The Best Steps To Increase eBay Selling Limits

Increase eBay selling limits
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Let’s face it, selling limits on eBay are very frustrating; it can stifle your growth as a business person in dropshipping, and that is why you need to know how to increase eBay selling limits.
As a new dropshipper in the business, you just got started, you are excited to start getting orders only to realize that eBay has limited how much you can sell and how much you are allowed to make.
Little wonder you are looking for ways to increase eBay selling limits on your store.

Think about it, what are you supposed to do with a limit of only 10 items?
You need to increase eBay selling limits because the initial limit is a meager amount of slots to work with, especially when you start on eBay dropshipping.
It can be hard because you need the motivation to keep at it, and just 10 slots are not exactly motivational.
Although as you are going to see in this article, those 10 slots are just the starting point.
All large eBay dropshippers now all started with very low limits, but those limits increased over time.

So the question is, how do you get from that point to a selling limit of over a million dollars a month?
How do you increase eBay selling limits?
This is what will be discussed in the remaining paragraphs of this article.

What Is The Point Of eBay Selling Limits?

increase eBay selling limits

To understand how to increase your selling limit, you need to, first of all, know why these limits are here in the first place.
eBay is not just trying to piss you off with these limits; there is a reason why they are there.
A very valid reason, in fact.
The simple reason is their reputation.
They have a reputation to maintain.

They want to make sure that when people shop online on their website, the buyers be confident that any item they purchase will be received, and not just that, but be received in good condition and on time.
When this happens, the buyers leave positive feedback on their platform that will prompt other people to shop on eBay.
They do not want a new seller to come and mess all that up.
That is why there is a limit of just 10 items you can sell as a new seller on eBay.

They do not want to give new sellers the liberty of selling to hundreds of customers and probably messing them up, which drives a large number of customers from eBay.
They put these limits on your new account, so if you happen to mess up, you do the least amount of damage as possible.
That way, if something goes wrong, you will only chase 2, 3, at most 10 customers from eBay.
They want to get you to the right thing to gain their trust before you can increase eBay selling limits.

If you gain eBay’s trust by selling quality products sourced from the best eBay dropshipping suppliers, communicate with your customers, offer good customer services, eBay will see that you are a good seller and hence would be easier for you to increase eBay selling limits.

Types of eBay Selling Limits

There are two kinds of eBay selling limit

1) The Monetary Selling Limit

This is the monetary value limit eBay places on your account.
For example, for a new account, you have a limit of $500.
Once you list items worth $500, even if it is not up to 10 items, you have already reached your limit for that month.

2) Quantity Selling Limit

As the name suggests, it limits the number of items you can sell in a month.
For new accounts, it is 10 items.
If you list 10 items that are not up to $500 in total, you have still reached your limit for that month.

How To Increase eBay Selling Limits

We stated earlier that you need to first gain eBay”s trust before you can increase eBay selling limits.
You only need to do three things to gain their trust.

  1. Sell a considerable amount of the listed items.
  2. Fulfill the orders
  3. Provide good customer service

So let’s say you have 10 items listed as that is your initial limit.
Your job is to sell those items, fulfill the orders, ship them to your customers with no discrepancy, and provide good customer service before, during, and after the transaction.
When you do this, eBay will trust you and will allow you to increase eBay selling limits.
As a new dropshipper on eBay, you want to make sure that those 10 items you are selling are good ones so that they will sell fast.
We advise you to carry out due product research using an analytics tool to determine the fast-selling items you can dropship.

Most importantly, make sure they are cheap too.
As a new account, you do not have reviews, and listing a relatively expensive item will leave potential customers second-guessing their choice of buying from an unproven account on eBay.
Cheaper products give room for impulse buying, which increases the chances of them buying from you.
So list those products with a very cheap price tag, as cheap as you can go.
Remember, the goal right now is not to make a profit but to get eBay to trust you.
And part of that process is to max out your selling limit for that month.

hen you do all these for a month, eBay will increase eBay selling limits on your account.
They want you to sell more so they make more money as well.
When you do well in your first month, your selling limits will be increased by double.
As you keep selling in subsequent months, your limits will keep increasing and doubling.

Asking To Increase eBay Selling Limits

Now that you have done all the groundwork, eBay should increase eBay selling limits on your account.
You should get an email telling you that your selling limits have increased.
But sometimes that does not happen.

If they do not send you that email, it is left for you to ask for it.
What you have to do is to go to your eBay account and request a higher limit.
It follows just three simple steps.

  1. First, go log into your eBay account, go to “my eBay,” and click “Selling.”
    increase eBay selling limits
  2. Next, scroll all the way down, and where you see “monthly limits,” click “Request to list more.”
    increase eBay selling limits
  3.  You will be taken to another page, click “talk to us on the phone,” and you will be directed to an eBay customer care representative.
    increase eBay selling limitsYou can then make your case for them to increase eBay selling limits on your account.

Final Words

To record astronomical success in eBay dropshipping, you need to increase eBay selling limits that are essentially a barrier or more of a stumbling block hindering your capacity.
Make sure to max out your eBay selling limit first, then request for more, and you will be granted an increase in your selling limit.

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