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Semi Automated Orders affords you a life of convenience in the dropshipping world.
It is a complete game-changer as it saves you a lot of stress and time.
You really shouldn’t be uploading or listing your products yourself on your eBay store.

It is time-consuming and there is a high chance you make an error in your listing.
With an automated approach, however, you can easily list any number of products you want without hassle.
It is a semi automated approach to automating your eBay store.
Semi automated because we didn’t make our software to be the only one to call the shots.
You also have control as to how your listing turns out in the end.

You can edit the appearance and display with the unique templates that come with our software, edit the content that appears on the listing such as the description and any other content you wish to add, edit the graphics you want on the listing, and so on.

Semi automated orders are a significant way to save valuable time in the dropshipping business.

You don't have to worry about flagging

Any time we talk about automation or bring up the topic of semi automated orders, a lot of dropshippers express some form of concern.
And this is reasonably so because, over the years, a lot of dropshippers have fallen victim to eBay’s policy on automation.

Since 2018, eBay has been strict on how you automate your manual dropshipping on its platform.
Any form of discrepancy will be met with either a flagging of your eBay account or an outright suspension.
But you don’t have to worry about our semi-automated orders function.
Even though it’s automated, it cannot get you flagged.

Unlike conventional automation, our software – KalDrop – does not connect to eBay because it is a Non API lister.
As a Non API extension, it automates your activities in such a way that mimics the activity of a human.
It gives eBay the impression that your store is not automated even when in fact it is.

So even when you are automating all your manual dropshipping activities on your store, you are completely safe from getting flagged.
With KalDrop’s semi automated orders feature you are not restricted by rules and regulations.
You are at liberty to list any product you feel will be profitable for your business.

We also have other protection in place so you do not get slapped lawsuits for copyright infringement in the case of VeRO products.
Listing VeRO products can also result in getting flagged.

With our VeRO protection incorporated into our semi automated orders feature, you can rest assures that you are fully protected from any form of backlash.

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Conveience at your fingertips

KalDrop is the Non API lister that makes life easier in dropshipping by automating your numerous activities (without error) and, at the same time, protects you from ever getting flagged by eBay.

The amazing thing is that you get this in just one click.
With KalDrop, you do not only get the semi automated orders features, but you also get more features.

These features are all put together to make your drop shipping experience a lot better.
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Asides not getting flagged with a Non API Lister, you also get more sales with our great solution.
It is evident in our results.
If you check below you will see that our Non API Lister – KalDrop – generates sales 50 times more than when you use regular API Monitor.

The difference between API to Non API ebay to API monitor
The difference between API to Non API ebay to API monitor