What Is An eBay Template And How To Easy List On eBay

What is An eBay Template And How To Easy List On eBay
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What is an eBay template? This is probably the most important question on the minds of dropshippers.
Simply because an eBay listing template is the very core and foundation of eBay dropshipping.
It contains all the valuable information about each and every one of your products and is the one thing your buyer sees before they click “order.”
That is why the question of what is an eBay template is quite important.

What is an eBay Template?

When you want to list a sourced product from any of the third-party websites like AliExpress or DHgate, you will need to list this product with some items specifics such as description, features, and some other details to indicate to the buyer what exactly the product is and to improve the chances of the product actually selling.
That is the job of an eBay template.

An eBay template contains all this necessary information that eBay requires the product to have before it is listed on your eBay seller account.
Things like the product description, product title, images, product variation, and a lot more information about the product.
An eBay template is the one thing that advertises to your potential customers and tells them all they need to know about the product.

Now, if there’s anything you should pick from this article, it is that aesthetics matter.
Now, what do we mean by aesthetics?
Aesthetics is simply appearance – how the product description looks like to your customers.
As meager as you think this is, it is a very important aspect.
Appearance determines a lot in online e-commerce marketing.
Take, for example, you want to et an item on eBay, and you come across two vendors selling the same item.

Vendor A has a beautifully designed and well-organized listing by virtue of the nice eBay template he used to list that particular item.
Vendor B has a shabbily designed eBay listing on the same product as vendor A.
Statistics show that people will be more drawn to vendor A because, naturally, humans are drawn to things that are appealing to the eye.
And the same applies to eBay listing templates.
It might be surprising, but the more appealing your listing appears, the more customers you will get.

Now that we’ve touched on the subject – what is an eBay template, another question that pops up is why?
Why is there a need for eBay templates?

Asides from the aesthetic view a good eBay template will give to your listing, they help you save time and effort.
Take, for example, you want to list an air purifier on your store, and you decide to create a template for that.
If peradventure you sell well, you will want to sell more of the air purifier.
And as a result, you will need that template you used initially to sell the air purifier.
And since that template is already saved, you can easily go and list as many air purifiers using the exact same template, thereby saving you time and effort because, with eBay’s template, you don’t have to start from scratch anytime you list an item.

The good thing about an eBay template is that it is easy to revise, renamed, or deleted anytime you decide to make a change.

A quality eBay template makes a lot of difference.
It makes your listing look more professional and organized.
This breeds trust between your brand and the customer even before they message you.
They have this level of trust that whoever is behind this account is competent and knows how to do their job.

How to List using eBay Templates

If you are asking the question – what is an eBay template – you are also probably asking how to go about listing on eBay using a template.
The Question of what is an eBay template and how to list on eBay go hand in hand, so it is no surprise that we will naturally talk about this topic.

It is fairly easy to create an eBay template.
Let us take you through the process step by step.

The first thing you need to do is to access your eBay account.
Click the “sell” link located at the top right portion of the page.
You should see the template section in this area.
If it is your first time creating an eBay template, click the create template button to get started.

what is an eBay template

eBay wants you to start selecting a category first so click the “search category” button and type in the product you want to list.
Select the category that best suits your item and click submit.
If you want, you can add a secondary category to your item, although it is completely optional.

Give your template a name, fill in the other necessary details too, such as the title, the subtitle, the UPCs, the condition of your items, and the photos.
And most importantly, add your item description, and make sure to fill in the selling details.
On this page, you can edit the price, quantity, duration, and the selling format you want to use – auction or fixed.

what is an eBay template

The next thing you want to do is to set your shipping details.
Here you can set the shipping service, the package weight and dimensions, and every other necessary detail.

Once you are all set, you can preview the template first to see ow ut will look like before you publish.
If you are dissatisfied with anything in the template, you can go and edit and keep editing till you are satisfied.
Then you can go ahead and save the template.
Once you do, you will see a notice telling you your template has been saved.
When you go back to the template page, you will see it listed.

But what if I told you there is an easier way to list products using eBay templates?
Well, the good news is that there is, and the answer is KalDrop.
KalDrop is an amazing easy eBay listing tool you can use for any of your dropshipping activities.

what is an eBay template

The amazing thing about this easy eBay listing is that it has lots and lots of eBay template examples you can choose from to work with.
Instead of going through that whole back and forth with trying to set up an eBay template, inputting all those bulk of information, and so forth, KalDrop affords you to do all this in just one click.
Another plus is that KalDrop also gives you a refund policy template for dropshipping.
Other eBay listing templates might not give you the option to include a return/refund policy in the template, and this is a very important aspect of an eBay listing.

You want to reassure your customers that they can return defective products within a particular set time and that they will either get a replacement or a refund in worse case scenarios.
This breeds some level of trust and also exempts you from any backlash and liabilities as a result of a screw u from the manufacturer or perhaps during the shipping process.
With the different unique eBay template examples on KalDrop, you get a refund policy template for dropshipping in all of them.


If your question at first was “What is an eBay template,” at this point, you not only know what is an eBay template, you also know how to list using eBay’s template, and, most importantly, you have been exposed to an easy eBay listing tool – KalDrop – that will help to list on eBay with a template easier and quick.
Register today and get access to unique eBay template examples.

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