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Kamatera VPS
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You have to understand that you need to have more than one account if you want to be really successful on eBay.
eBay sometimes places some restrictions on accounts; hence, it is really difficult to max out a single account.
And that is where Kamatera VPS comes into play.

We will be looking at exactly what Kamatera is and what you stand to gain from including it into your eBay tools arsenal.

What is Kamatera VPS?

Kamatera VPS

Kamatera is a virtual private server and a global cloud services platform provider that renders cloud infrastructure products and services to organizations and e-commerce businesses operating with and on the internet.
It is software that provides a virtual server environment to host your online activities.

Kamatera offers six virtual services – cloud servers, cloud private network, cloud firewall, cloud block storage, cloud load balancer, and cloud management.

As far as the cloud server service is concerned, Kamatera VPS offers a server solution that will greatly improve your internet usage experience.
Benefits such as a guaranteed 99.95% uptime, no hardware maintenance, low total cost of ownership (TCO), instant up or downscaling as required, and simple backup and monitoring, are what you get with Kamatera VPS.
In addition, the server set-up time is less than one minute, and you get these benefits for a very affordable price.

As stated earlier, Kamatera also offers private cloud network services.
The private cloud network provides you with an isolated, high-performance IP address or local network, which can be used to connect your computer for networking purposes.
As a result, you get improved security, reliability, and efficiency when you access a computing environment.

Kamatera’s cloud firewall protects you against attacks on your cloud infrastructure.
This service protects against intrusion from unauthorized and suspicious sources, hackers who get into your computer through open ports, malicious attacks such as DoS, code injection, viruses, other malware, unnoticed installation of rootkits spyware and data leakage to malicious locations.

The Kamatera VPS cloud block storage is a cloud storage system for your cloud servers where you can store vital information.
Operation on high-performance SSD accelerated disk drives, Kamatera’s cloud block storage has a lot of benefits and can be used for several applications such as a storage system for files, databases, images, or other file-level data, some high demand, data-centric applications, fast background storage processing, and offline backups.
It is highly reliable and centralized with no single point of failure.

The cloud load balancer Kamarera offers a virtual, scalable, high availability component that improves user response time and system stability by distributing workloads across two or more working servers and resources to maximize performance and avoid overload.
Kamatera cloud load balancer has features such as load balancing algorithm based on Round Robin, handling SSL decryption (sometimes referred to as SSL offloading termination), least connections and weight, and session persistence HTTP/S protocols, making it capable of handling any number of requests.

How It Works

Using Kamatera is as easy as 1-2-3, literally.
It follows just three simple.

  1. First, sign up for a 30-day free trial.
    Just go to Kamatera.com and sign up to get an account.
    You get a confirmation email that you follow to fully register your account and get access to Kamatera’s services free of charge for the first 30 days.
    A new account comes with a service credit for a small cloud server of up to 100$/month (according to the configuration you choose), 1000GB Storage, and 1000GB Traffic.
  2. The next thing is to set up a cloud server.
    To set up a server, you must access a user-friendly Cloud Web Management Portal that controls all your cloud server infrastructure components.
    Use the portal to launch a new cloud server according to any of these choices – data center, operating system, CPU, RAM, storage, and other system preferences.
    If you want another server, just repeat the process.
    It’s that easy.
  3. Lastly, you can customize and make configuration changes as desired.
    Once you have launched your server, you can make configuration changes at any time you feel like. More products and services are available in the Cloud Web management Portal and are available to be launched instantly with the free trial account.

Kamatera VPS For Dropshipping

Kamatera VPS

The question now is…why do you need a Kamatera VPS account?
First of all, Kamatera VPS offers quality enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure services, and these services can also be employed in dropshipping as well.
And you need to understand that if you want to be successful on eBay and also protect your income, you need to create and have multiple accounts as long as you can manage them.
You really need these multiple eBay accounts if you want to increase and protect your income.

Increasing your income is pretty straightforward because it is simple logic that the more accounts you have, the more money will be coming in as income.
Protection of your income simply means that in case an account is flagged or utterly restricted and banned, you still have other accounts you can fall back to.
Having just one sole account is not a good strategy in eBay dropshipping because anything can happen.
eBay has several rules and regulations that it is hard to keep track of all of them.
And besides, it is really difficult to max out one account without eBay putting intermittent restrictions along the way.

Now, this is why you need a Kamatera VPS account.
A Kamatera VPS account will help you handle these multiple eBay stealth accounts.
Let us explain…

When you browse the internet, there’s a localized IP address assigned to your computer.
This IP address is generated by the local server that hosts your network.
Now this IP address is like a footprint that can be traced back to your computer.
eBay is has a very strict policy against using multiple accounts, and they have put some infrastructure in place to detect if a user is managing multiple accounts.
And they do this by tracing your IP address.

Kamatera VPS cloud private network, a part of the numerous services Kamatera offers, does a good job of masking your identity online by allowing you to create a remote desktop to operate your eBay stealth accounts, thereby keeping you anonymous.

When you log in on every one of your accounts, eBay will not be able to detect you.
Having a Kamatera VPS account is especially useful when you decide to get a virtual assistant to run our eBay store.
Your IP address is also a function of your physical location.
When you hire a virtual assistant in another country to run your eBay logistics, and they log in to your account from their own location, it raises a red alarm on eBay, and that can give them cause to flag your account.

Final Words

Kamatera VPS offers you a remote desktop environment that provides you with anonymity and even the speed to perform the essential dropshipping activities faster and with ease.
This puts less strain on you and even your virtual assistant should you choose to expand.
Moreover, you get other additional benefits and services, if you want, for a very affordable price.

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