Pros

CJ has proven to have several advantages and benefits in using the platform.
So what are these benefits?

  1. Reliable shipping: Using the best courier services across the globe, CJ ensures there is no hiccup in their shipping and delivery.
    They use courier services like USPS, Canada Post, and so on.
    They also have their own shipping method namely CJpacket which speeds up the delivery time of your item.
  2. Their free service is all-inclusive: From product sourcing to order fulfillment down to shipping, CJ has got you covered.
    You do not have to pay anything for the entire process.
    You only pay a little fee when you want an added service like customization.
  3. Flexibility: Speaking on customization, CJ gives you the option to customize your items in a bid to raise your brand awareness o as a subtle form of advertisement and professionalism.
  4. Quality Inspection: This, a stated earlier, is a thorough process where all items are vetted for defects before they are shipped out.
  5. Accessibility: You do not always have to always log in to your computer to use CJdropshipping.
    They have an app you can download from Playstore and dropship or fulfill orders.
    There is also a  chrome extension software of CJ making it easier and much more accessible to use.
  6. Good customer care support: With the fact that you are assigned your personal CJ agent makes their customer care support one o the best.
    You can ask your assigned agent any question you need clarification on.

CJdropshipping Cons

Seeing all the services CJdropshipping offers, one might wonder if it is too good to be true.
Well, they are good alright but not quite the eutopia of e-commerce websites.
They basically have two cons:

  1. Their website can be quite tricky to use especially for beginners.
    Also, some parts of the website are not written in native English and might be difficult to grasp.
  2. They have a limited amount of items for sale (about 400,000).
    This does not exactly look like a lot of items compared to other online retail marketplaces.

Even with these cons, there are ways and structures put in place to assist you and help you navigate your way through with minimal issues.
For example, if there is a piece of information that is foggy and you need clarification, you can ask your personal CJ agent.

CJdropshipping Policies

Just like every online platform, CJ has some policies that dictate its terms of operation.
These policies can be grouped into 3 different subcategories – payment, shipping, and refund.
We are going to discuss these policies extensively in the following paragraphs.

Payment Methods

CJdropshipping is a very user-friendly e-commerce website and is accepting of a number of payment methds.
This is to cater to several of their users all across the globe.
Below is a list of payment methods CJdropshipping accepts.

  • PayPal;
  • Payoneer;
  • WesternUnion;
  • Bank Wire Transfer (this payment method incurs extra fees of 10$ or 20$);
  • CJ wallet;
  • Credit/debit card;
  • Midtrans;
  • Payssion.

In addition to the conventional payment methods like PayPal, Payoneer, e.t.c, CJdropshipping developed their own payment method to make life easy for dropshippers.
This payment method is referred to as CJwallet.

CJwallet is an intelligent solution put forward by CJdropshipping due to the limitations encountered when using any of these payment methods.
For example, some of these payment methods are quite slow and experience some delays on some days. And when you are making a lot of orders in a day, some might experience a total halt.
To avoid all these, CJ decided to create the CJ wallet.
This payment method has benefits to it such as:

  1. It is more convenient and good for account security because you do not have to log in to your account every time you want to check out an order.
    It saves you a lot of time and stress.
  2. Instant transfer. With CJwallet, you get instant transfer which means no more waiting for bank processing, no delays in order fulfillment, and it makes it easier and earlier for your buyers to get their products.
  3. WCJdropshipping offers a promotion for using CJ Wallet currently: 0.5% bonus for amounts under $5000, 0.8% bonus for amounts under $10,000, 1% bonus for amounts under $50,000, and 2% bonus for $50,000 and more.
    So you get paid as you use their payment method.

You can also use a bank wire transfer if that is what you are convenient with but it comes with a cost between $10 to $20.
We strongly advise you use CJ wallet for your transactions on CJdropshipping.
It has lots of benefits with it.

Shipping Methods

CJdropshipping offers six shipping methods namely

  • DHL
  • USPS
  • Special Line
  • Jewel shipping
  • ePacket
  • CJPacket

DHL is an international courier service delivering to over 220 countries worldwide and it is supported by CJdropshipping.
USPS, know as the United States Postal Service is a delivery service peculiar to the United States. So if you have US customers, you can use this courier service to get their items to them.
The Special line shipping method is particularly designed for electronic items.
Jewel Shipping is a method designed for shipping delicate pieces of jewelry and trinkets.
ePacket is an express mail courier service in China for your Chinese buyers.

The interesting one amongst these services is the one created by CJdropshipping – CJPacket.
It is like the all-in-one shipping solution that features all of the aforementioned shipping solutions and what is even interesting is that it is a faster method.
There are also several versions of the CJPacket shipping method depending on the place of delivery.
For example, CJPacket Euro is the CJPacket delivery service peculiar to Europe.
There are more of these variations including CJPacket Fast Line, CJPacket Sensitive GB, CJ Packet YW Sensitive, etc.

The shipping times are also different depending on the destination but are typically between 5 to 30 days.
This is a generic timeframe though. It can even be as low as 2 days.
Especially if you ship an item from the local warehouse within the place of destination.

Refund Policy

Another important policy of CJdropshipping is their refund policy.
This is a grey area in most dropshipping suppliers because they are usually never explicitly stated.
But it is quite plain with CJdropshipping.
The following situations where CJ offers a refund.

1) Non-delivery

If the order was not received by your buyer, CJ will offer a refund.
But t is not as simple as just asking; the situations have to support the claim of the buyer.
Each order has tracking information and if there is a problem like a wrong address, for example, you will get an alert.
But if this isn’t so and the item was not actually delivered, the buyer will have to provide a non-delivery document issued by the local post office.

2) Delayed Delivery

Delivery times are different across several countries, however, if the delivery time is more than 100 days you can request a refund.

3) Damaged Product

If the item received by the buyer is damaged, CJ will offer a refund. However, there must be evidence of the damage upon arrival like photos or videos of the damaged product.

4) Wrong Product

If the item delivered is wrong, you can request a refund.
And just like in the case of damaged products, there needs to be some evidence.


CJdropshipping is an e-commerce marketplace made for dropshippers.
Its incredibly friendly features are designed to make sure dropshippers have a smooth experience with buying and selling using their website.


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