Manual For Dropshipping Beginners In 2021: A Dropshipping For Beginners Guide

dropshipping beginner
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As a dropshipping beginner, it is only logical you know what dropshipping is and how to succeed in it before you dive in.
It is true for most businesses and dropshipping is no exception.
And with the rising trend in online marketing, dropshipping is fast becoming a profitable venture.
In fact, over 3,800 retail shops closed in 2018 with the majority of them moving online.
This just goes to show that as an entrepreneur operating a buying and selling business, the online marketplace is where you need to be.
And dropshipping gives you that opportunity to be your own boss and be profitable with selling items online.

This article will essentially take you through the dropshipping journey, all you need to know, and what you will need to be successful in this business.

What Is Dropshipping?

Before you get into the how-to’s you need to know what exactly what this is all about as a dropshipping beginner.
Dropshipping is a business model where a dropshipper ships items from a third-party supplier to a buyer.
The dropshipper must have used an online marketplace, like eBay for example, to list the said items.
Upon request of the item by a prospective buyer, the dropshipper then sends the item to the individual.
It is a very simple business model and does not require you to house any inventory. Completely taking that burden off your shoulders.
Your only job is to ship the items to the buyer.

Although simple, this business model can crash and burn if you are not doing it right.
Especially if you are a dropshipping beginner.

How To Start Dropshipping

As mentioned earlier, there are three parties involved in dropshipping one of which is the supplier.
So how can to get reliable suppliers that will sell to you at a good price?
The truth is there are several good suppliers to source items from, but we usually recommend beginners start with AliExpress.

dropshipping beginner

AliExpress is easy to use and has a broad range of products you can choose to dropship (over 100 million).
All you need to do is go to AliExpress and sign up.

Now that you have a supplier source you need to be able to list items on your eBay dropshipping account.
You can either do this via API or Non API software.

These two categories of software are used to automate your account.
Instead of listing items manually, you can employ the use of the software to do that for you.
But there is a catch.

DO NOT use API monitors because it can get your account flagged.
Which means reduced visibility, lower sales, e.t.c.
Using a Non API software will automate all your dropshipping processes without you getting flagged.

dropshipping beginner

KalDrop is an example of one such software.
KalDrop is a Non API eBay lister that makes dropshipping easier for you.
It combines several tools and features making it the all-round number one tool every dropshippper must have.
As a dropshipping beginner, this is the one tool you must have.

5 Common Dropshipping Beginner Mistakes

There are some common mistakes dropshipping beginners make and not paying attention to these areas can make your dropshipping business crash and burn.

1) Expecting fast money

This is the number one mistake dropshipping beginners make.
They expect that immediately they start, they should start earning thousands of dollars in days.
If you have this mentality I’m sorry to break it to you but this is not the reality.
In fact, if you start with this kind of mentality you will get frustrated quickly.

You need to invest time into dropshipping to reap its full benefits.
Take time to build your store review by review, item by item.
eBay will not even give you free rein immediately you start.
There is something called eBay selling limits that puts a threshold on the number of items you can list as a beginner.
This alone is an indication that dropshipping takes time to get to a huge income-flowing venture for you.

2) Dropping your price tags really low

When you initially start dropshipping, a lot of people will be throwing advice at you.
One of them is for you to lower your prices so you can compete in the market.
It is sort of good advice, only that it is not complete.
It should go more like – lower your prices to sustainable levels.

What that means is you should not lower your price such that you get next to nothing as profit on your sales.
That way, it won’t be long till you crash and burn because there’s little profit to build on.
So lower your prices, but not to ridiculous levels.

3) Disregarding Customer Reviews

As a dropshipping beginner, it is important you pay attention to what your buyers are saying in the feedback section.
You are totally responsible for whatever items you ship to your buyers regardless of where you ship them from.
Your buyers have no clue about your suppliers, they only know you as the dropshipper.
Shipping substandard items can tarnish your reputation on eBay.
That is why in dropshipping we always say “keep the buyer happy at all cost”

If you do, there’s a higher chance they will come back to buy more, plus you get good feedback.

4) Listing a large variety of items

This is a very common mistake dropshipping beginners make.
We know that when you first get started you are excited and want to quickly get the ball rolling.
But you should note that the best strategy in dropshipping is sticking to one niche.
Or at the very mist, sticking to a handful of niches.
The benefit of this is that you will master the trade when you stick to one or a few niches.


As a dropshipping beginner, you obviously have questions and maybe this is seeming complicated and confusing.
But trust us when we say it is a lot easier when you learn the basics.
One thing you must remember as a dropshipping beginner is that practice makes perfect.
The more time you spend with dropshipping, the easier it gets.

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