Free eBay VeRO List Checker And Where To Find List Of VeRO Brands

Free eBay VeRO List
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If you do not know before, there is what they call the eBay VeRO list.
This eBay VeRo list can be very critical to your dropshipping career because not understanding or knowing what it is can lead to permanent suspension of your eBay seller account.
And that means you cannot sell anymore, and it’s not as simple as creating another eBay seller account, unless, of course, you get an eBay stealth account.

That is why we have taken the initiative of talking about the eBay VeRo list in explicit detail, for those who haven’t heard about it, and clarify some misconceptions concerning the topic.
As we stated earlier this topic s very critical to your success as a seller on eBay so do make sure to pay rapt attention.
We are going to talk about what the eBay VeRo list is, how you can know eBay VeRO list items, products specifically to avoid, and what to do when you get a VeRO strike.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Understanding the eBay VeRo List

The VeRO list is eBay’s Verified Rights Owner program and it basically just means that some companies that sell their products on eBay came out and were like… we are joining the VeRo program because we are companies that would love to protect our trademarks and our brand’s specific identifiers.

If you click on the VeRo list, you will see a list of companies and brands whose products are tagged as VeRO products.
These products are protected by eBay’s VeRO policy.
So when you listed them among your product listing in your store, you can get flagged or banned, among other reasons of course.

eBay VeRO List

But then there are dropshippers who have complained that they have been restricted based on some products they listed that aren’t even on the VeRO list.
And that is the problem with VeRO eBay items.
Most people fall victim to these circumstances.
And that is why you need a free eBay VeRO checker that will serve as an indicator or better yet, a warning signal telling you what product is a VeRO one and which is totally safe to list.

There are, however, some popular brand names to avoid because their products are well known to be on the VeRO list.
In addition, there are some keywords that cannot be used in your listing as they are protected by the intellectual property rights policy on eBay.
For example, Velcro.

The vast majority of sellers think Velcro is a form of fastening device like a zipper or button used to hold things in place, when in fact, it is actually a brand whose name – Velcro – is protected by eBay’s VeRO policy.
So let’s say you get a tie with that Velcro form of fastening and you list it as a “Velcro tie” on your eBay seller account when it is in fact not a product of Velcro, you can be flagged.

These subtle misrepresentations have been the culprit behind most banned accounts on eBay.
It not only applies to Velcro, using words like “Onesie” and so on, can equally land you in the same situation.
That is why it is usually advised to get a free eBay VeRO checker.
It will save you a lot of problems with eBay’s VeRO policy.

When you first list a VeRO item, you get an email telling you that the said item has been removed from your listing because it violates eBay’s VeRO policy.
But when you keep listing these items they will suspend your account for 3 days, and for 7 days until they eventually place a permanent restriction on your account for listing too many eBay VeRO items.

What To Do When You Get a VeRO Suspension And How To Avoid It

If you get suspended by virtue of listing eBay VeRO items, don’t panic.
If it is the first time and you probably didn’t know about the eBay VeRO list, you will only be suspended for 3 days.
During which you can contact eBay customer care to see if anything can be done within that period.

Although that might not really make any effect as they will ask you to wait out the days of your suspension.
In that case, you just have to wait till the period of suspension elapse.
Now, this strategy is not a good one because what if you don’t get your account back?
You cannot always trust that eBay will give you your account back during situations involving eBay VeRO list violations.
Prevention, they say, is better than cure.

The best way to avoid getting an eBay VeRO suspension is to not get into the mess in the first place.
And how can you do that? By getting a free eBay VeRO checker.
A free eBay VeRO checker is software (usually a chrome extension), with an extensive database of VeRO brands and items that are both on and off the official eBay VeRO list.
So when you want to list a product that is on the eBay VeRO list, you immediately get a notification telling you that the item is a VeRO item.

The Best Free eBay VeRO List Checker

The question at this point remains…where can I get a free eBay VeRo List Checker.
What if I tell you where you can get it? And you not only get a free eBay VeRo list checker, but you also get other benefits?
Introducing KalDrop.
KalDrop is an amazing dropshipping chrome extension that is created to help you in your general dropshipping activities.

eBay VeRO list

In addition to this, you get a free eBay VeRO list checker. Yes!
Once you subscribe to KalDrop and use it for your daily dropshipping activities like listing products and so on, you are completely protected because within KalDrop’s software is an indicator that cautions you when you want to list eBay VeRO items.

KalDrop is very easy to use and navigate.
Even if you hire eBay virtual assistant to help you with dropshipping, you will not have any problem.
Most dropshippers are scared to hire a cheap virtual assistant because they think they will mess up their account and list a VeRO item.
With KalDrop, that will not happen. Even if your cheap virtual assistant makes a mistake and accidentally lists an eBay VeRO item, KalDrop will prevent them from listing it among the products in your store.
And in addition to its free eBay VeRO list checker are other features you get to enjoy on KalDrop.

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