AliExpress Dropshipping Centre: Best Way To Find Winning Products In 2021

AliExpress dropshipping centre
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Dropshipping involves the selling of products from a third-party supplier to your customers across the globe.
But for you to make that sale in the first place, you need to have something that actually sells on your listings.
That is where the AliExpress dropshipping centre comes in.

AliExpress dropshipping centre is this miracle tool that is the solution to a very important problem facing dropshippers; especially those just starting out – what to sell.
You might know the basics and foundation of dropshipping in theory.
But all that is futile if you don’t have the technical know-how of the most important thing, which is knowing what to sell and when to sell them.

AliExpress dropshipping centre eradicates most of the stress that has to do with looking for winning products to dropship.
It is especially important for new dropshippers to have and know how to use this tool.
It is equally important for oldtimers in the game as well – everybody can benefit from using AliExpress dropshipping centre.
Whichever category you fall into, we’ve got you covered.
You’d want to keep reading to uncover the advantages of using AliExpress dropshipping centre and how to use it.

What Is the AliExpress Dropshipping Centre?

In simple terms, AliExpress dropshipping centre is a tool that finds winning products for you to dropship from AliExpress.
It combs through AliExpress looking for different products in all product categories, lists them out for you, gives you a list of trusted supplies selling those products, and even gives you analysis on each product.

The bulk of the work in dropshipping is usually in finding hot selling items to dropship.
It is not an easy task as there millions of products out there and looking to find the hot-selling ones manually will be painstaking and a pure waste of time.
And that is why the AliExpress dropshipping centre was created.
AliExpress created this tool to make dropshipping a lot easier!

With AliExpress dropshipping centre, you do not have to go through the stress of finding products to dropship on your own.
This tool does that for you.

This tool has two main functionalities – as a product research tool and as a product analysis tool.
Giving you the all-round product tool to fish for winning items.

As A Product Research Tool

AliExpress dropshipping centre is primarily a product research tool.
And what that means is that it finds products that are trending and selling hot at the moment.
You can do this in three different ways – either through “Hot Selling”, “Search by Image”, and “Sponsored Products”.

AliExpress dropshipping centre

The Hot selling tool gives you the option to customize your search for winning products to dropship.
You can search via the product’s category, estimated delivery time, a price range,  and even search for the product name itself.
This will help you streamline your search.
When you input your preferred search criteria, a list of hot selling items that fit your search query will pop out.
Even if you do not input any search criteria, AliExpress dropshipping centre will naturally bring a long list of hot selling items so you have a large pool of options to choose from.

AliExpress dropshipping centre

Another option is to search for the product by its image.
This is a really cool feature the developers of this tool thought to include.
If perhaps you see the image of a particularly popular product and don’t exactly know the name, you can use this feature to find the product and dropship.

AliExpress dropshipping centre

The last option is the “Sponsored product” option.
This feature lists product that AliExpress backs with their name.
Suppliers pay some amount of money to be included on this list.
This feature majorly finds good, reliable suppliers for your dropshipping.

As A Product Analysis Tool

AliExpress dropshipping centre also functions as a product analysis tool.
This is an important feature to understand the market dynamics of a particular product.
Some products have uptrends.

AliExpress dropshipping centre
That means they are profitable to sell because they are still trendy and hot.
These are products you want to be looking out for and dropshipping because, when you do, you will easily make a sale.

On the other hand, are products with a downtrend or a flatline.

AliExpress dropshipping centre

AliExpress dropshipping centre

A product might be so popular, but when you analyse, you’d realise that the product has either tanked or has flatlined.
This is as a result of what is called market acceptability.

Products do well because they are widely accepted by the market at that time and during those times, there is usually an uptrend.
For some products, it lasts for a very long time.
For others, the frenzy around the product dies down.
When this happens, the product’s sales go in a downtrend or flatlines.
Means it doesn’t have that market acceptability as it did earlier.

How To Get Started

Getting started with AliExpress is as easy as 1-2-3…literally.

  1. First, open an AliExpress account if you do not have one already.
  2. Next, open an AliExpress dropshipping centre account.
  3. Lastly, start and begin your product research and analysis for the hot-selling dropshipping items currently on AliExpress.

To use the dropshipping centre as a product research tool, all you need to do is sign in and you will see a list of best-selling products to dropship.
You can then customize the search query however you want to get a more niche product suited for your category.
On this list, you’ll see eight columns – Product, Price, DS price, Orders, DS orders, Rating, Sales performance, and Actions.

The Product and Price column are quite explanatory.
They simply show each product’s name (with a thumbnail of the product) and the corresponding price.
DS price (dropshipper price) varies depending on dropshipper level.
As a beginner, you might not see anything on the DS price column because you are just starting out.
But as you get higher up the ranks, you will be given a discount that will appear in the DS price column.

Next, you see the Orders and DS orders column.
The Orders column represents the number of time that product has been ordered by normal consumers.
While the DS orders depict the number of dropshipping orders on that product.
As a tip, always look out for products with more consumer orders than dropshipping orders.
This indicates that a lot of people really want the product and there are few dropshippers selling the product.
If the DS order is more, it means too many dropshippers are already selling the product and it’ll be difficult to get market share in selling that product.

The Rating column gives an indication of how well the product is accepted in the market.
You want to be looking ratings over 4.0.
The next column is the sales performance which tells you how well the product is selling.
Last but not least is the Action column that allows you to analyze the product’s performance on a chart.

Final Thoughts

AliExpress dropshipping centre makes your job easier as a dropshipper.
This tool makes it extremely easy to find hot-selling items on AliExpress which is very important because as a dropshipper, you want to be listing products that actually sell to quickly make your profit.
It is very easy to get started, and even easier to use.


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