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Unlimited listings is a subject that is always on the lips of manual dropshippers and the reason is not far-fetched.
With more listings, come more sales and higher profit.
As a matter of fact, a good eBay dropship strategy equals lots of listings.
This is referred to as volume listings.
If you want to be making decent money on eBay using dropshipping, you cannot do it with a small handful of items.

In most cases, it is recommended you have hundreds of listings.
Although when you start, your account could have selling limits.
At this point you might not be considering unlimited listings. 

Selling limits are a way for eBay to control your sales, especially when you newly become a member.
For example, when you first register a dropshipping account on eBay, you might be given a selling limit of say $500 and/or 100 products.
This means you cannot list above products worth more than $500 or items more than 100.

If this is the case, as we stated earlier, unlimited listings might not be your immediate concern.
You will be focused more on making your performance and sales metric strong as this will help increase you selling limit.

Non API Lister for product listings

If you want to run a successful eBay dropshipping business, you need to have some form of automation.
This is because, without automation, the issue of unlimited listings will not even come to mind as it will be completely illogical and stressful to do by hand.
Imagine listing thousands of products all in the name of unlimited listings with your hands…it will take days and even weeks.
Plus, the stress it’ll put on your hands typing each product’s description, setting each product’s price, and all the necessary information for each product.
Think about it for a second…even the thought of it is enough to stress you out.
That is exactly why you need automation. 

Automation takes away that stress.
You can list all the products you want to (provided you do not have any selling limits or restrictions on your account) with just one click.
With automation, unlimited listings do not become a problem.
However, it must be done with the right automation because the wrong one can lead to your account getting flagged.
In eBay dropshipping, you either use an API monitor or a Non API lister automation and the former – API Monitor – can get your eBay manual dropshipping account flagged

If you want to list ten, a hundred, even a thousand products, without getting flagged, then a Non API lister software, like KalDrop for example, is your best bet. 

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KalDrop for Unlimited Listings

KalDrop is a Non API Lister that helps you in your dropshipping activities.
With KalDrop, you can list your products with just one click and no added charges.
We get this question all the time that if you list a hundred products and later on you go over to list a thousand, will you have to pay more because of the increased volume of listings?

The answer is no.
With KalDrop, you automatically have unlimited listings.
Even when you have multiple accounts and you are worried whether or not if unlimited listings applies to you, you do not have to worry any longer because it does. 
And the cool thing is that you do not need to pay any extra charge.

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Asides not getting flagged with a Non API Lister, you also get more sales with our great solution.
It is evident in our results.
If you check below you will see that our Non API Lister – KalDrop – generates sales 50 times more than when you use regular API Monitor.

The difference between API to Non API ebay to API monitor
The difference between API to Non API ebay to API monitor