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Ready messages

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Improved Customer relationship

Our Ready Messages feature is a customer-centric feature that improves your relationship with them.
Take for example there is an issue with one of the products and the customer wants to reach you, if there is no platform in place for effective communication, the customer will most likely make drastic decisions like asking for a refund or opening a dispute.
And most of the time, the issue might not even be a really big one that requires that level of action.
But since there is no way to communicate, like as it is in other software, the customer is at liberty and can easily take these decisions.

But, that will not happen to you on KalDrop.
We have made the ready messages feature to perfection and is ready to serve you to improve your customer relationship.

The ready messages feature are a collection of templates that have been drafted for you to address any concern suggested by the customer.
No matter the complaint, we have already designed the appropriate message template that will address the situation.

Template for any complaint

The ready messages templates, as mentioned earlier, are drafted to address any issue that customers can bring up.
There are several issues and complaints that your customers might file against you, you need to understand that these things do occur.
There might be a mix up somewhere along the chain of distribution.
And you are the one the customer will come to for answers.
Some of these issues include:

  1. Undelivered products: This happens a lot and in situations like this, the customer will want some form of explanation.
    Our ready messages template gives transparency as to the delivery route from when the package was shipped to their doorstep.
    The problem can be easily identified along the route and then the customer can have peace of mind and be rest assured that the fault will be responded to.
    2. Defective Products: This is another common issue that can come up.
    Defects could happen during transit or even being sent as a defective product from your supplier’s factory.
    3. Different product than ordered: This is another problem that can come up. Sometimes this is the customer fault and sometimes it can be the supplier fault.
    These are a few of the problems that can cause disputes between you and your customer.
    When these problems arise, and more, you don’t have to panic or worry.

Our ready messages templates will help you to better communicate effectively to your customers.

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Ready Messages feature and many more!

KalDrop’s ready messages feature is an amazing feature that has come to your favorite dropshipping tool.
It features templates for any situation you find yourself in as regards customer relations.
You never have to worry about issues like these because we have got your back.

In addition to this feature, there are other amazing features that come with using KalDrop.
Other features such as Bulk listing, VeRO protection, and so on.
These features and many more are included in the KalDrop package.
In case you have issues with the ready messages template or any other features, you can contact our customer care representative with the live chat feature.
We will put you through the templates and anything you might need help with on the KalDrop chrome extension

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