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Just as the dictionary is a reference for anything that has to do with words and meanings so is sensei drop as regards dropshipping.
If you have ever needed an answer to any question dropshipping, then sensei drop is your best bet.
Sensei drop is your number one dropshipping index containing all the information you can possibly need as regards dropshipping.

What is Sensei Drop?

Sensei drop

The owner of Sensei drop was just like you once.
A Dropshipper trying to get his store in order and understand the Crux of dropshipping.
And just like you, there were tons of Google searches to just understand what dropshipping is all about.
There were several mistakes of course because as a beginner you’re bound to make mistakes.

But over the years he got better and now he’s a master Dropshipper – A Sensei (pun intended).
However, he realized that there are several others in his shoes and decided to create a dropshipping library, or index if you will, so any dropshipper wanting answers to questions will not be found wanting.
That’s the story of Sensei drop in a nutshell.

By definition, Sensei drop is an online dropshipping encyclopedia available to any dropshipper for referencing. It is a collation of all the nitty-gritty of dropshipping. All the tricks, tips, and all other things you will need to be a successful dropshipper.

Sensei drop is an amazing website for just about any Dropshipper – both the professionals and newbies.
It is especially useful and very important to the beginner dropshipper.
Take for example you are just starting out in dropshipping and you are confused about a particular concept. You could go on Google and try to look for an answer.
We all know how Google is – it ranks the articles with the best optimization sometimes regardless of how credible or useful the content is.

If you are faced with that situation you might search and search and search up till the 10th page before you actually see useful content that addresses your concern.
There are sometimes your issue might be a little difficult to explain.
Sometimes you might not be able to put in the right context that Google will understand exactly what you are looking for.
And then you are faced with frustrations. This can be completely avoided with Sensei drop.
Any problem you have, the solution is on Sensei drop. 

The contents on Sensei drop are written by expert dropshippers that have been in the game for some time now.
You have content on dropshipping tools, dropshipping suppliers, dropshipping guides, and a general blog that contains accurate useful information concerning dropshipping.

Sensei drop

Listed on Sensei’s dropshipping tools directory are topics regarding Non API listers, dropshipping monitors, tools recommendations, eBay fee calculator, PayPal fee calculator, Proxy&VPNs, and cashbacks.
Let’s give you a glimpse of some of these topics so you will better understand what you will gain by going on Senseidrop.

Non API Listers

Senseidrop gives insight into the best tools to use for automating your dropshipping activities on your eBay store.
This is a very important subject because if you get it wrong, you risk your account getting flagged.
eBay has some strict policies regarding automation.
And if it is detected your eBay store is being automated, you can get flagged meaning lower visibility and lower sales.
Senseidrop has a whole catalog of Non API software to choose from to automate all your dropshipping activities.

They recommend amazing tools like KalDrop, and lots more.
Head on to Senseidrop’s Non API lister section to see more recommended tools and how they work.

Dropshipping Monitors

In addition to recommending Non API listers, Senseidrop also gives recommendations on the best dropshipping monitors to use.
Dropshipping monitors do exactly what their name depicts – They help you monitor and track stocks and prices.

eBay & PayPal Fee Calculator

Senseidrop also gives insight into the best eBay and Paypal fee calculator to use while dropshipping.
The eBay and PayPal fee calculators help you with one thing – to make a profit.
eBay and PayPal charge you a certain fee for using their platform.
If you do not factor this fee in your final price you will be losing a lot of money.
Instead of sitting down to try and calculate what fee to add or whatnot, an eBay and PayPal fee calculator will factor in all these charges and recommend a price tag of your desirable profit.

Proxy & VPN

Senseidrop also recommends proxy and VPN tools to create a remote desktop for your dropshipping.
This is especially useful when you want to hire a virtual assistant.
If eBay detects that you are operating your store with different IP addresses you can get suspended.
And, of course, the IP address of your virtual assistant will be different from yours by virtue of your different locations.
With a VPN or proxy, you can create a remote desktop that will mask your IP address and that of your virtual assistant.


Senseidrop also gives insight on cashback, how it works, and the best cashback services for each platform.
Cashbacks are an amazing way to earn money while you shop.

Benefit Of Using Sensei Drop

In addition to having firsthand knowledge and recommendations of the services and tools above, sensei drop also gives you dropshipping suppliers directories, dropshipping guides/PDF you can download and refer to anytime you have a problem, a blog section containing the A-Z of dropshipping, and even an avenue to contact in case you want a personalized response to your questions. Isn’t that cool!
It is like a guide holding your hands through the thick and thin of dropshipping – a sensei.


When you are in a ditch, the logical thing is to ask for help.
As regards dropshipping, Senseidrop is your go-to source to ask for help and not just that but to seek knowledge and insight so you do not end up in that situation in the first place.
From its name, Senseidrop is the dropshipping master – sensei – whose sole purpose is to impart knowledge and help dropshippers like you be more succesful in their business.

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