How To List In Bulk on eBay – A Guide

How To List In Bulk on eBay - A Guide
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Success in eBay dropshipping highly depends on the number of products you can list at a time.
Hence the question – how to list in bulk on eBay.
If you are reading this right now, this is the one question on your mind.
A very important question in fact because, as we said earlier, your success is tied to how much you can list at a time

At the very beginning of your eBay dropshipping center, you might not necessarily be concerned with how to list in bulk on eBay because you have stringent restrictions and selling limits that dictate to you how much to sell in a given period ( usually a year).
But when you are way past that and now a budding dropshipping entrepreneur, you would want to know how to list in bulk on eBay so you can list as many products as you like and rake in huge profits.

If you are in this category of people asking how to list in bulk on eBay, you have stumbled upon the right piece.
We will take you through how to list in bulk on eBay with next to zero effort and stress involved.

Why You Need To Know How To List In Bulk On eBay

We are reiterating this again, for the third time in this article, that your success on eBay dropshipping is dependent on how many products you can list at a time.
Think about it.
Let’s say there are two supermarket owners – seller A and seller B.
Seller A has a large store just around the corner with a truckload of different products in different categories.
You walk in and whatever it is you possibly want to get, you can see in seller A’s store.

And then you have seller B.
With a store that is not as big and with not a lot of products on the shelf.
You are most likely going to go to seller A, and not just going, there is a high chance that you will keep going there.
Why? Because seller A has all it is you want to get.
And you know that no matter what it is you want to get, seller A will definitely come through.
Unlike seller B that might not have some of the things you are looking to buy.

This illustration can be projected to dropshipping.
If you have more products to choose from, you will look inviting to customers.
And besides that, once you have a lot of things listed in your store, there are chances that the customer will lurk around and buy more items.
This is due to the suggestions eBay sometimes show buyers when they are shopping.
And eBay is most likely going to suggest an item in your store when you have another related product to what the buyer is getting.

Another reason you need to know how to list in bulk on eBay is that, even if you know you need a lot of products on your eBay seller account to make more money, it is not smart to start listing each and every one of your products one by one.

Take for example you have 1000 products you want to list on eBay.
It makes absolutely no sense to pick each of these products one by one, set the price tags, write descriptions, add pictures, for each of these 1000 products.
It wastes time and is just utterly frustrating and stressful.
All the time that should be invested in trying to come up with plans and strategies to improve your eBay dropshipping will be spent on needlessly listing a bunch of products.

All that being said, the question remains how to list in bulk on eBay.

How To list In Bulk On eBay

There are two ways to go about how to list in bulk on eBay.
One is to just use eBay’s option of multiple listings or use an eBay dropshipping lister tool.

Using eBay

You can list several items directly from eBay by following these simple steps

  1.  First, log into your eBay seller account, go over to my eBay and click on “Selling”.
    how to list in bulk on eBay
  2. You will be taken to a page and on that page, click “Listings”
    how to list in bulk on eBay
  3. Next, go over to “Create listings” and click “Multiple Listings”
    how to list in bulk on eBay
  4. You will then be taken to a page where you are required to fill some field boxes such as the number of listings you want to bulk list, the Title, Subtitle if you like, the customer label, the variations if any, the category, the item’s specifics, and so on.
    how to list in bulk on eBay
  5. When you are done with all those details, select a photo from your computer by clicking “Add photos”.
    how to list in bulk on eBay
  6. Next, add the product description
    how to list in bulk on eBay
  7. Finally, click continue.
    how to list in bulk on eBay

After a few minutes, your listings will be uploaded.
There is another way to go about how to list in bulk on eBay, however.
It is a much easier way – dropshipping lister tools

Using eBay Dropshipping Lister – KalDrop

Another answer to the “how to list in bulk on eBay” question is by using eBay dropshipping listers like KalDrop.
An eBay dropshipping lister helps you list products in bulk and is much better than using eBay’s multiple listings option.
Although with eBay’s multiple listings, you get to list a large number of products at once, you also have to fill up the information from top to bottom.
You need to fill in information like item specifics, condition of the product, and the product description.
Win an eBay lister, you have no worries in this regard.
With a click of a button, all that information will be extracted from the supplier website and listed in an appealing, professional template.

Moreover, eBay’s multiple listings option is more like the half solution to the overall problem.
You only get to list multiples of one single product at a time.
Whereas with an excellent eBay dropshipping lister such as KalDrop, you are at liberty as many different products as you want, with one single click of a button.

Bulk listing with KalDrop follows just 5 easy steps

  1. Download the KalDrop chrome extension on your chrome browser.
    how to list in bulk on eBay
  2. Go on a supplier website, e.g AliExpress, and choose a product you want to bulk list.
  3. Click on the KalDrop Icon that appears on the top right and then click the bulk listing icon which is the second icon after the edit (pencil) icon.
    how to list in bulk on eBay
  4. When you do that, the item will be added to your bulk list.
    To check this list, click on the KalDrop chrome extension on your browser, and a drop-down prompt will show after which you click “Bulk”
    how to list in bulk on eBay
  5. Do this for all other products you want to add to the bulk list and click “List” when you are done.

You can choose to delete any product or edit the details of each product as you are listing.
The list is always there for you to edit, change and delete.
Once you are satisfied you can then list those items.
It will take a while so be careful not to close the software or browser as it is listing.
When it is done listing, you will be notified.


Knowing how to list in bulk on eBay is important as it is a direct determiner of how successful you will be in eBay dropshipping.
There are two ways to go about it – Using eBay directly or using an eBay dropshipping lister like KalDrop.
Of the two options, using KalDrop is the best bet because there is more flexibility, accuracy, and less stress involved.

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