eBay Dropshipping Suppliers – Choosing The Best eBay Suppliers of 2021

ebay dropshipping suppliers
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The foundation of every buying and supply venture is demand and supply; basic economics 101.
And the backbone of a demand and supply investment is the supply route itself.
For eBay dropshipping, this supply route is the eBay dropshipping suppliers.
By this analogy, eBay dropshipping suppliers are the backbone of dropshipping.
This is entirely true because this aspect of dropshipping can make or mar your dropshipping business.

The supplier you choose to work with on your dropshipping venture is the focal point that determines how far you will go in dropshipping.
They need to be carefully selected, so you do not run into problems at any point in your dropshipping business.
The nature of eBay dropshipping suppliers depends on the dropshipping supplier directory from which you employ their services.
The platform that hosts these eBay dropshipping suppliers is crucial to the reliability and authenticity of the suppliers.
The reason is that these platforms have their own strict rules and user policy that differ from one another.
The stricter and stringent the user policies, the more reliable the suppliers are.

We have curated a list highlighting the best of these platforms that host reliable eBay suppliers for your dropshipping.
But first, let us talk about what eBay dropshipping suppliers are and what they are all about.

eBay Dropshipping Suppliers – An Overview

As stated earlier, eBay dropshipping suppliers are the pivot to your dropshipping venture.
To really understand what they are, let’s recap on the dropshipping model and how it works.
The dropshipping model is a simple buying and selling business framework where you first of all list some items for sale on a retail online platform such as eBay or Amazon, get a customer who is interested in any of your listed items, and ship that product directly from a supplier on another platform to their homes.

It is a simple business model, and the success of this arrangement is dependent on the reliability of the dropshipping suppliers you patronize.
You are shipping directly to the customer’s home and hence, have no opportunity to carry out a quality assessment of the said product.
You will just have to trust the description of the product you are dropshipping from the supplier and trust that it will be of great quality.

You also have to trust that the supplier will make do on their word and deliver the item at the said delivery time.
Any slight discrepancy from the supplier will affect the shopping experience of your customer.
And when that happens, they will most likely leave a bad review on your eBay store.
Nobody wants that.
A bad review is bad advertising and will make you lose customers.

The influence of online market platforms that host these eBay dropshipping suppliers cannot be understated.
Whatever user policy dictated by these websites will reflect on the competency of the suppliers using their platforms.
A dropshipping supplier website that is strict on its users will have no room for dubious and incompetent suppliers that can wreak havoc on your eBay dropshipping reputation.
Therefore, we have curated a list of the best online marketplace platforms that house the most reliable eBay dropshipping suppliers.

Our list is not based on sentiments but reputation, history of transactions with different dropshippers, and user policies for the suppliers using their platforms.
That being said, here are 10 of the best websites to find authentic eBay dropshipping suppliers.

Best eBay Dropshipping Suppliers For Dropshipping

Below are our top 10 platforms that host eBay dropshipping suppliers guaranteed to give you and your customer an amazing buying experience.

1) AliExpress

eBay dropshipping suppliers

It is a no-brainer that this platform appears on our list of eBay dropshipping suppliers platform.
AliExpress is the cliche dropshipping website to source products from.
Most, if not all, dropshippers have used AliExpress to dropship at one point in their venture, and the reason is not farfetched.
AliExpress has established itself as the go-to website that hosts thousands of legitimate dropshipping suppliers in a wide range of categories.

One thing about AliExpress is that it is easy to use, there is a large pool of suppliers and categories to choose from, and it easily works with several of the dropshipping lister tools like KalDrop, for example.

2) DHgate

eBay dropshipping suppliers

Next on our list is DHgate.
DHgate is a Chinese B2B wholesale online marketplace where Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers market their products.
It has a broad range of products just like AliExpress but with less competition.
One thing DHgate stands out for amongst most other dropshipping platform is in the authenticity of their replica products.

Suppliers on DHgate will come out to tell you that their products are not exactly the original but the replica.
We really appreciate this honesty from DHgate suppliers because then, you will inform your customers that the product they will be getting is the replica and not the original.
As a result, you avoid any form of misunderstanding that may come up during or after the transaction.
And with the growing replica market, especially for high-end luxury designers, this platform is your best bet for that market.

3) Chinabrands

eBay dropshipping suppliers

Debuting at number three is a dropshipping website that hasn’t really made a name for itself yet in the dropshipping community.
But don’t be deceived; this platform is an excellent place to get professional eBay dropshipping suppliers.
ChinaBrands is a Chinese B2B online marketplace with over 500 verified manufacturers, 500 million products, and access to over 250 countries, islands, and regions.

One thing that stands out about Chinabrands is that they have a professional quality assessment team that will inspect each product purchased on their website.
In addition, they have their suppliers pass through a verification test for added security.

4) Alibaba

eBay dropshipping suppliers

Alibaba is another popular website to get fairly good eBay dropshipping suppliers.
The range on Alibaba is massive, and the one thing exclusive to Alibaba is the cheap pricing.
Products on Alibaba are relatively cheap compared to the other dropshipping supply platforms.
Reason being that most sellers on Alibaba sell wholesale instead of unit prices.
You can negotiate with them, however, if you do not want to buy as many quantities.

It is an excellent choice for those that want to dropship large quantities at once.

5) SaleHoo

eBay dropshipping suppliers

Up to this point, the websites we have been mentioning are absolutely free.
SaleHoo, however, is not.
Like the remaining aforementioned websites, SaleHoo is also a dropshipping directory platform connecting dropshipers with eBay dropshipping suppliers.
It boasts of over 8000 vetted suppliers selling over 3 million products in several categories.

You need to pay to use SaleHoo.
You can either opt for the annual subscription of $67 per year or the lifetime subscription of $127.
With SaleHoo, you can rest assured that what you are getting is quality because you pay to be on their platform.
The same goes for their suppliers too.

In The End, It’s Your Choice

Choosing a website to get your eBay dropshipping suppliers entirely depends on your preference.
However your preference, the above-listed platforms are your best bet.

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