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Bulk listing

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Bulk Listing on eBay

Bulk listing is an essential component of a successful dropshipping career.
Because with a big eBay store comes large products to list, which in turn gives huge profits.
And if you have been dropshipping for a while now, you will know that product listing is time-consuming and, without the right tool, can be outright frustrating.

And that is where the usefulness of bulk listing is pronounced. 
Bulk listing is essentially what It is – listing products from a supplier website unto eBay in bulk.
it is very useful when you have a bunch of products to list in your eBay store. 
Bulk listing is completely legal on eBay and with the right tool, you can d it easily with just one click.

You can go about listing all your products through a lister tool like KalDrop, or eBay’s File exchanger.
It is best you use lister tools like KalDrop because of the many advantages that come with using it.

For example, VeRo protection.
VeRo protection, in a nutshell, keeps you from listing products that have VeRo protection on them. 
When you use a file exchanger, you will not be informed of those products.

Only if you decide to go and read eBay’s long list of VeRo products which is over a thousand.
Lister tools like KalDrop prevents you from listing these products together with your other products.

Save time with bulk listing

Bulk listing, using lister tools like KalDrop, comes with a lot of benefits and one of them is that it saves you a lot of valuable time.

A typical product listing will take you anywhere between 5 – 10 minutes and even longer if you have to write all the descriptions, add all the images, and all.
Now imagine you have to do this for about 100 products…or a thousand.
It will take a lot of your valuable time that you should spend on thinking of ways to move your business forward.

Besides saving time, bulk listing saves energy. Instead of spending all your energy on listing products alone, you can channel that energy into something even more productive. 
Another plus for using a lister tool like KalDrop for your bulk listing is the accuracy.

We are all humans, if you say you want to take up the task of listing products yourself, it will get to a time that you might make mistakes…the human factor.
And mistakes in eBay product listings could be very bad for your business.

With automated bulk listings, there is no chance for mistakes because the software literally copies the exact description of the products for you, word for word, without adulteration.
With a listing tool, you also get to easily update your product list without stress.
These and more are the amazing benefits you gain from using a KalDrop.

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KalDrop's Bulk listing tool

KalDrop is a Non API lister with bulk listing functionality and many more. 
With KalDrop, you get to do in minutes what you will typically do in hours such as uploading new products, price updates, product title changes, and many other operations.
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Now you can have the time to generate new ideas and the energy to improve your business as a whole.

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Asides not getting flagged with a Non API Lister, you also get more sales with our great solution.
It is evident in our results.
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The difference between API to Non API ebay to API monitor
The difference between API to Non API ebay to API monitor