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Unique templates for you description

To get the best out of a product, you need to have a killer description and that is why there’s a need for unique templates that will help achieve that.
Our unique templates, specially curated by our team of dropshipping experts, help you create highly converting eBay product description pages. 

It is important you have a good product description as it is key to making huge profits for your dropshipping business.
The product page is one of the most important pages on your site because, if people are not convinced about your product page which is pretty much where you are driving most of your traffic too, they will not buy.

That is why it is important you have a good, high converting description to attract customers. 
And our unique templates are designed to do just that – attract customers.
Our templates are designed to display text and images.

That way, you can describe your product in both worlds, and at the same time, give your customers a glimpse of what you are talking about.
A plus to using our templates is flexibility.
You are at will to input any image you want to, write, and edit the template of your choosing.
You also get to choose from a list of specially designed unique templates to list your products.

We want the best for your description

We understand that a good business strategy involves good PR and advertising.
A product that as a good description will obviously sell more than the one that doesn’t.

As a result, we have designed templates on our platform – KalDrop – to help you market your products in a way that will be appealing to your potential customers.
One thing people don’t understand is that your product has to sell itself.
There is a huge problem dropshippers face.
They put up products with a description that leaves the customer confusion as to what exactly the product really is.

Your description must convince the customer of the benefits that come with owning your product. We have incorporated this into our unique templates on KalDrop.
When you use our templates, you are sure to sell and make huge profits.
Creating and managing a template for your target marketplace is an important matter. 

Currently, KalDrop supports eBay’s different websites as destination marketplaces.
You can use any of our unique templates for any of your products and from any website you choose to source products from.

The cool thing about using KalDrop is mobile support. 
An essential feature because eBay has been showing just an 800-character preview listing on their mobile version.
Our template allows you to add the title, description, and feature for the mobile content so those that want to access your product from their phone.

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KalDrop's Unique Templates

One benefit of using KalDrop is the unique templates that come with using the software.
Our templates are very easy to work with.

All you need to do is go to your KalDrop account and select any template you want to use.
KalDrop has a series of unique templates to choose from so you can have a lot of options for the different products you want to list. 

With KalDrop’s unique templates, you don’t only get to use text descriptions, you can also use pictures and logos to design your listing.
This is an important feature because a lot of people respond to pictorial advertising that just plain text.

This added feature is sure to boost your profits and ensure you become successful in your dropshipping business.

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It is evident in our results.
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