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eBay selling limits
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How to raise eBay selling limits is a puzzle mostly to the new eBay sellers.
Every eBay seller wishes to make as many eBay listings as possible, and for eBay to protect its customers, eBay selling limits are imposed.
Can you imagine how eBay would be if eBay sellers were allowed to upload the items they wish to sell on their online stores without limits!
eBay selling limits are not meant to protect the buyer only, but your eBay account is also protected against negative reviews caused by poor customer service.

Are you looking for the best ethical ways on how to increase eBay selling limits?
Then, this is the best article for you.
But you have to weigh your strengths and weaknesses first before making the first move.
Many sellers have solicited positive reviews, requested a limit increase, and joined accounts only to kill their businesses after the eBay selling limits increase.
And that’s why the selling limit imposed by eBay is evaluated monthly to ascertain the seller is capable of handling more orders professionally and without stressing buyers.

How Does eBay Selling Limits Work?

When you register for a new account on eBay, the number of items you are supposed to sell is limited in both value and quantity.
The quality of service you offer determines whether you get positive feedback from the buyers, which influences your eBay selling limit increase.

eBay also imposes another selling limit called category limits.
If you’ve been specializing in one or two product categories, eBay may limit the number of product categories you can sell.
The first eBay selling limits are usually set at 10 items per month, and their total value should not exceed $500.

This means you cannot sell more than 10 items whose cumulative value is above $500, and if you manage to sell one product whose selling price is $500, your selling limit is reached.
Whichever selling limit is reached first sets the selling limit – either the value or the number of items sold.
In another example, if you list one item with one variant and another product with 9 variants, you’ve reached your selling limit.

Why eBay Selling Limits?

Setting eBay selling limits was a tactical move by eBay to have checks and balances on eBay sellers as they go up the ladder.
By understanding the intentions of eBay selling limits, increasing your selling limit becomes faster.

So why did eBay set selling limits?

i. To help sellers grow their stores in a manageable way – eBay understands everyone’s eagerness to make a bulk listing to make a passive income.
If new sellers were allowed to create a bulk listing, managing their stores would be impossible.

iii. Learning process – By only being limited to 10 items per month, eBay ensures you’ll learn the entire eBay selling process without overworking yourself.

iv. Monitor seller progress – How strictly you adhere to eBay policies and rules, handle all orders and your level of customer service are some of the activities checked before selling limits are increased.

How to Increase eBay Selling Limits

How to increase eBay selling limits is simple if you abide by the rules and do what’s right.
The tests are simple, easy, and obvious to anyone willing to take their business to the next level in a short period.
Here is how to raise eBay selling limits:

1) Get positive reviews and customer feedback

If you offer excellent service to your customers and meet their expectations, getting positive feedback from customers is a guarantee.
Besides offering good service, uploading clear product descriptions, a good eBay listing template, and using the exact product videos influences buyers to give positive feedback.

2) Start dropshipping

In dropshipping, most of the critical tasks are carried out by dropshipper.
When starting a dropshipping business, selecting a reputable dropshipper to fulfill orders will help build a trustworthy account, as the services offered are excellent.

3) Link your new account to the old account

Whenever you open an account on eBay, every data is stored by eBay, which makes it easy for eBay to monitor the store’s performance.
If your old account is well established and has built a good reputation, linking a new account to the old one may lead to increasing eBay selling limits.

4) Request a selling limit increase

Once you’ve reached or close to the monthly selling limit, you are free to request a limit increase from eBay.
How to find eBay selling limits using seller hub or your eBay Seller Dashboard is simple.
This should always be the first thing before sending a request for the limit increase.

How to Upload More Products after Increasing eBay Selling Limits Using KalDrop

KalDrop is a Non API eBay lister that was developed to upload items to your eBay store.
This dropshipping lister also helps protect your account, customize the store via unique templates, and resolve customer issues faster by using message templates.

eBay selling limitseBay selling limits

Here comes the moment you’ve been longing for – increasing your product listing.
eBay reviews seller accounts on the 20th of every month.If your account meets the set eBay criteria and the performance metrics are strong, your selling limit will be increased.

Here is how to upload more products to your eBay store using KalDrop:

Step 1: Create an account on KalDrop for free

Go to your browser, search for, click to open, and tap on the “Sign Up For Free” button to create an account.
Alternatively, go to chrome extensions and add KalDrop extension to your operating device.

Step 2: Open your KalDrop app

Double click on the KalDrop app to launch and open the dropshipping site on which you’ll be importing eBay selling items.

Step 3: Select products from the dropshipping

Taking account of your eBay selling limits, create a listing of the items to upload.
If the items performed well, you could choose to upload their variants instead of a new product listing.
It’s good to calculate their total value so that you don’t make a few listings due to the item’s high prices.

Step 4: Upload selected items or variants
eBay selling limits

Whether you want to upload a new listing or add variants of the listed items, KalDrop is the dropshipping tool to use.
If you choose to add variants, click on the listed item and tap on the “Edit Product” button to open the variants.
Then click on the variants to upload.
To import items in bulk, select the products and click “Bulk” and, the items will be automatically uploaded to your store.


eBay selling limits isn’t a punishment but rather checkpoints for gauging your performance and protecting eBay customers.
How to get around eBay selling limits doesn’t involve any scientific calculation but simple e-commerce practices everybody is morally supposed to perform.

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