Dropshipping From AliExpress To eBay With Non API Software – 3 Easy Steps To Do It

Dropshipping From AliExpress
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Dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay is a common practice amongst manual dropshippers.
eBay accounts getting flagged is also a common occurrence in manual dropshipping too.
So how can you source products from AliExpress without getting flagged?
That is where a Non API eBay Lister extension/software comes into play.

Now, if you don’t already know, there are many advantages of why you should use a Non API Lister over an API Monitor when sourcing for products on online marketplaces.
An example of those advantages is it helps to keep your eBay account from getting flagged.
And as a manual dropshipper, it is extremely important your account is not flagged, as this will hinder your business growth and success.

Since you already know you should use a Non API eBay Lister, the question remains how to use it when dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay.
And that is exactly what we are going to be talking about in this article.
But before we get into the main issue of dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay, let’s first give an overview of manual dropshipping and why you need Non API software.

Dropshipping – An Overview

If you don’t know at this point, dropshipping is a model where we find items on e-commerce websites like AliExpress, COCOS fashion, or DHgate, and we list them up for sale on eBay.
Once they sell, we buy them directly from any of these websites and ship them straight to our customers.
Which means we never have to handle the inventory ourselves.

Now, this process can be done fully manual if you want.
That means you will have to go on these online marketplaces, pick out some of the products you feel are selling well, list them up for sale on eBay by copying all the necessary information about the product from the retail site, and then paste it, by hand, on eBay.

But of course, there are now ways to automate that process, making it go much faster.
However, if you go fully manual, there are definitely benefits to that method.
You will have more control over the process, you can see and know exactly what item is going into your store, and with manual, you are at a lower risk of getting flagged on eBay.

Though there is a drawback to going fully manual, and it is that it takes a lot of time.
If you have just a couple of products in your store, maybe doing it by hand will be less stressful and take you just a few hours, but if you want to go big and list hundreds and thousands of products, then it is both unreasonable and frustrating to do this by hand.

And that is why there is an automated route to get this done.
With the automated route, it takes you to zero to no time to get it done.
The drawback here is that if you do it wrong, your account can get flagged.

For the automated route, dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay can be done either through an API extension or Non API software.
An API monitor connects directly to eBay’s servers and helps you list, edit, and update your product prices.
A Non API software does the same thing, only that it does not connect to eBay.

If you use an API monitor, it is highly likely that eBay flags your account because, according to their user policy, it is not allowed to use automated software to dropship.
And for software directly connected to their server, it is only a matter of time before they detect.
With a Non API lister/software, there is little chance eBay detects you are automating your store.
Hence, there is little chance you are Flagged.

Dropshipping From AliExpress To eBay – A Guide

We have established, prior to this section, that dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay can either be completely manual (by hand), with API or with a Non API eBay lister.
And out of these three, using Non API eBay lister is the best bet because it saves you time and energy you will spend while doing it by hand, and at the same time, will not get your account flagged as the API monitor will do.
The question on your mind right now will be how to go about it.. right?

Well, it is pretty easy and straight forward.
First, you need to get an awesome Non API lister tool, like KalDrop.

Dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay

With KalDrop, dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay becomes easier because you get to edit, list, and update prices with just one click.
Instead of listing all your products, one by one, from AliExpress, to your eBay seller account, just download KalDrop, and it will do everything for you.
It will help you pull the product specifics from AliExpress in split seconds.

If you have good Non API software, dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay becomes as easy as 1-2-3…literally.

  1. First, download a good Non API eBay lister tool.
    Most, if not all, of these tools are chrome extensions.
    So once you download them, they become part of your chrome browser.
    You should note at this point that you need to have a chrome browser to use Non API extensions like KalDrop.
  2. Next, go to AliExpress and source for products you want to get.
    It is best you use product research tools to get products that are selling in higher volumes.
    That way, you become profitable faster because you are selling large volumes of products on your eBay.
  3. When you have gotten the product, just click the KalDrop icon on your chrome browser.
    It will give you some options to choose from, one of which is “upload product via KalDrop.”
    Once you click that, it will take you straight to your eBay account and list the product there for you.
    You can then decide to edit the title of the product or whatever you want to change before you finally upload it.

Bonus Tip

As a bonus tip, we recommend you get Alisave when dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay.
AliSave is a chrome extension that helps you save images from AliExpress.

Dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay

Dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay becomes less stressful and frustrating when you incorporate Alisave in your list of tools for dropshipping.
The thing is, there are some products where you cannot open or download their pictures.
In situations like this, it is best to have a tool, like the Alisave chrome extension, to help you save those pictures.


To wrap it up, dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay is not complex.
And it is a good way to make good money.
It becomes easy and less stressful when you use Non API software like KalDrop.
Besides, with Non API software, the probability of getting flagged on eBay is very low.
Now that the essentials of dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay have been covered, click here to sign up, and you get to use KalDrop free for 7 days.

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