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Importing items from a dropshipping supplier to eBay manually is the most daunting task, but with the best dropshipping lister, the whole exercise is completed in minutes.
Although all dropshipping listers are intended to help in the automation of product listing, each has its own unique features.
Therefore, consider all the features, pros, and cons of all eBay dropshipping lister before choosing one.

Do you know some dropshipping listing tools pose a threat to your online store?
Once you create an eBay store, the eBay rules, procedures, policies, and regulations start bombarding you left, right, and center.
And if not, the rules, wrong pricing, delayed shipment, tasteless online store design, and lousy customer service will bring your dropshipping business down.

It’s then that you realize the best dropshipping lister should have sophisticated protective and caring features that can handle all the challenges experienced by dropshippers.
Going through one of the highly recommended Non API dropshipping software – KalDrop – is well packaged with features meant to tackle all the dropshipping challenges.

How to Choose the Best Dropshipping Lister

If you choose to shift from manual dropshipping to using a dropshipping lister, you’ve to know how in-depth the tool will help accomplish what you want.
Given the number of eBay dropshipping tools on the internet purporting to be the best for all your dropshipping needs, how to choose the most useful may be a challenge.
All you need is to analyze the tools then compare; which offers the services need at the lowest cost.
What often confuses many is whether to choose a free dropshipping lister or the paid ones.

Consider the factors below to choose the best dropshipping listing tool.

1) Pricing

When dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay or any other dropshipping platform, the largest proportion of the profits is eaten up by the dropshipping costs.
The success of any business is premised on how you manage your expenses.
Whereas some of the dropshipping software is costly, the majority are reasonably affordable.
For example, while the Montori software professional dropshipping plan is priced at $151.99/month, KalDrop will cost almost an equal amount for the whole year – $155.99/Annually.
Other tools come with a one-month free trial or a cheap starter plan, which benefits you if you are new to dropshipping.

2) Incorporated Features

Some of the features you must check before subscribing to any eBay dropshipping lister include:
i. VeRo protection feature
ii. Item variation listing feature
iii. Live chat customer support
iv. Single and bulk listing feature and
v. Product management feature
Optimization of product titles and descriptions cannot be overlooked.
Some of the best software like Fire Title helps in building titles on eBay and finding title keywords.

3) Product Management

Nothing puts online customers off like a poorly organized store.
To be on alert when an item is out of stock, you need the product management feature.
If the Forbes business magazine is worth the trust, “8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail within the first 18 months”.
Inconsistency is one of the main contributing factors in business failure, and with this feature, they are eliminated.

4) The User Interface
dropshipping lister

Screenshot courtesy of KalDrop

You don’t need a dropshipping lister that requires you to hire an expert to operate.
Once you open the software, all the main features should be easy to access and simple to understand, whether new to it or not.
In recent research, the average eBay dropshippers are processing 969 Orders/Month, while the top sellers are handling 4,759 Orders/month.
Now imagine handling all the orders using a complex dropshipping lister!

5) User Reviews

Reviews are first-hand experiences from the software users.
Like the KalDrop extension, the best dropshipping lister has their extensions flooded with negative and positive reviews.
Take note of their ratings, read the reviews then make an informed choice.

How to List Aliexpress Products on eBay Using KalDrop Extension Tool

After reading all the reviews and go through the features, we highly recommend KalDrop dropshipping lister.
This is a Non API eBay lister that you can easily use to list AliExpress products on eBay either in bulk or as a single listing.
When dropshipping on eBay, your account is likely to be flagged, suspended, or permanently terminated.
Again, after uploading items to your store, legal issues are eminent.
It’s for all these reasons installing the KalDrop software is no option.


Besides marking the VeRo items with a red mark, the color shade on the right menu changes depending on the status of the item.
So that you are protected against legal issues, the color shade changes to red, signaling danger.
Since a tasteless online store design is likely to put off customers, causing a loss in sales, KalDrop has the templates you need to give your shop the taste every customer needs.
Again, combining the ready message templates and the live chat customer support features, your communication with customers will be at the topnotch.

Now, if you downloaded and installed the KalDrop extension follow the steps below to list AliExpress products on your eBay store.

Step 1: Start By Signing Up On Your KalDrop Extension

After installing this software, double click on the icon to launch land, then sign up.
Give it a few seconds to initialize, then tap on the orange button on the top right to open the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Set Your Product Upload Options

Dropshipping lister

Tap on the “Settings” menu and set your profits, fees payable, the number of items to upload, and the variations you need.
To make your store pleasing, select the template that suits you, and tap to preview before using it.

Step 3: Open AliExpress And Select The Item To Upload

Go to the AliExpress website, search for the items to list by typing on the search box, and once you find the item, click on it to open.
If the KalDrop icon’s color is green, continue with the uploading process by tapping on the upload button.

Dropshipping lister

The selected item will automatically be uploaded to your store.


How would you feel if your store was suspended due to software that claimed to be the best eBay dropshipping lister?
No one will ever claim his product isn’t good.
It’s therefore upon you to do your own research to determine which eBay dropshipping software is good.

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