How To Start Dropshipping To The USA In 2021 – The Ultimate Guide To US Dropshipping

dropshipping to the USA
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If you are thinking about dropshipping to the USA, this article is for you.
It is only logical to ask questions about dropshipping to the USA because it is incredibly lucrative and profitable.
The United States has a population of over 370 million people and a large portion of that population shops online (about 94%).
Having just a fraction of the market share is sure to make you profitable in no time.
All that being said, let’s get into what dropshipping to the USA entails.

Dropshipping To The USA – The Basics

So, dropshipping to the USA; what is it all about.
Let us start by saying this is definitely possible, and it is super easy.
One of the beautiful things about dropshipping is that you can do it from anywhere in the world and sell to any country in the world, and you yourself don’t have to be a citizen of that country you are selling to.
You can be an Indian citizen on holiday in Australia while selling to America. Dropshipping will allow you to do that.
And America is a very large market.

As we said earlier, a large population of Americans does their shopping online.
After Amazon, eBay is the commonplace Americans do their shopping.
And with the right tools and the right strategy, you might just be serving a substantial number of this increasing population of American online shoppers.

Let’s start with the basics.
If you didn’t know before, dropshipping is a business model where you list products on eBay from a third-party supplier like AliExpress and sell the items at a higher price than originally quoted on the third-party website. The difference between these two prices is your profit.
You repeat the process over and over again with different items.

From this business model, there are two important parties – the buyer and the supplier.
As the dropshipper, you serve to connect these two parties and make a profit off the transaction that occurs between the two.
That being said, let’s take a look at the suppliers you can use to dropship to American customers.

Dropshipping Suppliers To The US

If you want to sell to American customers, you don’t need to use an American supplier.
You can use a supplier from anywhere in the world. It could be a foreign supplier or a local American supplier.

What we advise dropshippers to use, especially when they just have their store first setup, is AliExpress, which is a Chinese supplier.
It is cheap, reliable, and has a broad range of items.
It is a platform where you can buy products from China really cheaply and ship them to America or anywhere else in the world.
This just goes to show that you don’t need to use an American supplier while dropshipping to the USA.
But there be some setbacks to using a foreign supplier.

First off, it can take a long time for your product to get your customer.
People using AliExpress sometimes complain that their product is up to 2 3 even 4 weeks for their products to arrive at their final destination.
Having a foreign supply outside of America can take a long time for your customers to receive their orders.
And that is why when dropshipping to the USA from AliExpress, you need to ensure you are using a US supplier to fulfill your orders.

dropshipping to the USA

The problem with American suppliers is that their items’ price is too high compared to other suppliers like AliExpress, for example.
You can use AliExpress to dropship to the US and even with very little shipping times (4-7 days).
AliExpress suppliers have warehouses in the United States, making it easy for you to simply dropship from their store to anywhere in the US.

Another supplier you can trust for your dropshipping to the USA is CJ dropshipping.
CJ dropshipping has a USA warehouse fulfillment center for dropshippers looking for a fast, secure, and stable method of getting items to their customers.
Instead of waiting for ePacket’s delivery time that can take as much as 20 days to dropship the items from China to the US Warehouse, CJ dropshipping can purchase the winning products at a good price and then pre-stock in their US Warehouse.

Dropshipping to the USA

Once the inventory arrives at their US Warehouse, which takes about 10 business days, your orders will be processed the same day in the US Warehouse and shipped via USPS. With this procedure, your buyers should get their items in 2-5 days!

This makes your dropshipping to the USA endeavor much simpler and easier.
Many dropshippers are discouraged by the several logistics like taxes involved in shipping from a foreign supplier like AliExpress and CJ dropshipping to the United States.
But with the clever approach, these suppliers have put in place – by installing warehouses in the USA- you do not have to worry about those logistics.

Tips For Dropshipping To The USA

Below are some useful tips for dropshipping to the USA using AliExpress or CJ dropshipping.

  1. Indicate an “available in the US” tag in the description on items that are or can be available in US warehouses and list accordingly.
    This is a precautionary step because you do not want to sell items to US buyers not available in US warehouses.
    If you do, you will have to fulfill the order by shipping from a foreign county.
    And if that happens, you land straight in the middle of the whole tax mess that comes with shipping foreign items to the US.
    For example, when dropshipping from AliExpress, you can easily see if the item can be shipped from the US, indicating that the item is warehoused in the US and can be easily shipped within a few days to your buyers.dropshipping to the USA
  2. Use the right tools.
    You need the right tools for dropshipping to anywhere in the world, including the US, because it makes your job easier.
    KalDrop, for example, helps you list all your items in one click and sort your listings automatically for you.
    Don’t worry; you won’t get flagged.
    KalDrop is a Non API software, which is different from an API monitor that can get you flagged on eBay.
  3. Doublecheck your listings.
    This still facilitates the need for using the right tools.
    For example, you can list an item with several variants, and some of those variants might not be available in the US.
    If you ignorantly put an “available in the US” tag in the description, you might find yourself in a pickle when someone orders the variant not available in the united states.
    An excellent eBay lister like KalDrop will help to sort those listings accordingly.
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