5 Brilliant Steps On How To Manual Dropshipping On eBay Using Non API eBay Lister

Manual Dropshipping On eBay
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If you are reading this post, I reckon the one thing on your mind right now is “manual dropshipping on eBay with a Non API eBay Lister. How do I go about it?”.
If you are in this situation, today is your lucky day.

Keep reading, and we will tell you exactly everything you need to know about manual dropshipping on eBay.
Before we go into using a Non API Lister, let us tell you what manual dropshipping on eBay is all about in great detail.
There is a lot of difference between API Monitor to Non API eBay Lister.

What Does Manual Dropshipping On eBay Mean?

Manual dropshipping on eBay typically means listing items from suppliers like Walmart, Aliexpress, DHgate, Banggood, Gearbest, and more, importing to your eBay store, and then getting recurring or consistent sales on those items.
Working with suppliers that arent retailers like DHgate, Aliexpress, Banggood, Aliexpress are allowed by eBay. When working with retailers like Amazon, eBay can flag your account even if you are using Non API eBay Lister.
If you are asking yourself: which is better, aliexpress or amazon? Aliexpress is a smarter choice for you.
In the case of manual dropshipping, you do this manually instead of using eBay’s API Monitor.
Manual dropshipping truly is the simplest and the most profitable way to dropship on eBay.

In most cases, the automated route does not give your store the visibility it needs to attract and get customers because eBay flags sellers’ accounts.
Manual dropshipping can be either be done 100% by hand or by using Non API eBay Dropshipping Lister.
this tool imports products to eBay, and it’s working as eBay dropshipping extension like KalDrop.

Manual dropshipping by hand is unreasonable and takes a lot of time, especially if you have a lot of products you want to sell.
And that is why there is software that does this task much faster.
An example of such software is KalDrop.

KalDrop is the best Non API Lister in the market that handles all your manual dropshipping process for you.
WIth KalDrop, your dropshipping account cannot get flagged.

What Is The Whole Purpose Of Manual Dropshipping On eBay?

  1. eBay won’t flag your account because you do it yourself.
  2. Builds stable long-term business for you.
  3. Get more sales because your account isn’t flagged.
  4. Removes anything that relates your products to dropshipping.

Manual dropshipping on eBay will allow you to successfully achieve and focus on these five things, and this is the foundation of manual dropshipping.
By using API software, you will not be able to stick to these five foundations of manual dropshipping, and your account will most likely get flagged.

Now, there is a way around this problem, and it is none other than using a Non API eBay Lister.
Manual dropshipping on eBay is legal, but using the wrong Non API Lister/Monitor or doing it wrongly can result in your account getting flagged.

eBay has made some drastic changes to their terms of use and API license agreement, and these changes are strict and stringent towards anyone that breaks them. Under section 9 of the terms of use and API license agreement are the restricted activities strongly prohibited by eBay.
Ebay Flagged Account

In this section, sub-section 7 states that using the API to promote or engage in arbitrage activity such as repricing products from eBay’s competitors (retailers), automating orders and tracking numbers updating, etc., is all against eBay’s terms of service.
That’s why it is important you use the best Non API eBay Lister in the market to help with your manual eBay dropshipping.
Now that we have learned all that, the next question remains; What is a Non API Lister?

What is A Non API Lister?

Non API eBay Lister is an extension that helps you do the work of listing your items, updating prices, and more on your eBay.
It simulates that the seller’s account is done manually.
What does this mean? This means that the software is not directly connected to eBay’s API. Therefore, eBay does not know if you are using a Monitor/third party software to manage your inventory. Therefore, there is less possibility for you to get flagged as a seller on eBay.

Non API Lister also does the same thing as the typical API software – price updating, stock monitoring, and even changing channel settings.
Now that you know about manual dropshipping on eBay and Non API Lister, it remains for you to know how to use it.
This brings us to our next section below.
KalDrop is one of the best eBay dropshipping extension.

Manual Dropshipping On eBay With A Non API eBay Lister – Step By Step Guide

After finding a good product using market research software, you need to know how to upload the product.
Here are the steps you can take to get started with your Non API manual dropshipping on eBay experience.
KalDrop is Aliexpress to eBay chrome extension, of course, is working with more suppliers like DHgate, Banggood, Aliexpress, CJ Dropshipping, and many more.

Manual Dropshipping On eBay Using Non API Ebay Lister

  1. Get a Good Non API Lister: A good Non API Lister will determine if your eBay seller account gets flagged or not, And that is why you need to use the best of the best.
    A great Non API lister takes the information of products from retailers and imports all that information to your listing so you won’t have to do it by hand.
    It is highly recommended you try KalDrop Non API Lister.
  2. Create an Account: After choosing a good Non API Lister, you need to create your account with your name, email, and your preferred password.
    Please make sure to verify your account before uploading or importing any listing.
  3. Next, you’ll want to start working with your Non API eBay Lister with your eBay account.
    it is very important you download the software extension on your browser (preferably chrome browser).
  4. Do the Essentials: Make sure to do the essentials.
    Don’t be in a hurry to start listing products before including the little things like your PayPal account settings, your postcode, and so on.
    Make other settings like listings duration, minimum title length and etc…
  5. List your product: Now that you have gotten the essentials done, it is time to list your product on eBay.
    With software like KalDrop, it is super easy.
    So first go to the supplier’s website and type in the product you want to list.
    Once you are on the product page you want to list, click on the software extension in your chrome browser, and it will automatically pull all the information about the product.
    Then it gives you an option to edit whatever it is you want to edit about the product (name, brand, markup, shipping policies, e.t.c).
    And there you have it. All you need to do now is click on the KalDrop icon.
    Once you log into your eBay account, you will see the item listed on your eBay store.
    That is it guys, all you need to know and how to go about manual dropshipping on eBay has been explained above.
    Follow these steps, using eBay dropshipping extension KalDrop, and you will start to see success in your eBay dropshipping business.
    Go sign up now to KalDrop and enjoy 1 week for just $1!
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