How Many eBay Accounts Can I Have? – Answering The Important eBay Dropshipping Question

how many eBay accounts can I have
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How many eBay accounts can I have?
This is the question you need to be asking if you want to record multiple successes on eBay dropshipping.
If you haven’t already, it is high time you start asking now.
And the reason is not far fetched because the saying “the more the merrier” applies to all aspects of life including eBay dropshipping.

The more eBay accounts you have, the merrier your profits.
it’s that simple.
And if you have been asking the question – How many eBay accounts can I have – today is your lucky day.
You have stumbled upon knowledge that will increase your capacity and enrich your pockets.
We are going to direct this question into simple pieces so, in the end, you can easily put it all together and understand the subject matter.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Why You Think You Cannot Have Multiple Accounts

If you are new to eBay dropshipping, there’s little doubt that the question “How many eBay accounts can I have” has crossed your mind at least once.
But along the line, maybe you met with senior dropshippers and they tell you that you are only supposed to have just one eBay account because of eBay’s terms and policies.
You might be discouraged at this point because eBay dropshipping is very lucrative, that’s if you know what you are doing of course.
And it only makes sense to increase the streams of income by increasing the number of accounts.

How many eBay accounts can I have

Well, those dropshippers are not exactly wrong.
eBay’s user policy dictates that although you are allowed to have more than one account on their platform, what is not allowed is trying to have more than one account to circumvent their selling limit, which is basically the point of you getting multiple accounts in the first place as a dropshipper.

How many eBay accounts can I have

Essentially, eBay selling limits are like the maximum upper limit or threshold placed on your eBay seller account.
This limit varies depending on the account.
Newer accounts have more stringent limits compared to told ones.
As you keep growing and selling, these limits become relaxed.
eBay’s selling limit is the major restriction to making large profits with eBay dropshipping because you cannot sell more that is feasibly allowed.
Hence, the question – how many eBay accounts can I have – remains very valid.

So How Many eBay Accounts Can I Have?

The simple answer to this question is that the number of eBay accounts you can have is totally dependent on you.
Yes, you heard that right.
it all depends on how many you want to have or can handle.

Usually, we advise people to get as many eBay accounts as they can handle because it wouldn’t make sense to have so many accounts you can not keep track of.
Instead of earning money, you will be losing money.
Why? Because every single one of your customers on each of these accounts is valuable.
And any small inconvenience they face as a result of buying from you can lead to some bad reviews.
And we all know that bad reviews equal fewer transactions, and fewer transactions equal fewer profits.

Nobody is going to want to buy from an eBay store with bad reviews.
Customers want to feel your presence when they enter any form of transaction with you.
They want that personalized feel of shopping with you.
And you cannot give that if you are having more than you can handle on your hands.
So before answering “how many eBay accounts can I have”, you need to ask how many you can handle.

How To Go About Getting More eBay Accounts

So far up to this point, we have linked the bugging question – how many eBay accounts can I have –  with the important one – how many eBay accounts can I handle.
What remains is how to get and operate multiple eBay accounts.
Before we get into that you need to know, first of all, that operating several eBay accounts is very tasking.
It requires you to actually assume the job title of a conventional CEO because you will be managing a lot of moving parts.
You need to prepare yourself for this because, as we stated earlier if you slack you will lose money instead of gaining.

There are just three steps you need to take to get and operate multiple eBay accounts successfully.

  1. Get stealth accounts (both eBay and PayPal)
  2. Get a remote desktop
  3. Get a virtual assistant

Each of these three components has its role to play in running several eBay accounts successfully.

Getting Stealth Accounts

How many eBay accounts can I have? Well, how many stealth accounts do you have?
The first thing you need to get is the stealth accounts of both eBay and PayPal.
Stealth accounts are the supplementary multiple accounts you need to open.
Once you have an eBay seller account, you cannot open another one conventionally.
You need to open a stealth account.

Remember, eBay’s policy does not permit you to open several accounts so as to increase selling limits.
The way around this is to open several stealth accounts.
From the name, these accounts cannot be linked to you, eBay is going to think they are all different account.
And that is the nature of a stealth account.

You soul not only open an eBay stealth account, but you should also open PayPal stealth accounts too to process your payments.
You do not want anything traced back to you and your mode of payment is one way you can be linked.
In essence, the question – How many eBay accounts can I have? – is tied to how many eBay stealth accounts you have.

Getting a Remote Desktop

The next step is to get a remote desktop.
A remote desktop masks your dropshipping operation and gives eBay the notion that you are operating these multiple stealth accounts from different locations.
It is important you use a remote desktop because another way eBay can track your activities is to triangulate your IP address.
If they notice the slightest discrepancy, they will ban you.

You will also need to have a remote desktop because of your virtual assistants.
If you are operating an account before and you decide to pass it on to your VA to operate, you need to get a remote desktop because a change of location, indicated by the different IP addresses of you two, will give eBay the indication that something is not right.
Which can lead to the permanent restriction of your account.
So as you are asking how many eBay accounts can I have, get a remote desktop while you’re at it.

Getting a Virtual Assistant

You also need to employ the services of virtual assistants to help you with your eBay dropshipping activities.
The question of how many eBay accounts can I have is dependent on this step because more accounts mean more activities, and you are only human; you cannot handle them all.
And remember when we said if you slack in one store, you can lose money.
Well, virtual assistants will make sure you don’t.

The more seller accounts you have, the more virtual assistants you need to operate them.


We started off with the question on most dropshippers minds – How many eBay accounts can I have.
And we explained that this question – How many eBay accounts can I have – is dependent on how many you can handle, and several other things you need, such as a virtual assistant and a remote desktop,  to get to run all of those eBay accounts smoothly and successfully.

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