eBay UPC Meaning And Why Adding UPC Code Is Important

eBay UPC meaning
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Understanding eBay UPC meaning, how to add UPC on eBay listing, and the importance of UPC codes in e-commerce is very critical for an eBay seller and reseller.
Where and how to get the UPC codes is the challenge to many new eBay sellers, especially if you upload items manually.
Did you know that by fully appreciating eBay UPC meaning, it would not only be advantageous to you but also to your customers and suppliers?

According to eBay policies, as you include SKU in your items’ specifics, add a UPC code if available.
Since UPC code is a 12 digit number, adding to your listing requires a reliable dropshipping lister to avoid making costly errors like getting negative reviews and customers not finding listed items on your eBay store.

Understanding eBay UPC Meaning

Let’s now try to learn eBay UPC meaning.

UPC is an abbreviation for Universal Product Codes.
UPC is among the many product identifiers found on product packaging and is recognized worldwide.
By definition, a UPC code is a type of barcode printed on a product’s packaging to help identify that particular item.
This code has two parts; the unique black bars (machine-readable barcodes) and the 12 digits just underneath the black bars.
UPC meaning eBay is determined when the code is scanned as the item’s brand name, manufacturer name, colour, and item size are identified. 

                  eBay UPC Meaning
                                        12-digit UPC code

For you to know eBay UPC meaning, we have to look at the three parts of the UPC code.
The UPC code has three parts: the first 6 digits representing the manufactures identification number, the five digits representing the item number, and the last digit referred to as the check digit.

These first 6-digits reveal the manufacturer’s identity after scanning the item and are assigned by GS1 upon application and payment of a fee.
The other 5-digits represent the actual item itself and are issued by the manufactures person responsible for assigning item numbers.
Talking of the last digit, it’s the most complex.
It’s a product of several calculations – multiplication and addition of certain numbers within the code.

It’s used to verify the UPC code’s validity, and this happens at the checkout scanner.
Importance of UPC on eBay Listing
Only the few eBay resellers who appreciate eBay UPC meaning in their online business also understand the importance of UPC codes on eBay listing.
Making money on eBay is not an easy nut to crack, but with the right information in mind and the knowledge on how to apply it, you’ll smile all the way to the bank.
Therefore, knowing the importance of including UPC codes using AliExpress to eBay lister to your product listings is one-step towards the bank.

Why Adding UPC Code is Important

Unless you don’t know eBay UPC meaning in relation to online shopping, product identifiers shouldn’t be omitted.

1. Increasing listed items visibility
UPC codes help improve the item’s visibility in search engine research results.
According to sellers, items listed without UPC codes have a low ranking on search engines, which translates to fewer sales.
Most buyers use product identifiers to get the exact item they are looking for when buying spare parts.
If your item specification section on eBay has no UPC code, the item may appear among the last.

2. Faster fulfillment
One of the ways used by eBay sellers to identify items during fulfillment is by using UPC code.
By using barcode scanners to identify the items without the need for further proof, orders are dispatched faster.

3. Improved productivity and efficiency
To manage your eBay listings easily, UPC is the way to go.
Given the opportunity to manually list or verify items, it would probably take 5 times longer than when using UPC codes, and that’s when you realize eBay UPC meaning.

How to Find and Add UPC Barcodes for eBay Listing 

eBay UPC meaning

Until your listings start disappearing, you begin to know what eBay UPC meaning is to eBay.
Obviously, some collections and items do not have UPC codes.
What should you do in such incidents?
Whereas no one knows when eBay will remove listings with no UPC, it’s recommended you insert
N/A where you cannot find the UPC of a product.

How to Find eBay UPC Codes

1.Buy UPC barcodes online. There are many people on eBay specializing in buying UPC barcodes at a cheaper piece and reselling at a profit.
As you buy from these resellers, remember majority are not legitimate, and you need to be extra careful.
Besides buying barcodes on eBay, other sites like Buyabarcode.com and Imupc.com are good sites to buy from.

2. Apply from GS1. Even the most known GS1 is in the USA; there are over a hundred others in different countries.
As highlighted in the paragraphs above, GS1 assigns companies with the first 6-digits upon application.
How to add UPC on eBay listing doesn’t require one-month training, but given a chance to use eBay listing creator free, understanding the whole process is simple.
                                   eBay UPC Meaning

To optimize your eBay listing for product-based online shopping and know eBay UPC meaning, you should add UPC code to your items.
They influence eBay search bots and the exact item that pops on top as the UPC code acts as a keyword.
In the event the seller has included this code, importing all the descriptions using this AliExpress to eBay chrome extension is a matter of minutes.

But using eBay auto lister tools like KalDrop, adding UPCs on your eBay listing is much simpler.
After buying UPC codes, launch KalDrop and start uploading UPC codes to your selected product listings from the chosen dropshipping site.
You can use KalDrop unique templates to edit product descriptions, titles/subtitles, and add other specifics like the UPC code.
To prove eBay UPC meaning is of great value, you have the choice to select a template that allows you to edit product identifiers as much as you want.


Before eBay sellers could realize eBay UPC meaning to their listings on eBay, their listings used to disappear very often, and ranking lowered in the search engines.
UPC codes are meant to help sellers and resellers more than the manufacturer since the end consumer buys items from them.
Therefore, you must search for the UPCs and include them in the item specifics.

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