$1 for 7 Days


Get To Enjoy KalDrop with $1 for 7 days

$1 for 7 Days Only
Yes, you heard it right. 

Once you register for KalDrop, for the first seven days, you get to list as many products as you like.

With KalDrop, there is no limit to what you can do.

We understand that, at first, you will need time to get the hang of the software, and that is why we have decided to allow you to use our Non API Lister for just $1 for 7 days!

It is also our own way of rewarding you for joining the KalDrop family.

However, this Non API Lister tool is extremely easy to use.
You don’t need to read a manual to use it.

In fact, if you are new to the dropshipping business, you can navigate through and use the software or app without any difficulty – it is that easy.

All you need is go to your supplier website, get the products you want to list, click on the already installed KalDrop chrome extension icon on your browser, and voila!

Our software pulls all the necessary information from the supplier website (be it DHgate, AliExpress, or any other e-commerce website you source product from).

And guess what, you can enjoy this all-round service for just $1 for 7 days when you subscribe to our services.

Just $1 for 7 days of Quality Service

Now, when we say the first week is only 1$ for our services, we also mean you will be getting quality services.

We know for a fact that if you want quality, you need to pay for it, and that is what our subsequent charge after your first 7 days indicates – quality service.

At KalDrop, we never compromise on quality.

In fact, we have made it our mission to ensure eBay dropshippers enjoy, optimally, the perks of an excellent dropshipping Lister tool.

Our software is specially crafted by manual dropshippers, for manual dropshippers.

We have been in the business of dropshipping for a while now hence, we bring with us, experience.
An experience that is reflected in the KalDrop Non API Lister tool.

We combined our years of experience and expertise to give you a tool that is user friendly and does its job extremely well.

Before we made KalDrop, we have used a substantial amount of product Listers for eBay dropshipping and none of them have that balance and perfection to them.

There is always one little glitch or imperfection that affects the overall usability of the software.

Either the tool is too slow to list the product, or there is a limit to what you can list, some even are not compatible with some supplier websites.

We have noticed all these glitches and made KalDrop with a conscious effort, bearing all these in mind, and having the typical eBay manual dropshipper at heart.

Try Now Our Non API eBay Lister 7 Days For Only 1$

KalDrop - Your best bet!

KalDrop is your best bet at dropshipping with ease and confidence.

Ease because it is user-friendly and extremely easy to use – with one click you can list any product of your choice from your supplier to your eBay seller account.

Confidence because, being a Non API Lister, KalDrop does not connect to eBay directly, hence, reduces your chances of you getting flagged by eBay.

Once more, you get to enjoy this quality service, for only 1$ for your first week.

Click here to get started. And remember, you get $1 for 7 days.


Asides not getting flagged with a Non API Lister, you also get more sales with our great solution.
It is evident in our results.
If you check below you will see that our Non API Lister – KalDrop – generates sales 50 times more than when you use regular API Monitor.

The difference between API to Non API ebay to API monitor
The difference between API to Non API ebay to API monitor