What Is MPN Ebay And How To Fill MPN On eBay Selling Page (4 Easy Steps)

What Is MPN eBay
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One of the most effective ways of eliminating buyer complaints and boosting sales is using MPN eBay when listing products on your eBay store.
In this guide, you’ll learn what MPN on eBay is, how to fill MPN on the eBay selling page, and the benefits of using MPN on eBay.
When importing products from AliExpress to eBay, you need to list the items with their MPN for shoppers to quickly and easily find them.
Using MPN on eBay, eBay algorithms help identify matching products and display them during search sessions.
To ensure high accuracy of your product identifiers listing and item specifics, it’s advisable to use a reliable and trusted AliExpress eBay lister.

What Is MPN On eBay?

MPN stands for Manufacturer Part Number and is written either on the product itself or on the packaging.
It’s defined as a unique code given to a product by the manufacturer for identifying that individual product.
The use of MPN eBay when making a listing was made mandatory in 2016.
Together with others like GTIN, UPCs, ISBNs, and EAN, this product identifier is used on eBay to simplify the buying, listing, and selling process.
When doing AliExpress to eBay dropshipping, how do you find the MPN? There are times when MPN on AliExpress is not expressly indicated the specifics of the product.
You can search on the manufactures catalog, online database, or on the manufacturer’s website in such cases.

MPN on AliExpress

A buyer searching for specific products from a manufacturer uses the MPN code to search and find the exact item.
The only confusion occurs when MPN EAN eBay have together indicated on the product’s barcode.
As a seller, you have to write your products on MPN eBay accurately for buyers to find them.
For example, a buyer searching for a product on eBay with 1627-37A MPN code will input the products MPN on the search bar as illustrated below:

MPN eBay

On clicking the search button, products with this MPN on eBay will be displayed as shown in the screenshot:
MPN eBay

It is difficult to manually make a bulk listing of products from AliExpress to eBay and get all MPNs accurate.
To avoid making errors and simplify the listing process, the use of AliExpress eBay lister tools is allowed.
The mandatory use of MPN eBay is limited to certain products.
For most of the product categories and subcategories requiring part replacements, listing them with their MPN is necessary.
However, to know the MPN eBay demands, see all the affected eBay categories and subcategories.

Benefits of Using MPN eBay

Once you’ve complied with MPN eBay requirements, all the parties to eBay AliExpress dropshipping benefit immensely.
Nevertheless, eBay sellers’ benefits are more than any other party.

As stated earlier, MPN is the manufacturer part number, and it is not compulsory one assigns it to their items on eBay. Although, there are some items on eBay where you have to assign an MPN eBay, especially those in the electronics category. Other times, you can choose whether you want to or not.
But it is advisable you do.
As a matter of fact, we highly recommend you assign MPN eBay to your items as assigning them to your items comes with several benefits.

Here are the benefits of using MPN on eBay to the seller:

1) Product Optimization

Including product identifiers like MPN in your items’ description improves their placement to the eBay.com search engine and then to other search engines like Bing and Google.
It also helps make a product search more accurate eBay uses several indices to find and present your items in front of people willing to buy.
And one of those indices is the Manufacturer part number (MPN).

2) Increase Product Visibility

Whenever a buyer uses MPN on eBay to search for a product, there is a guaranteed your items will be displayed.
An activity as simple as adding the MPN to your items will significantly improve the ranking and visibility of your item on eBay’s search engine result pages.
Not only does it improve the visibility on eBay, but it also improves visibility on other search engine pages like Google and Bing, and directs them to your eBay store.

3) Price Accuracy

Using AliExpress eBay dropshipping software helps in importing the product’s description and other contents like the MPN eBay. 
This way, the software can import the right item with the corresponding right prices.
MPN eBay essentially helps with cataloging.

4) Helps Customers Buy The Right Product

The significance of MPN eBay might not be felt in product categories like clothing or jewelry. 
But when we shift attention to other categories like electronics and mechanical parts, it is a totally different ball game.

For example, a customer wants to change a certain part in the engine of their Ford sedan (maybe the intake manifold, or the distributor) and is looking on eBay to get the item.
The store that provides these items with the corresponding MPN will, first of all, appear on the first page of the result page on eBay.
Because it matches the search query of the customer.
And when the customer does get the product, it will be the right one.

5) Fewer Product Returns and Complaints

Since buyers using MPN to search for their placements get the exact product, incidences of product returns and complaints are minimized.

How To Fill MPN eBay On Selling Page

After reading the list of MPN eBay restricted product categories, you’ll realize how critical it is to learn how to fill MPN on the eBay selling page.
When using manufacturer part number, the trickiest part is every product variant (whether in terms of size, color, or model has its own MPN code.
You have to be extra careful to use the right MPN for each product, whether making your listing from AliExpress, Dhgate, Bang-good, or any other eCommerce platform.

This is how to fill the MPN eBay selling page:

Step 1:

If you have already sold at least one item, go to the eBay Seller Hub and click on the “Growth” option.

how to fill MPN on eBay selling page

Step 2:

After clicking on the Growth option, a drop-down menu with the “add required product identifiers” option will pop up.
Tap on it and then on the purple icon, and all the items without product identifiers will be populated to a form for you to fill their missing MPN.

Filling MPN on eBay listing

Step 3:

Use AliExpress eBay lister to import listing details
As earlier stated, the only sure way to filling MPN on eBay selling page without making errors is by using an eBay lister.
The best-recommended AliExpress eBay dropshipping software for importing listing details is KalDrop.
With only one click, you can import the listing details to include the items MPN.

Step 4:

Confirm and Submit Changes
After you are done with filling MPN eBay details, click on the confirm and submit button.

The Best Free eBay Lister for Fixed Item Specifications

Why should you keep filling product specifications manually and incorrectly, yet you can afford the best Non API eBay Lister when dropshipping on eBay?
If you understand what is MPN on eBay selling and its benefits, MPN details should never miss in your listing details.
Instead of losing sales, dealing with complaints every day, and getting negative reviews occasioned by inaccurate product listing details, use KalDrop to lift and display the specifics of the item.

the Best Non API eBay Lister

KalDrop is also an excellent title builder when optimizing the titles of your products.
This AliExpress to eBay dropshipping tool allows sellers to edit product descriptions and automatically save items specifics.
After downloading KalDrop, you have the opportunity to use it free for seven days.
Also, its user interface is easy to understand and simple to use.
KalDrop comes with other features for a whole user experience to make your product listing an easy and faster exercise.

Are UPC and MPN The Same?

This is a common question among dropshippers.
Some people get these two identifiers mixed up, and it is quite understandable.
Both are product identifies and are three-lettered acronyms.
But there they differ significantly from each other.

The first difference is perhaps in the different names of both identifiers.
UPC stands for Universal Product Code and appears on the packaging of items.
Its significance is more prominent especially in the shipping and tracking of items.
To learn more about eBay UPC, check out our article on the topic here.
MPN, on the other hand, stands for Manufacturer Part Number. 
And it is peculiar to some items.

Another difference is that all items have UPC, but not all have MPN.
Before any item is shipped out, it needs to have UPC.
But products may or may not have MPN.


Among the product identifiers that should never miss in your product descriptions is the manufacturer MPN.
MPN eBay will not only increase your sales but also help improve reliability and trust in your eBay store.
I hope you now know what is MPN on eBay and how to fill MPN on the eBay selling page.
By signing up to the KalDrop, filling MPN and other product specifics is much faster.

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