How to Find Dropshippers on eBay (5 Methods) – The Best eBay Dropshipping Guide

How to find dropshippers on eBay
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In this mini-eBay dropshipping guide, you’ll learn how to find dropshippers on eBay, the easiest way to dropship on eBay, and the best dropshipping tips that will guarantee success.
Lately, dropshipping on eBay is restricted by eBay’s policies to only those who purchase items in large quantities from wholesale suppliers.
This policy not only makes it tricky for eBay sellers to select eBay dropshipping suppliers but also puts their business in a risky situation.

Still, in this situation, the onus is on you to identify the best criteria for how to find dropshippers on eBay who will not lead to the termination of your business.
Is dropshipping on eBay worth it?
Given the hurdles eBay sellers have to undergo to make sensible income?
As difficult as it may sound, hundreds of sellers make a passive income from dropshipping on eBay.

Again, these top earners don’t make it easy, and for you to be their average, you’ve to learn how to find dropshippers on eBay and then develop friendly and business relations.
Besides having reliable dropshippers, you need to know the tools, tricks, and tips used by the top eBay sellers.

How to Find Dropshippers on eBay

how to find dropshippers on eBay

We all know what eBay dropshipping is and its benefits.
At the center of this business are the dropshippers, and if you dropship on eBay, you can’t do without them.
Chinabrands, Bang-good, Dhgate, and CJ Dropshipping are some of the world’s accredited dropshippers you can use on eBay.
As popular as they are, why should dropship from suppliers who will put your business at risk?

Going back to the eBay dropshipping policies, eBay threatens to lower your listings search results, remove them from search results or complete them from the site if you dropship from a retail website or marketplace.

If you want to know how to find dropshippers on eBay, use the methods below:

Method 1: Ask the manufacturer

You don’t have to always use the email of Facebook when making enquirers on any particular company.
In fact, picking your phone and contacting them is the easiest thing to do.
The main advantage of asking manufacturers their wholesale suppliers directly is the information provided is true.

To know the manufacturer to contact, you must first identify the items to dropship on eBay first.
Search for the manufacturer of the item and ask who buys their items in wholesale for resale.
Once you get the list, search their details on the internet or call them to ask if they dropship.

Method 2: Attend trade shows

Every country usually has trade shows organized throughout the year.
This offers a great opportunity to any looking for wholesale suppliers to deal with.
All you need to do is go to the trade shows relating to the product niche you specialize in and have a face-to-face chat with the companies displaying their products.

Make a list of all the eBay dropshipping suppliers you find and do your own research to identify who meets your dropshipping needs.

Method 3: Search from a directory site

how to find dropshippers on eBay

Among the simplest methods of how to find dropshippers on eBay is using directory sites.
Even though most of the renowned directory sites like SaleHoo will ask for a subscription fee or you sign up.
Instead, you can turn your head and look for the eBay dropshippers on free online directories like SourceLow.
Most reliable directory sites will provide all the critical information needed when comparing the supplier qualifications.

Here are other directories you’ll find dropshippers on eBay:
Inventory Source
Wholesale 2B
• Orbelo

Method 4: Spy on your competitor

This is one of the trick methods of how to find dropshippers on eBay.
Whichever product you want to dropship on eBay, many other sellers are dropshipping the same product.
Knowing the companies fulfilling the competitor orders is not easy, so you should prepare to incur some cost.

With some eBay dropshipping suppliers having zero minimum order requirements, place an order to every competitor you are spying on.
Once you receive the items and the receipts, read the information provided on return policies.
There is a great probability you’ll find the names of the dropshipping suppliers.

Method 5: Search on Google

You can search for any information on the internet provided you know the keywords to use, including how to find dropshippers on eBay.
Whereas not every information you find on the internet is true, there are credible sites you can rely on.

After opening your browser, enter words such as “wholesale suppliers,” “distributors,” “eBay dropshipping supplier,” “eBay dropshippers,” and “dropshipping on eBay.”
Create a list of the dropshipping suppliers you find and then conduct in-depth research on the eBay dropshipping suppliers.
How to find dropshippers on eBay is easier than you think, provided you are good at doing research.

How to Dropship on eBay With KalDrop

With the detailed information on how to find dropshippers on eBay above, you should now learn how to dropship on eBay.
To start dropshipping on eBay, four things are necessary:
• eBay dropshipping supplier
• eBay store
• products
• eBay dropshipping lister (KalDrop)

how to find dropshippers on eBay

After finding dropshippers on eBay and selected the most suitable, creating an eBay store should be the next step.
Since you know your niche, the next issue is finding a good eBay dropshipping lister.
A Non API dropshipping lister like KalDrop is more protective and helps import your items from the dropshipping supplier faster and easily.

Apart from importing and uploading items to your store, you can use KalDrop to modify your listing template, add the item variations to the listed item, semi-automate orders, and manage your listed products.
To use this eBay lister, download its extension from Chrome Web Store and install it on your desktop.

Next will be to open the supplier’s website and launch the KalDrop extension by double-clicking on the icon.
Import the items to the store using the “Bulk” button in 1-click.
After importing, the “Settings” button will be given the freedom needed to make the changes you need.

Tap on the KalDrop icon to the right and click on the “Edit Product” button to prove your dropshipping creativity and understanding.
Then upload the items by hitting the “Upload” button and wait for orders to copy/ paste them to your eBay dropshipping supplier.


The internet has not fallen short of wholesale dropshipping suppliers, and since you know how to find dropshippers on eBay, finding the best should take a few minutes.
Reading their reviews browsing through the dropshippers website should give a glimpse into the supplier’s capacity.

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