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List any product Variation

An important attribute of any good eBay lister is variations support. 
Variations support means being able to list every and any form of product from any supplier to your eBay account.

This is an important feature because, if you use a platform that does not support variations support, you might lose huge profits on some products. 
With Variations support, you have what is called higher availability, lower costs.
This is because, on eBay, you have what is called an insertion fee which is the amount of money eBay charges to the seller for listing an item.

This fee varies depending on the category of the product you want to list in and the price of the item.
With variations support, instead of listing each of those product categories or variants one by one, you save money by putting all of them into a single listing and pay only once for that listing.

Now, it doesn’t end there.
At the end of the month, eBay will ask you to renew the insertion fees for each of those product listings.
Also, say you want to list a product and that single item has different variations, without variations support, you can only list one of those variations individually on our eBay account.
Variations support however lets you list this product in its multiple variations.

Variations support comes with benefits

There are several benefits to having variations support and one of them is what we call centered sales history.
Any product you list on eBay has its sales history.
The higher the sales, the more trusted the product will be and the more people will want to buy.

If you list each variant of a product individually, they will each have their own individual sales history and that is not a good business strategy.
With variations support, once you list all the variants of that product in one listing, if anyone of them sells, it will be counted as a sale for the entire product listing.

So each product in the listing promotes each other and that way, you can sell more.
Another benefit is that, with the variations support feature, you can utilize cross-selling.
A customer can click on one of your listings now and will see other variants that catch their interest.

They can also buy additional items in addition to what they initially wanted.
That way you make more profit.

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KalDrop's Variation Support

KalDrop has a lot of amazing features to make your drop shipping experience less frustrating and more profitable.
It is with this that we have included the variations support feature in our platform.

With this feature, you can list products of the different variants in one listing.
All this can be done with one click.
What you need to do is to download the KalDrop chrome extension onto your browser, go to your supplier, and list the products using the multi-variation feature.
Once you do that, all the products in that category will be automatically listed for you as one listing.

That way, you do not have to pay any fees for each and every one of these products.
Amazing right? Then click here to get started with KalDrop and enjoy this fantastic feature and many more. 


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It is evident in our results.
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The difference between API to Non API ebay to API monitor
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